Analog Brass & Winds
Analog Brass & Winds Tutorial

Output Analog Brass & Winds Explained®

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10 Videos | Length: 59min 17sec
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  • Overview 5:14


    Take a brief tour of the overall GUI, and learn about the main functions on each of the interface's pages.

  • Exploring the Main Page 4:11

    Exploring the Main Page

    Discover how intuitive and fun it is to modify the existing presets by changing the individual layer sound sources and playback parameters.

  • Working with the Presets 4:23

    Working with the Presets

    Learn where the presets are stored on your hard drive, how to filter the list based on tags, create a set of favorites, rescan the contents on your hard drive, and how to load presets with or without FX, Rhythm, or Arpeggiator settings.

  • Working with Envelopes 7:04

    Working with Envelopes

    Discover how the per layer Amp and Pitch Envelope controls work, how to change the sample timbre, create a natural sounding vibrato, and a cool, monophonic glide effect.

  • Global & Layer FX 5:31

    Global & Layer FX

    Hear the Global FX in action as they are applied to an initialized dual layer patch, and the Layer Based FX as they are used to modify one of the existing presets.

  • LFO Based Rhythmic Modulation 7:21

    LFO Based Rhythmic Modulation

    Learn how each layer's two rhythm generators are used and combined to generate complex rhythmic patterns by using various LFO shapes simultaneously, at different speeds.

  • Step Sequencer Rhythm Generators 7:54

    Step Sequencer Rhythm Generators

    Explore the built-in four step sequencers, and discover how to modify existing patterns, as well as create and save your own.

  • Flux Modulation 4:42

    Flux Modulation

    Explore this step based Modulation Generator that determines the modulation rate of all rhythm generators. Each step of the flux rate sequencer has a rate parameter, allowing for the development of complex rhythmic patterns. This may sound complex, but Eli makes it simple!

  • The Arpeggiator 6:06

    The Arpeggiator

    Watch the arpeggiator's parameters and controls in action on Layer A, while Layer B has its filter cutoff modulated with an asymmetrical LFO pattern. Cool!

  • Macros & MIDI Control 6:51

    Macros & MIDI Control

    Wrapping it up, Eli shows you how to edit macro parameters and assignments, and how to use MIDI Learn to control parameters from external hardware knobs and sliders.

Product Overview

Studio pro Eli Krantzberg gives you the goods about Output’s Analog Brass & Winds virtual instrument. Learn all about this incredible instrument’s features and functions, as well as creative ideas.

Eli welcomes you and then explains the instrument’s GUI and Main Windows in detail, followed by videos on working with Presets and the powerful Envelopes.

Global and Layer Effects are then revealed, and Eli shows you how to set them up and use them effectively for endless sonic options.

Videos on LFO Based Rhythmic Modulation and Step Sequencer Rhythm Generators are next, and after watching, you’ll have the skills needed to truly morph and create interesting new phrases and rhythms!

The Arpeggiator is now revealed, and you’ll see what you need to know to create complex parts quickly and easily, followed by how to use and edit macro parameters and assignments, and how to use MIDI Learn to control parameters from external hardware knobs and sliders, and more!

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re thinking of getting this powerful instrument, or just want to know it inside and out, stop right here and watch “Output Analog Brass & Winds Explained®”.

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