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More Guitar Setup & Basic Modifications

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Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction 1:11


    Denny introduces gives us a little history lesson on his career as a luthier and guitar tech.

Chapter 2 : Installing a Pickup

  • Getting Started 4:53

    Getting Started

    Denny shows us what tools we'll need to install the "Pickup" and the "Mini-Switch". He removes the "Control Box Cover" and shows us some schematics for the wiring.

  • Loosen Strings & Remove Pickup 2:47

    Loosen Strings & Remove Pickup

    Denny winds down the strings and loosens the pickup screws before pulling the old pickup out and seating the new pickup in the guitar.

  • Removing Old Switch 1:52

    Removing Old Switch

    Denny uses a "Nut-Driver" to remove the old "Pickup Switch" before installing the new switch on the guitar.

  • A Closer Look at the Wiring & Soldering 14:58

    A Closer Look at the Wiring & Soldering

    Denny shows us a model of some pickups and wiring, including two Single Coil Pickups and a Humbucker up close. Denny also explores how the electric guitar works. Denny then takes the Soldering Iron and removes some wires to make place for the new pickup. He then strips the wires on the new Pickup and gets ready to start soldering the new wires inside the guitar.

Chapter 3 : Shielding a Guitar

  • The Single Coil Hum & Pickup Covers 8:53

    The Single Coil Hum & Pickup Covers

    Denny shows us a few tools that we'll need for this project. He then loosens the strings to allow access the "Single Coil Pickups". Next, Denny removes the pickguard and a few wires and inspects the Pickups and wiring. Denny then uses some shielding paint to coat the inside the pickup cover and connects the pickup cover shield to the ground and reconnects the pickup.

  • Shielding, Wiring & Testing 12:26

    Shielding, Wiring & Testing

    After removing all the pickups and covers, Denny installs some "Copper Shielding Tape" to line the body to help shield the guitar even more. He then shows us all the areas we need to shield through out the guitar. Denny then reconnects all the wires on the "Strat" and inspects all the work we've done so far. He then does the "Screw Driver Test" where he taps the front of the pickup and listens to the sound that is produced to see if everything is correctly wired.

Chapter 4 : Wiring Modification: (Telecaster)

  • Getting Started 0:44

    Getting Started

    Denny discusses what tools we'll need for this video. He then shows us a simple modification on a different guitar where he installs a new 4 way switch.

  • Removing the Pickup 3:27

    Removing the Pickup

    Denny begins by removing the "Neck Pickup" before disconnecting the ground wire from the pickup and running a new wire into the control box.

  • Re-Installing the Pickup & Wiring 16:17

    Re-Installing the Pickup & Wiring

    Denny continues through the process of re-installing the pickup and finishes all of the wiring.

Chapter 5 : Adjusting the Intonation

  • Strat-Style Guitars 3:30

    Strat-Style Guitars

    Danny shows us some tools that we'll need to set up the "Intonation". He checks the guitar by using a digital tuner and compares the harmonics tune to the fretted notes tune. He takes a screw driver and adjusts the Saddle to tighten the guitars Intonation.

  • Archtop Guitars 10:07

    Archtop Guitars

    Denny checks the Harmonics on the 12th fret through the tuner and compares them to the fretted note. He then writes the notes of the guitar on some paper to keep track of where the intonation is. Denny then uses some masking tape to measure where the bridge is exactly. He then removes the strings and takes the bridge off and makes some pencil marks to remind us which side is which. He then shapes down the bridge with a file, re-installs the bridge and winds up the strings a little bit. He then sits the bridge where we had it before and compares the harmonics again.

  • Acoustic Guitars 10:07

    Acoustic Guitars

    Denny starts off by checking the harmonics through the tuner again. He then makes the notes for each string again to easily mark down what we'll need to adjust to improve the intonation. Next, Denny removes the strings, to gain access to the saddle. Using some pliers he removes the Saddle and takes a close look at where the strings are sitting and makes some pencil marks where we will file the Saddle down. He then re-installs the strings and checks the intonation again.

Chapter 6 : Tools & Tips

  • Tools of the Trade 12:34

    Tools of the Trade

    Denny shows us all the tools that we'll need to work on guitars all of which you can find in a hardware store. He also shares with us what each tool will be used for and some tips on how to use some of these tools.

  • Trade Secrets 8:26

    Trade Secrets

    Denny shares a few secrets of the trade. He shows how you can use some different things from around the house like WD-40 and Teflon Tape to quickly fix your guitar.

Chapter 7 : Credits

  • Credits 59:01


    Denny signs off with a quick message and a guitar solo while the credits roll.

Product Overview

Denny Rauen is a nationally-acclaimed master luthier whose clientele includes many top musicians and collectors from around the world, including Keith Richards, Buddy Guy, Tom Bukovac, Roger Glover, Willy Porter, Andy McKee, Greg Koch, and many more.

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rauen Guitars specializes in the restoration, repair, and modification of new and vintage acoustic and electric guitars, basses, harp-guitars, mandolins, and banjos.

In this must-see instructional DVD, Denny personally teaches you How to Install Pickups, Shield Guitars, Tame Single Coil Hum, Perform Wiring Modifications, and Adjust Intonation. Denny even goes over the Tools of the Trade and his Tech Secrets!

Wether you fix guitars for a living, are a hobbyist, or just want to save money and learn to fix your own, this series is a must watch... Checkout "More Guitar Setup & Basic Modifications" today!

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