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  • Getting Started 4:13

    Getting Started

    Let’s take a tour of Polyplex, how it works within Reaktor, and it’s interface.

  • The Kit 6:16

    The Kit

    Polyplex has eight pads to trigger sounds. It also has the ability to randomize almost all of its parameters.

  • Playing and Saving Your Kit 6:41

    Playing and Saving Your Kit

    We can create variations that can be recalled instantly.

  • Edit Section 3:01

    Edit Section

    Now let’s start tweaking. There are some top level settings that apply to the entire pad.

  • Edit Section Continued 7:18

    Edit Section Continued

    Now we can look at layer specific settings. With each pad having up to four different layers we can get some great sounds.

  • Modulation 5:04


    This is where things get interesting. There are three modulations sources with a good number of destinations.

  • Effects 5:00


    Polyplex comes with two insert and two send effect slots. Once you pick an effect we can use MIDI modulation to control the effect.

  • Effect Units 6:11

    Effect Units

    A rundown of all the effects and their parameters.

  • Kits 1 & 2 9:24

    Kits 1 & 2

    Let's use pitch automation on the kick and snare to add movement. Then we'll use a filter and MIDI mod to sweep a snare.

  • Kits 3 & 4 0:00

    Kits 3 & 4

    Finally, we will take a listen to some of the more creative type effects such as LoFi, Pitch Ramp, and the Phaser.

Product Overview

Native Instrument’s POLYPLEX is your very own experimental drum design tool for creating wild sounds. Let synth tweaker extraordinaire Scottie Dugan show you how to building crazy and unique drum kits!

Scottie begins by showing you around the POLYPLEX’s eight trigger pads and its ability to randomize nearly every parameter to create those happy accidents. Next up he teaches you how to play and save your kit, including creating all kinds of variations.

Scottie then focuses on the Edit section, exploring the top level settings that apply to the entire set of POLYPLEX pads, and diving deep into layer specific settings, with each layer having up to four different layers.

That leads into the Modulation section, where things get even more interesting! POLYPLEX has three modulation sources and a ton of destinations and control, where you can modulate nearly everything to really give your drum sounds movement and life.

Finally, Scottie reveals the two insert and two effects slots and plethora of effects included in POLYPLEX, including MIDI modulation for the effects. He demonstrates all the parameters for all the effects units included in PolyPlex.

If you’re looking for a way to add wild electronic percussion to your songs, POLYPLEX is that tool, and “POLYPLEX Explained” is your guide!

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