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Chapter 1 : Working With The SL MK ll Hardware

  • Introduction 0:51


    Eli welcomes you to this series of videos on the Novation SL MK ll keyboard controller.

  • The Big Picture 4:49

    The Big Picture

    Overview of the SL MK ll signal flow, and it's two modes of operation: Advanced Mode and Automap Mode.

  • Global Keyboard Options 5:33

    Global Keyboard Options

    The Global Menu is a set of options that affect the operation of the whole unit. In this video, the Options submenu setting are explained.

  • Start Up and Routing Settings 3:37

    Start Up and Routing Settings

    Learn how to set the SL MKll's start up stat, and various routing options between the USB and MIDI ports.

  • Splitting the Keyboard Into Zones 5:08

    Splitting the Keyboard Into Zones

    Discover how to globally split the keyboard into zones, so that it can trigger different sounds in different ranges.

  • Working with SysEx Data 2:22

    Working with SysEx Data

    Learn how to backup and restore customized templates and/or global keyboard settings to either a computer or external MIDI device, by sending or receiving system exclusive dumps through the various ports on the SL MKll.

  • Drum Pad Calibration 2:23

    Drum Pad Calibration

    See how to set the sensitivity of the 8 drum pads to match your personal playing style.

  • Calibration Sub Menu 3:31

    Calibration Sub Menu

    Learn how to calibrate the pitch bend/mod wheel joystick and how to adjust the sensitivity of the aftertouch response, which affects the range of MIDI aftertouch values that the keyboard sends as pressure is applied to the notes.

  • The Quick Menu 3:41

    The Quick Menu

    Learn how to access a variety of useful transposition, tempo, and MIDI message functions directly from the SL MKll's Quick Menu display.

  • Selecting Advanced Mode Templates 3:47

    Selecting Advanced Mode Templates

    Learn how call up, navigate, and select, the thirty two built in advanced mode templates.

  • Template Edit Mode 5:44

    Template Edit Mode

    Learn how to edit and save the template wide parameters pertaining to each of the thirty two Advanced Mode Templates stored in the SL MKll.

  • Editing the Sliders 5:34

    Editing the Sliders

    Learn how to program the sliders to generate various types and ranges of MIDI messages.

  • Programming the Encoders 3:04

    Programming the Encoders

    Explore the unique display type settings available when editing the encoder knobs, and learn how to program them to send 14 bit MIDI messages.

  • Programming Buttons 3:41

    Programming Buttons

    Discover how to set and control the messages sent when buttons are pressed and/or released.

  • Additional Button Messages 4:36

    Additional Button Messages

    Explore the MMC, program change, bank change, drum note, template, and system real time messages that can be sent from the various buttons and drum pads on the SL MKll.

  • The X/Y Pad 3:58

    The X/Y Pad

    Watch how the X/Y Pad is programmed and used to send and control two MIDI messages simultaneously.

Chapter 2 : Working With Automap

  • Setting Up Automap 6:05

    Setting Up Automap

    Learn how to launch the Automap Server software and configure it for your software by enabling plug-ins for control by Automap, and then configuring your DAW [Logic Pro X in this video] to recognize Automap.

  • General Automap Concepts 6:31

    General Automap Concepts

    Learn about the basic concepts used when mapping controls, and see how, with Automap, the SL MKll controls are mapped by default to various mixer, instrument and effects parameters in Logic Pro X.

  • The Edit Mapping Window 4:24

    The Edit Mapping Window

    The Edit Mapping Window is the main software interface between the SL MKll and your DAW's mixer and software plug-ins. See how and where mapping files are saved, opened, and managed.

  • The Mapping Window GUI 4:18

    The Mapping Window GUI

    Discover the layout of the Edit Mapping Window, learn how to change a Thing's default Group assignment, explore Automap's Browser View, and see how to re-order parameter assignments using simple drag and drop.

  • Creating Your Own Mappings 3:55

    Creating Your Own Mappings

    Learn three ways to create your own mappings. Manually assigning them in the Edit Mapping window, using the Learn button, and using Learn Latch mode.

  • Pro Tools and Automap HUI 3:39

    Pro Tools and Automap HUI

    See how Automap works in HUI mode, and how Pro Tools parameters are mapped to the SL MKll hardware controls.

  • Automap Virtual MIDI 4:00

    Automap Virtual MIDI

    This is a way of using Automap, instead of the hardware controls on the SL MKll, to generate and receive standard MIDI messages. See how it is used to control software (Battery by Native Instruments) not directly supported by Automap.

  • QWERTY Assignments 1:44

    QWERTY Assignments

    Learn how to program Automap to have your Novation hardware controls send key commands to your DAW.

  • Additional Mapping Parameters 9:36

    Additional Mapping Parameters

    Explore how the various range setting options for encoders, buttons, pots, and sliders are used to modify their performance and response.

Product Overview

The Novation SL MkII keyboard controller is one of the most popular controllers available today, but it can be confusing, as it can do so much. No worries, let Novation pro Eli Krantzberg take you on a guided tour of this power packed controller from Novation and help you to control your instruments and DAW like never before.

Eli begins with an introduction and overview of the SL MkII, and then goes right into Global Keyboard Options, Start Up and Routing, Making Zones, and Working with SysEx Data. Drum Pad and Pitch and Mod Wheel Calibration is next, where you'll see just how to fine tune the pads and wheels for perfect triggering and control.

Eli then shows you The Quick Menu where you can adjust things like Tempo, MIDI Messages and more. Advanced Mode Templates are then explained, as well as how to make and save your own Templates. Editing and Programing all the Sliders, Encoders and Buttons is shown, including the powerful X/Y Pad.

Automap and all of its features and functions are revealed in-depth, allowing you to get every drop of power and creativeness out of this world class controller. If you use any of the SL MkII controllers, you owe it to yourself to watch this awesome series and get the most from your Novation product. Get "Novation SL MkII Explained" today.

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