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Music Production Recipe: Trap Influenced Pop

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23 Videos | Length: 1hr 3min 8sec
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Chapter 1: Getting Started

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    Overview (1:20)

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    Using Ableton Live 10 (0:55)

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    Choosing the Samples (2:17)

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    Choosing the Presets (2:59)

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    Course Extras Overview (0:59)

Chapter 2: Drums, Percussion, & Sub Bass

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    Building a Drum Kit for Trap (1:54)

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    Arpeggiated Hi-Hat Technique (2:47)

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    Creating a Low & High 808 Sub (1:47)

  • image description

    Drum Rack Choking (4:09)

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    808 Release Time (2:35)

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    Meshing the Kick & 808 (2:25)

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    Creating a Trap Drum Groove (5:18)

  • image description

    Compressing the Drum Samples (2:43)

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    Bringing the Ideas from Session View to Arrangement View (3:44)

Chapter 3: Chords & Rhythm

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    Introduction to Serum (1:55)

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    The Live 10 Scale Device (1:51)

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    Creating Chords by Note Layering (5:26)

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    Creating Arpeggios (3:32)

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    Freezing MIDI (1:51)

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    Flattening MIDI to Audio (1:37)

Chapter 4: Basic Mix Down & Exporting

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    Basic Mixing & Mastering (5:02)

  • image description

    Exporting the Song (2:09)

Chapter 5: Adding a Little Extra

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    Adding Additional Drum & Percussion Parts (3:53)

Electronic Music production wiz Josh Bess delivers a tutorial video series for beginners on producing a Trap influenced Pop track from scratch. See everything it takes to craft a modern sounding electronic track, step by step with simple instruction that anyone can follow. You also get the sounds that Josh uses for free!

Josh starts off by welcoming you and explains how simple it is to create a beat, utilizing royalty free samples and simple musical ideas. Josh uses Ableton Live in videos to create the song, but most of it will apply to any DAW. With that said, Josh gives you a crash course in Ableton Live and then jumps right into sample selection.

Next, Josh talks about workflow and then shows how to build the perfect drum kit using your own samples, programming a signature Trap hi-hat pattern, creating a low and high 808 Sub sound, and many more tips and tricks regarding the all-important drum track.

Moving on, Josh introduces Serum, one of the most popular 3rd party virtual synth instruments, used on countless modern hits. You’ll see how to program chords with unique rhythms, craft arpeggios, why it’s good to turn MIDI tracks to audio, basic mix down techniques, exporting your song and much more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more detailed info. If you’re interested in putting that Trap flavor into your Pop songs and productions, this video series is the one to watch… Checkout “Music Production Recipe: Trap Influenced Pop” today!

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Submitted 2 weeks ago

Very basic but a good introduction

This is a introduction course with basic ideas on how build a trap song. I would only recommend this course if you just started out. It's a very small course(1 hour) and I feel there could be a lot more added to it even as a beginner course.

I am a: Student, Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Beat Maker, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Game Designer, Sound for Film/TV, FL Studio, Reaper

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Josh Bess is a music producer and educator, born and raised in New York, currently based in Tokyo, Japan. 
Josh Bess is an Amazon Books Top Selling author in the music category with his book, Electronic Dance Music Grooves published with Hal Leonard Corporation. 
Josh has music production, composition, and artist credits with Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO, and more, along with original music releases with electronic music labels, such as Armada Music, Bosphorus Underground Recordings and Naschkatze Underground Recordings.
Josh offers private teaching to aspiring music producers on his website,

Products by Josh

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    tutorial video

    10 Useful Sounds with: Circuit Mono Station

    In this video tutorial series designed for the new or beginner synth sound designer, synth pro Josh Bess shows you how to make 10 useful synth sounds using the Novation Circuit Mono Station. You can use the info on any real or virtual synthesizer, and you get both quick and dirty tutorials for those who want just the steps to take to make the sounds, as well as versions that are more detailed and include tips and tricks!

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    tutorial video

    Advanced DJing with Ableton Live

    In this Hal Leonard Music Pro Guide, DJ extraordinaire Josh Bess explains how to go further when DJing with Ableton Live, and provides advanced tips and tricks to incorporate into your live DJ performances.

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    tutorial video

    Building Your Own Custom Audio-Effect Rack

    In this Josh Bess Ableton Live Webinar, you’ll learn how to create useful custom audio Ableton Live effect racks, making a powerful sonic tool for both your own original music productions and live performances.

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    tutorial video

    Creating a Natural Drum Sampler

    In this course, Josh Bess explains how to create a natural sounding and feeling drum sampler, from the use of pre-recorded samples. Josh demonstrates how to quickly build this tool and provides a fully detailed explanation of how to apply this idea to your own creation process.

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Creating a Song Inspired from a Vocal Sample

    In this Josh Bess Ableton Live Webinar, you’ll see how to create a full song from a simple one-shot vocal sample including how to get started, progress, and finish as well as other helpful techniques!

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Music Production Recipe: Trap Influenced Pop is rated 3.7 out of 5 by 1 .
Rated 3.0 out of 5 by from Very basic but a good introduction This is a introduction course with basic ideas on how build a trap song. I would only recommend this course if you just started out. It's a very small course(1 hour) and I feel there could be a lot more added to it even as a beginner course.
Date published: 2018-12-02
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