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Plugin Alliance SPL Plug-Ins Explained®

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14 Videos | Length: 1hr 54min 46sec
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  • Introduction 1:04


    Gary gives you an introduction on what's going to be covered in this video series.

  • Attacker Plus 5:41

    Attacker Plus

    Gary goes over the Attacker Plus plug-in and how it can be used to accentuate the attack of your audio for more clarity and punch.

  • De-Verb Plus 5:11

    De-Verb Plus

    With the De-Verb Plus plugin you can reduce the sound of reverb that's in an audio file. Gary walks you through how to do it!

  • EQ Ranger Plus 7:50

    EQ Ranger Plus

    See how to use this awesome Passive EQ including the differences between the defined bands.

  • Free Ranger EQ 4:17

    Free Ranger EQ

    Now take a look at the cut down version of the Ranger EQ that still sounds great and is very useful.

  • De-Esser Collection 6:39

    De-Esser Collection

    This video goes over the two De-Esser plug-ins found in the SPL Collection, the Classic and Dual Band De-Essers and how they work on vocals.

  • Mastering Compression & Color with IRON 14:06

    Mastering Compression & Color with IRON

    Gary now shows you step by step how to use this vintage/modern Mastering Compressor and how it can enhance your mixes and masters, by adding vibe and color.

  • HawkEye 14:02


    This is a super advanced and complex audio analyzer made for revealing things that you sometimes can't hear, but are causing issues with your mix or master. Gary breaks it all down for you!

  • Mo-Verb 4:16


    With this plug-in you can take a short, dry sounds and add extra sustain to them, effectively shaping the sustain of your Sounds. See how!

  • Passeq 10:29


    In this video, Gary shows you how to use this emulated analog Passive EQ and add analog console type EQ sound and vibe to your tracks and mixes.

  • Transient Designer 8:15

    Transient Designer

    Learn all about the bigger brother of the Attacker Plus and Mo-Verb, which combines both of these plug-ins into one. Gary then demonstrates how you can either tame or accentuate your track's sustain even more with this killer plug-in.

  • TwinTube 5:27


    The TwinTube plug-in allows you to add saturation as well as excite the harmonics of your audio. Gary walks you through the steps of using TwinTube to add extra harmonics and saturation to your tracks with great results.

  • DrumXChanger 17:00


    This video explains and explores how to use the DrumXChanger plug-in to sample replace your drums sounds with, including its advanced attack, sustain and dynamics features for dialing in the perfect drum sounds.

  • Vitalizer MK-2 10:29

    Vitalizer MK-2

    Gary wraps the series up by showing you how to use the Vitalizer MK-2 plug-in to excite and enhance your audio and mixes for a more lively sound.

Product Overview

Gary Hiebner delivers in-depth Plugin Alliance SPL Plug-In video tutorials! If you have or are considering getting Plugin Alliance SPL plug-ins to mix your next song or project, check these SPL video tutorials out first. Gary breaks down each plugin found in the SPL collection, showing you all of their features and functions as well as how to use them on tracks, so you can both see and hear exactly what they do. These videos are for new Plugin Alliance SPL plug-in users.

Gary greets you and gives you an introduction to the Plugin Alliance SPL plug-in collection and what it can do, followed by an in-depth tutorial on the powerful Attacker Plug plug-in and how to use it to accentuate the attack of your audio for more clarity and punch. Then you'll learn all about the De-Verb Plus plug-in and how you can reduce just the reverb's level that's in an audio file. Next you'll explore the EQ Ranger and Free Ranger EQ plug-ins and see exactly what features they offer and how to best use them on your tracks.

Moving on, Gary reveals the two De-Esser plug-ins found in the SPL Collection, the Classic and Dual Band De-Essers and how to set them up to reduce sibilance and more on vocals. Continuing on you'll see step by step how to use IRON, the vintage/modern mastering compressor and hear how it can enhance your mixes and masters by adding vibe and color. Throughout the rest of the videos Gary thoroughly covers the remaining plug-ins including HawkEye, Mo-Verb, Passeq, Transient Designer, TwinTube, DrumXChanger and Vitalizer MK-2, teaching you each one's features and functions as well as how to use them in a real-world situation.

To see what these Plugin Alliance SPL plugin tutorials show you and how they'll make using them fast, easy and creative, see the individual Plugin Alliance SPL plug-in video tutorial descriptions on this page. Discover what these powerful and sonically pleasing plug-ins can do for your songs and productions... Watch "Plugin Alliance SPL Plug-Ins Explained®" today!

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