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Picking Up Speed

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It's every bluegrass flatpicker's dream to be able to build up speed while maintaining good tone and timing. In this Homespun music instruction series, Steve Kaufman, one of America's hottest players gives you the tools you need to get over the musical speed bumps, without crashing and burning as you go.

It's all a matter of getting your right and left hand mechanics working correctly, and Steve has powerful advice and well-thought out exercises to help you. Using tunes like Old Joe Clark, Soldier's Joy and Big Mon as drills, Steve works on your hand and pick coordination and shows how to practice for best results.

You'll get tips on left hand fretting positions like how to keep a light touch, with very little skin on the back of the guitar neck. You'll also learn how to hold and move your picking hand, such as using a wide swing with proper depth of pick while your right acts as metronome or pendulum. These alone will help solve mechanical failures that often slow you down.

Moving on you'll see how to play syncopated runs and crosspicking patterns with ease, and a cross-picked version of Wildwood Flower that will amaze your listeners. Steve shows you how triplets and doubletime picking will help build your flatpicking technique and allow you to play blazing bluegrass instrumentals.

As Steve puts it, "once you've got the mechanics of your right hand down, it doesn't care what your left hand is doing." Then it's up to you to "oil the machinery" by practicing, burning tunes and licks into muscle memory so you don't have to think about them.

Finally, you'll combine all the elements in a show-stopping display of chord runs and picking combinations on the Don Reno classic Little Rock Getaway.

This Homespun series will help all aspiring flatpickers develop their potential and keep up with others in hot jam sessions and performances... Watch "Picking Up Speed" now!

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Hidden Ninja Shred Techniques

Great exercise concepts, technique and tips...Not just for Bluegrass or Acoustic Guitar....:-}:-}:-}

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Steve Kaufman, the only three-time winner of the National Flatpicking Championships in Winfield, Kansas, certainly needs no introduction to Homespun students. His DVD lessons, which include "Learning To Flatpick" "Basic Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar," "Easy Gospel Guitar," "Learn To Play Waltzes," "Lead Guitar Breaks For Bluegrass Songs," and "The Art Of Guitar Crosspicking,” as well as the immensely popular "Parking Lot Pickers" and “Bluegrass Workouts” audio series, have long been among our best-sellers. Steve continues to perform and teach workshops throughout the world, and conducts his own Flatpicking and fingerpicking guitar, banjo and Mandolin camps in June near his Tennessee home.

Products by Steve

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    tutorial video

    Figuring Out the Fingerboard

    If you've ever wondered how the hot flatpickers improvise solos using the entire length of the guitar fingerboard, and wished you could take your own distinctive breaks in jam sessions or performances, then these Homespun guitar video tutorials are for you!

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    tutorial video

    Picking Up Speed

    Learn to build up speed while maintaining good tone and timing in this Homespun music instruction series taught by Steve Kaufman, one of America’s hottest flatpicking guitar players.

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Picking Up Speed is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 1 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Hidden Ninja Shred Techniques Great exercise concepts, technique and tips...Not just for Bluegrass or Acoustic Guitar....:-}:-}:-}
Date published: 2016-08-17
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