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Orchestral Mixing Explained®

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26 Videos | Length: 4hr 47min 31sec
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  • Introduction to Mixing Orchestras 3:36

    Introduction to Mixing Orchestras

    In this video, Gary gives an introduction to how you approach mixing orchestral instruments. He also breaks down what is going to be covered in this series.

  • Explaining the Sections in the Orchestra 6:47

    Explaining the Sections in the Orchestra

    Gary shows you the different sections in the orchestra and what type of players are in each section.

  • The Microphones 8:22

    The Microphones

    In this video, Gary explores the different microphone configurations used to capture the sound of a player.

  • The Standard Orchestra Positioning 7:17

    The Standard Orchestra Positioning

    There's a standard orchestral seating plan that has evolved over the centuries. This video takes a look at the most common seating plan.

  • Solo Section vs Ensemble Explained 4:34

    Solo Section vs Ensemble Explained

    In this video, Gary explains the difference in sound and quality of an ensemble sections versus a solo player.

  • Packing the Sections into Folders 8:44

    Packing the Sections into Folders

    Here, Gary takes a look at how the audio files are viewed and how you can use the meters to monitor the signal of your audio.

  • Balancing the Sections 14:13

    Balancing the Sections

    Gary takes you through the steps to balance your sections in the orchestra.

  • Creating Reverb Sends 12:58

    Creating Reverb Sends

    Gary shows how to setup multiple reverbs for an orchestra so that all the tracks sound like they belong in their own unique space.

  • Mixing the String Ensemble Pt. 1 15:19

    Mixing the String Ensemble Pt. 1

    In this video, Gary explores how to mix your strings ensemble section. It includes the panning, reverbs, volume adjustments and EQ-ing of the Strings.

  • Mixing the String Ensemble Pt. 2 13:00

    Mixing the String Ensemble Pt. 2

    In this video, Gary picks up right where he left off mixing the string ensemble.

  • The Brass Ensemble 16:00

    The Brass Ensemble

    Gary mixes the brass ensemble section: Including the panning, reverbs, volume adjustments, and EQ-ing.

  • The Woodwinds Ensemble 13:19

    The Woodwinds Ensemble

    Gary goes through the mixing of the woodwinds in an orchestra.

  • The Percussion 15:13

    The Percussion

    This video takes a look at the role of the percussion in an orchestral mix.

  • Tuned Percussion 7:53

    Tuned Percussion

    Gary explores the mixing of the Tuned Percussion elements like the glockenspiels, and vibraphones.

  • Piano, Harp & Choirs 14:25

    Piano, Harp & Choirs

    This video looks at extra instruments that could be included in an orchestra like pianos, harps and choirs.

  • Enhancing the Dynamics with VCA Automation 12:20

    Enhancing the Dynamics with VCA Automation

    Gary explains how to set up VCA faders and how you can automate these to get extra dynamics out of the mix.

  • Mastering the Orchestra 8:25

    Mastering the Orchestra

    Gary looks at how to finalize and master the orchestral mix, and what mastering processors are usually used.

  • Smaller Orchestral Setup 4:48

    Smaller Orchestral Setup

    Here, Gary explores a different sized orchestra and compares how it is mixed.

  • Mixing the Smaller Strings 17:22

    Mixing the Smaller Strings

    In this video, Gary looks at more chamber style strings and how using different microphone configurations and reverbs can give a different sound to the mix.

  • Mixing the Smaller Brass 14:55

    Mixing the Smaller Brass

    Gary follows the same steps here and uses the different reverbs to place the brass in this smaller orchestra.

  • Mixing the Smaller Woodwinds 16:43

    Mixing the Smaller Woodwinds

    Gary finishes off with the smaller orchestra showing you how the woodwinds fit into the mix.

  • Taking a Look at EaReverb 13:12

    Taking a Look at EaReverb

    Here, Gary explores other tools that can help you with the placement of your orchestral instruments. Beginning with the EaReckon's tool EarReverb.

  • Virtual Sound Stage 11:36

    Virtual Sound Stage

    Another placement tool is Parallax Audio's Virtual Sound Stage, in this video Gary shows you how to use this tool to help place your orchestral instrument on a virtual stage.

  • Hybrid Strings Mix 9:24

    Hybrid Strings Mix

    Gary shows how you can use orchestral elements with other styes, for example with Rock (Strings in a Hybrid Rock/Orchestral Mix).

  • Hybrid Brass 5:30

    Hybrid Brass

    Gary looks at the brass in a hybrid rock/orchestral mix.

  • Hybrid Percussion 11:36

    Hybrid Percussion

    Finally, Gary explores how to use orchestral percussion in a hybrid rock/orchestral.

Product Overview

In this Groove3 video tutorial series, DAW pro Gary Hiebner presents a video series all about mixing orchestral music and instruments. Learn how to approach this artful task and get results that sound both realistic and incredible.

Gary welcomes you to the series and discusses the approach to take when mixing orchestral instruments, as well as explaining the different sections of an orchestra, the different microphones used and why, standard orchestra positioning, and the differences in sound and qualities of an ensemble section versus a solo player.

Next, you’ll learn about the foundations of orchestral mixing such as how to balance the different sections and creating reverb sends for the different instruments. Gary then focuses on mixing techniques for the different ensembles including Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion, plus extra orchestral instruments like Piano, Harps and Choirs.

Moving on you’ll explore how to enhance the dynamics of your orchestral mix with VCA Automation, and the steps to take to finalize and master your orchestral mix, including what mastering processors are usually used.

Gary then gives you more videos on related topics like mixing smaller orchestral setups, using EaReckon's tool EarReverb and Parallax Audio's Virtual Sound Stage for better placement of your orchestral instruments in the mix, and mixing a Hybrid Rock/Orchestral production so you’re ready for any mix task that incorporates orchestral instruments.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re new to mixing orchestral instruments or just want more tips, ideas and techniques, this is the tutorial collection to watch… Checkout “Orchestral Mixing Explained®” today!

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