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Orchestral Percussion SDX Explained®

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Chapter 1 : Introduction & Installation

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    Series Introduction

    Luke introduces you to the Orchestral Percussion expansion for Superior Drummer 3 and explains what you can expect from this series.

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    Installing the Orchestral Percussion SDX

    Luke explains the installation process and Superior Drummer 3 requirements for using the Orchestral Percussion expansion library.

Chapter 2 : Orchestral Percussion Library I

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    Orchestral Percussion I Instrument Overview

    Gat an overview of the instrument selection options within the Orchestral Percussion I portion of the library.

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    Bass Drum Tools & Articulations

    Luke dives into the detail of instrument options, tool selections and articulation variations for the orchestral bass drum.

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    Snare, Tom, Tools & Articulations

    Discover the instrument, tool and articulation options for the orchestral snares and toms.

  • image description 4:25

    Timpani, Taikos, Tools & Articulations

    Luke now walks you through the different mallet types and articulation options for the Timpani and Taikos.

  • image description 6:35

    Cymbals, Piattis & Articulations

    Learn about the different orchestral cymbal varieties and the many tool and articulation options available within the Orchestral Percussion I library.

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    FX Cymbals, Plates, Tubular Bells, Tools & Articulations

    Luke demonstrates the eccentric variety of FX cymbals, thunderous plates and tubular bells available for your creative sound design.

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    Gongs, Tam Tam, Tools & Articulations

    Luke discusses the gong instrument options along with the tam tam and explores all tool selections and a creative array of articulation possibilities.

Chapter 3 : Orchestral Percussion Library II

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    Congos, Bongos & Boom-Bam

    Now jump to the Orchestral Percussion II portion of the expansion where a variety of percussion related drums are discussed in detail.

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    Percussion Assortment 1

    Luke explains and explores the wide ranging variety of percussion instruments along with their associated tool and articulation options from the Orchestral Percussion II library.

  • image description 8:53

    Percussion Assortment 2

    Even more percussion instruments, tools and articulations are discussed to finish out the instrumental discussion for the Orchestral Percussion expansion library.

Chapter 4 : Orchestral Grooves

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    Orchestral Percussion I MIDI Grooves

    Learn about the wide variety of orchestral MIDI that is included with the Orchestral Percussion expansion library.

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    Orchestral Percussion I Rudimental MIDI

    Luke demonstrates some of the rudimental MIDI for the Orchestral Percussion I library, including examples of various drum rolls.

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    Orchestral Percussion II MIDI Grooves

    Experience several examples of the included MIDI grooves for the Orchestral Percussion II library and how to use them effectively.

Chapter 5 : Room Mics & Mixer Settings

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    Utilizing Mains, Outrig & Close Mic Channels

    Luke shows you the mixer layout for the Orchestral Percussion library in detail, including close instrument mics, main output mics and room mics.

  • image description 4:47

    Individual Room Mics

    See how each individual room mic found within the Orchestral Percussion library can be utilized for creating a more realistic sound.

  • image description 5:37

    All Room Mics

    Luke shows you how to use several or all room mics simultaneously for ultimate mixing flexibility within the Superior Drummer 3 mixer.

  • image description 8:03

    Perspectives Overview & Hard Perspective Mixes

    Luke explains the included mix presets and how each provides a different and unique perspective for the listener.

  • image description 5:16

    Soft Instrument Perspectives & Surround Options

    Luke continues his discussion of the Orchestral Percussion mix presets and discusses soft tool selection mix options along with surround sound mix presets.

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    Mix Perspectives Orchestral Percussion II

    Luke concludes his discussion of the mixer and mix presets with examples from the Orchestral Percussion II portion of the library.

Chapter 6 : Working with the Orchestral Percussion SDX

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    Customizing Mix Channels & Room Mics

    Luke shows you some additional examples of how to configure the close, mains and room channels within the Orchestral Percussion library.

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    Mixer FX & Routing

    Learn how to leverage the power of the built in Superior Drummer 3 mixer FX to enhance your orchestral productions.

  • image description 13:18

    Orchestral RAM Management

    Luke discusses how to manage the RAM footprint when using this library, while still getting the most out of every instrument, tool option, articulation variation and room mic channel.

Product Overview

In this in depth video tutorial series, Toontrack master Luke Oswald explains everything you need to know about the epic Orchestral Percussion SDX expansion library from Toontrack. Starting with how to install the expansion, coverage of all its features and functions, customization ideas, tips and tricks, and sound design examples, we have you covered when learning about this massive sound library for Superior Drummer 3.

Luke begins with how to properly install the sizable SDX library and avoid common pitfalls, followed by detailed videos on sections I and II of the Orchestral Percussion library, including how to use all of its instruments, tools, and articulations. See and hear just what all the different instruments can do, as well as get creative use ideas.

Next, you'll learn about the extensive selection of MIDI grooves included with this expansion library and how to use them, including rudiment and roll MIDI variations, and examples of MIDI created specifically for the Orchestral Percussion II portion of the library.

Moving on, you'll explore the mixer section where Luke shows you all the included microphone options, including close, main and room mic channels. You get specific examples for each, and also see how you can use multiple room channels simultaneously.

Luke now provides an overview of the mix presets that come with the Orchestral Percussion library and how you can quickly load different listening “perspectives” to simulate different positions for the listener. Mix presets for hard articulations versus soft articulations are explained, as well as how to leverage the mix presets for surround sound workflows.

You then get a series of videos to help you make the most out of this expansion library. Follow along as Luke starts off with more examples of how to customize your orchestral mixes using different room mic combinations, and how you can utilize the built-in mixer effects by adding FX to individual close mic channels, room mics and bus channels.

Finally, Luke shows you how to manage your RAM usage while still leveraging the full capabilities of the Orchestral Percussion expansion library. See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you're new to the Toontrack Orchestral Percussion SDX library for Superior Drummer3, or just want to learn more about it, this video tutorial collection is definitely for you… Watch “Orchestral Percussion SDX Explained®” today!

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Date published: 2019-10-30
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