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Phase Explained®

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  • Introduction 9:09


    In this video, Kenny goes through the basics of Phase. Explaining Phase vs timing, Phase vs polarity and how mixing sounds and signals are effected by it… and more importantly, why it matters to you.

  • Stereo Recordings 11:56

    Stereo Recordings

    Kenny explains, in depth, how Phase can become an issue in stereo recordings such as piano and drum overheads. XY and AB techniques are discussed and explained.

  • Multi-Mic Guitars 8:16

    Multi-Mic Guitars

    In this tutorial, Kenny demonstrates using multiple microphones on a single source and the phase issues that may occur. He then focuses on electric guitar amps utilizing close and distant microphones.

  • Multi-Mic Drums 16:49

    Multi-Mic Drums

    Next Kenny shows how multiple microphones affect Phase in a multiple mic drum recording. Each mic and drum is discussed as Kenny gets them all in phase.

  • Bass DI & Amp 10:57

    Bass DI & Amp

    In this video, Kenny explains how to properly record Bass Guitars when using DI signals mixed with real amps and amp simulating plug-ins.

  • Drum Samples 15:54

    Drum Samples

    Kenny explores replacing or enhancing drum sounds with samples and how Phase and Polarity need to be considered. We also check out programmed drums and how phase affects them as well

  • Phase as an Effect 3:51

    Phase as an Effect

    Besides presenting recording problems, sometimes Phase can be a desired effect. In this video, Kenny shows you how Phase can be created and demonstrates some popular plug-ins to create the effect as well.

  • Using Phase to Create Stereo 4:35

    Using Phase to Create Stereo

    In this video Kenny explains how Phase can be used to make mono tracks sound wider and how altering that phase can create more interesting possibilities.

  • Phase / Polarity Tricks Pt. 1 3:09

    Phase / Polarity Tricks Pt. 1

    Kenny now shows you some of his favorite tricks that use Phase and Polarity, starting with making Acapella mixes or 'Vocals Only' mixes from regular mixes and instrumentals. We also see how to change vocal levels with these two mixes after the fact.

  • Phase / Polarity Tricks Pt. 2 7:44

    Phase / Polarity Tricks Pt. 2

    Next, Kenny shows you a few more of his favorite tricks that use Phase and Polarity, such as making Wah effects, recording vocals without headphones and creating an Auto-Panner are all shown and explained.

  • Phase / Polarity Tricks Pt. 3 4:43

    Phase / Polarity Tricks Pt. 3

    Finally, Kenny shows you how to separate a stereo mix into a Center Channel and a Left-Right Channel for mixing or adjusting separately, including how to treat them different dynamically.

Product Overview

Phase is an incredibly important term that anyone who records or mixes audio has to know. Multi-Platinum mixer / producer Kenny Gioia is back with a series that explains everything you should know about Phase and includes audio demonstrations that make it very obvious why Phase is both a friend and foe.

Kenny begins with an in-depth introduction that goes over the basics and the different types of Phase found in audio recordings. Next, Kenny explains how Phase can be an issue with Stereo Recordings when tracking Piano and Drum Overhead microphones. Multi-Mic Drum Phase is then examined and Kenny shows you how to get them all 'In-Phase' correctly.

Bass DI and Amp tracking is then demonstrated so your Bass Guitar sound doesn't cancel out, giving you the best of both worlds sound. Kenny now gives you a video on using Drum Samples to replace and or enhance your existing drum sounds, while keeping their Phase intact for the biggest and best sound.

Phase as an effect is then demonstrated using popular plug-ins, showing you how to create interesting, moving type sonics. Kenny then reveals how to turn a mono signal into a faux stereo sound, increasing its wideness in the stereo field. Lastly, Kenny gives you a bunch of Phase Tips & Tricks such as removing the vocal from a stereo mix and or adjusting their level, creating a Wah effect, recording vocals without headphones, making an Auto-Panner effect from scratch and more!

If you record or mix audio, 'Phase' is so important to know as it can mean the difference between great sounding tracks and mixes, or thin and lifeless ones. Take your time and learn how to align, you'll be glad you did... Get "Phase Explained" today.

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