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Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction 4:56


    In this first video Scottie takes a look at what’s new in version 2 and takes a look at its main concepts and features, including the Overview and Advanced View.

  • Quick Start 7:01

    Quick Start

    In this video Scottie shows how to start using the plug-in right away.

  • The Overview Panel 11:22

    The Overview Panel

    The Overview Panel allows us to make some changes to the most common parameters. It’s very easy to use even if you don’t know what each module does.

Chapter 2 : The Modules

  • EQ 8:52


    Nectar’s EQ is very powerful and very fast. Definitely the first tool to use with any element in a mix. Scottie digs into it here.

  • Compressors 7:54


    Next on the list is the Compressor Module. Nectar offers everything from clean and transparent to aggressive and colorful. Scottie discusses the role of a compressor and some of the unique features Nectar brings to the table.

  • The Limiter & De-Esser 6:31

    The Limiter & De-Esser

    Now Scottie takes a look at two specialized Compressors. Both the Limiter and De-Esser can be very useful and Scottie explains both in this video.

  • Gate 6:31


    Next up we have the Gate. Not the most fun effect but extremely useful when used correctly. explores how Nectar’s Gate can be both a downward and upward expander and how to use both.

  • Saturation 4:09


    In this video Scottie takes a look at the Saturation Module. It can emulate five different types of Analog Mediums. We can add harmonic content by emulation everything from Tape to Tubes.

  • Delay 6:57


    Next lets add space using delay. there are a handful of Delay types to chose from. Everything from transparent to very colored analog emulation.

  • Reverb 4:53


    The reverb Module is pretty special. It’s an emulation of an old EMT 140ST. In other words, one of the first stereo Plate reverb units. It mixes in a convolution reverb along with standard digital emulation. This allows the Module to be very rich and flexible. Scottie takes a close look at it in this video.

  • FX 6:31


    The FX module has Overdrive, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus and a few others. These are more stylistic in nature and can be used to create specialty type effects.

  • Pitch Correction 4:20

    Pitch Correction

    Next up Scottie takes on Pitch Correction. This Module is able to very subtly nudge a vocal into pitch or extremely correct pushing the vocal into the unnatural robotic tuned sound. You can also use this Module to find the key of the song.

  • Harmony 6:59


    Now ylooks at how to add harmony to a vocal take. With the option of adding up to four parts they can be in unison or full on harmony. You also have the ability to use MIDI to control this Module and how those harmonies are selected.

  • Pitch Editor Plug-In 7:41

    Pitch Editor Plug-In

    In this video Scottie looks at the Standalone version of the Pitch Correction Module. This is only available in the Vocal Production Suite but allows extreme control over editing the pitch of our vocal. This video will explain everything you need to know about this powerful tool.

  • Breath Control Plug-In 3:58

    Breath Control Plug-In

    Next up, another Production Suite Standalone device. Scottie digs into this incredible breath control plug-in.

  • Using Nectar in the Mix 11:10

    Using Nectar in the Mix

    Now Scottie takes a look at how to use Nectar with a DAW. See how you can use Automation as well as bridge the option into Insight.

Product Overview

Studio wiz Scottie Dugan returns with another power-packed series, this time covering the ins and outs as well as creative uses for iZotope's amazing Nectar 2 plug-in. See how you can sweeten your vocals and other sounds with this "All-In One" effects suite!

Scottie begins with a detailed Introduction, getting you up to speed on what this plug-in is and what it can do. Next, you get a "Quick Start" video so you can dive right in and start using it on your productions, followed by a video on the Main Overview Panel so you can start "Tweaking" it most common parameters.

Now it's time to breakdown all the Modules included with Nectar 2. Scottie reveals, explains and demonstrates them all, including the EQ, Compressor, Limiter & De-Esser, Gate, Saturation, Delay, Reverb, and Assorted FX Modules as well as using them in the Mix with Automation.

Wrapping up the series, Scottie gets his tuning fork out and shows you how to use the wonderful Pitch Correction tools in Nectar 2, including how to Harmonize your Lead Vocal and Control the Amount of "Breaths" that are heard in the performance!

If you're an iZotope Nectar 2 user, this video has your name all over it. Get together with Scottie and see how to sweeten your sounds... Watch "Nectar 2 Explained" today!

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