Compression Tutorial

Parallel Compression for Drums

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Chapter 1 : Parallel Compression Setup

  • Overview 10:20


    Learn the basics of how a compressor works and how it can affect the sound of your mix.

  • Parallel Compression Setup 8:14

    Parallel Compression Setup

    Luke provides a step-by-step process of how to setup Parallel Compression within your DAW.

  • Applying Parallel Compression 5:15

    Applying Parallel Compression

    Learn how to apply Parallel Compression to your drum tracks in a musical fashion.

Chapter 2 : Compressing Individual Channels

  • Parallel Compression on Different Drums 3:45

    Parallel Compression on Different Drums

    Luke shows some different options when it comes to compressing different drum channels.

  • Bus Send Levels 4:35

    Bus Send Levels

    Luke explains how to adjust the Parallel Compression send levels within your mixer to adjust the relative mix of what is actually getting compressed.

  • Parallel Drum Room Compression 4:28

    Parallel Drum Room Compression

    Want to enhance your drum room sound? Luke explains how you can use Parallel Compression on just the room channels to make your drums sound like they were recorded in a bigger room.

Chapter 3 : Alternate Parallel Compression Workflows

  • Adding FX to the Dry Drum Bus 7:43

    Adding FX to the Dry Drum Bus

    Luke demonstrates how you can use Parallel Compression on an already processed drum track.

  • Adding Insert FX 3:26

    Adding Insert FX

    Learn how to use insert/channel FX to supplement your drum mix and the Parallel Compression channel simultaneously.

  • Creating A Parallel Compressed Drum Mix 2:36

    Creating A Parallel Compressed Drum Mix

    Need an overly compressed drum sound that still sounds natural? Luke explains how you can mix the "dry/compressed" signals in a way to create a compressed drum mix while still retaining the natural characteristics of the original drum track.

  • Sidechain Filters 2:32

    Sidechain Filters

    Luke explains how to use sidechain filters to adjust the frequency range that the compressor responds to.

  • N.Y. Style Parallel Compression 5:14

    N.Y. Style Parallel Compression

    Learn how to apply this unique Parallel Compression technique to add punch and depth to your drum mix.

Chapter 4 : 3rd-Party Plug-Ins

  • Using 3rd-Party Compressor Plug-Ins 6:27

    Using 3rd-Party Compressor Plug-Ins

    Luke explains how you can use 3rd-Party compressor plugins on your Parallel Compression channel to produce different results.

  • Using The Dry/Wet Mix Knob 3:55

    Using The Dry/Wet Mix Knob

    Learn how to apply Parallel Compression directly within stock or 3rd-Party compressor plugins.

Chapter 5 : Conclusion

  • Series Conclusion 1:20

    Series Conclusion

    Luke concludes this series with a few more thoughts on Parallel Compression for drums.

Product Overview

Drum master Luke Oswald reveals how to apply Parallel Compression to your drum tracks, adding musical depth and punch. You’ll also learn how to compress individual channels, alternative workflows, using 3rd party plug-ins and more!

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. Discover how to add that professional punch and impact to your drum tracks, making them stand out and groove… Watch “Parallel Compression for Drums” now!

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