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    Lil' Rev starts off by showing us a great performance, shares some information about the Harmonica, and a bit about what we'll learn today!

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    Care for Your Harmonica

    Lil' Rev shares some tips about keeping your Harmonica clean and functional.

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    Holding and Playing Your Harmonica

    In this video, we'll quickly learn how to hold the Harmonica, and how to position your mouth to the instrument.

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    Reading Harmonica Music and First Exercises

    Lil' Rev shows us the easiest way to read music for the Harmonica, this will help us quickly start playing along with the lessons. We'll begin making some sounds and start finding notes.

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    The C Major Scale

    In this video we begin going up and down the Scale, getting familiar with the Harmonica and all it's notes.

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    Our First Songs

    Lil Rev' shows us a few folk songs that we'll learn. You'll get some great quick tips on playing your melodies clearly. These songs start off very simple and move on up a little bit, but remain easy to follow along as a beginner.

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    Upper Register

    Lil' Rev shows us the Upper Register and plays through some classic melodies we can play along with. After going through some simple exercises, we'll learn a few more advanced tunes as we follow along.

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    The Train Sound

    In this video, Lil' Rev shows us the classic Train Sound, and a few songs with this technique that we'll learn today. He'll be showing us some Chords with this exercise and how to really control that Train Sound.

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    Playing in 3/4 Time

    We now learn a new signature (3/4), and a few tunes within this timing.

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    Playing Rhythm

    Lil Rev' performs some Rhythm styles and shows us some interesting sounds the Harmonica can make. You'll learn how to play more Chords and how to accompany other musicians. You'll also be learning some new Chords and exercises to get you more comfortable with playing different types of patterns.

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    Playing Tremolo

    In this video, Lil' Rev focuses on the Tremolo Sound. He explains a bit about the sound before showing us how to do it ourselves. After hand placement and some tips on techniques, he'll show us some melodies to exercise and follow along with. He also shows some classic tunes at the end of this video that we'll be able to remember to keep in your collection.

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    Understanding Position Playing

    Lil' Rev explains what different positions are, and how to play between the different keys. He'll show us how to navigate between different positions and keys so you can really play anything you want.

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    Cross Harp and Bending

    Lil Rev' shows us some scales that involves Bending Notes. You'll be practicing some new techniques, including the Cheater Technique and more.

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    More Bending

    This video focuses on Bending, and how to master different bends up and down the Harmonica. We learn mouth placement and techniques that will give us the classic Bend sound we're using. Lil' Rev then goes through a few songs at the end we can follow along with.

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    The Classic Blues Riff

    Lil' Rev shows us a classic phrase that will be familiar to most players, note by note we'll learn the different parts and put it all together so you can play your own blues.

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    Fun Techniques

    Lil Rev' shows us some fun techniques and tricks that we can add to our collection. We'll get some really interesting sounds that will add depth and flavor to your songs and performances.

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    Playing Octaves

    In this video, Lil Rev' shows us what Octaves are and how to play them together. He'll go through several different Octaves and how to add them into our exercises.

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    Putting It All Together

    In this video we'll start putting all the techniques we've learned together and start following along to some faster and more in-depth tunes.

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    Playing in Minor Keys

    Lil' Rev performs a song in Minor, and then breaks down what a Minor chord consists of. We'll learn to feel the difference in Minor chords and follow along with some exercises.

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    Lil' Rev gives a few final words before signing out and giving us one last performance 'A Blues Jam in G'.

Product Overview

The Hal Leonard Play Today® Harmonica series is an awesome way to quickly learn how to play Harmonica, covering the basics and important instrument information the new player needs to know. There's no reason not to play!

The ULTIMATE self-teaching Harmonica method is here, designed to offer quality instruction, terrific songs, and on-screen Harmonica notation so you can play all the music examples. Simply follow along with the music on the screen, as you watch and listen to the teacher.

In this series, Harmonica pro Lil' Rev will teach you the Basics, Songs, Chords, and Melodies, as well as Cross Harp, Bending, and Fun Tricks. Gain valuable Playing Tips and Techniques while learning at your own pace.

The lessons are shown in Harmonica Tablature, so open the door to the world of Harmonica music today!

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There are many things our users love about Groove3, but a couple always stand out at the top when asked why people choose us as their learning resource.

Quality Content

We meticulously craft professional quality tutorials that are thoughtful, informative and done with attention to detail. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are trusted by 1000s of users every day.

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Lil’Rev is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, song- writer, and music historian who teaches and tours nationally around the continental U.S. Known as a protector of old songs, poetry, and stories, Rev has been called a “Wisconsin treasure.”

His many awards (including Hohner’s National Blues Harmonica Champion and a WAMI for Best Harmonica Instrumentalist) and frequent travels have garnered him a loyal and growing fan base amongst lovers of all things— ukulele, folk, old time, harmonica, Jewish music & culture, American labor history, and respect for our elders!

Lil’ Rev calls his style of performance... edu-tain-ment! It is a combination of songs, history, stories, poems, quotes, and jokes all wrapped up in a cloak of exuberance and gratitude for those moments when we can all come together and rise up singing... and celebrating life!

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