Analog Strings
Analog Strings Tutorial

Output Analog Strings Explained®

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12 Videos | Length: 51min 34sec
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  • Presets 2:37


    Learn how to navigate the preset library, use search tags, create favourites, save edited sounds, lock elements in place when changing presets, and rescan when loading new content.

  • Layers & Sound Sources 3:11

    Layers & Sound Sources

    See how to quickly modify a preset by swapping out sound sources on either or both of the two layers, and by using the macro sliders.

  • Looping Sound Sources 2:45

    Looping Sound Sources

    Explore the Looping function available with sound sources in the Tape category.

  • Amp Envelope 3:02

    Amp Envelope

    Explore the sonic possibilities of altering the amplitude characteristics of a note over it?s duration; including how long it takes to ramp up to full volume, how long it takes to decay down to the level it will sustain at, and how long it takes to die away once the note is released.

  • Pitch Modulation 5:03

    Pitch Modulation

    Discover how the pitch envelope controls are used to alter the pitch of a note over it?s duration, and how the fluter controls are used for an LFO based pitch modulation effect.

  • Mono, Glide, & Color 3:00

    Mono, Glide, & Color

    See how to turn mono monophonic mode on/off for each layer, how to adjust pitch transitions between notes using relative and absolute glide modes, and how to change the timbre of the sound sources using the color parameter.

  • FX 4:07


    Explore the layer based and global effects processors available in Analog Strings.

  • LFO Rhythm Generators 4:53

    LFO Rhythm Generators

    Discover how to use various waveform shapes to modulate volume, pan, and a variety of effect parameters.

  • Step Sequencer 5:35

    Step Sequencer

    Explore the ways of customizing and creating step sequencer based rhythm modulators.

  • Flux 5:31


    Learn how to use this step rate sequencer as a secondary modulator that acts upon the modulation established with the rhythm generators.

  • Arpeggiator 5:20


    Learn to use and modify the various arpeggiator patterns, as well as how to create your own from scratch.

  • Macros & MIDI Learn 6:30

    Macros & MIDI Learn

    See how the four macro sliders are used to make changes to up to six parameters each simultaneously, and how to assign MIDI CC messages for live performance control.

Product Overview

Eli Krantzberg delivers in-depth video tutorials about Output's latest smash hit virtual instrument, Analog Strings. Learn all the features and functions as well as how to get creative and dial-in standard and other-worldly string sounds and parts!

Eli starts off with the interface and how to load and browse presets, followed by layering sounds, and looping sources. Synth parameters such as Amp Envelopes, Pitch Mod, Mono, Glide and Color are all explained, as well as videos on all the effects and how they each add to your sound.

Eli then reveals the powerful LFO Rhythm Generators, Step Sequencer, Arpeggiator and more, allowing you to truly create mind blowing string parts and effects.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you're excited to explore this amazing string VI and see just what it can do, get "Output Analog Strings Explained" today!

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