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More EDM Insider Secrets

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  • Autofilter Pt. 1 9:38

    Autofilter Pt. 1

    Chris reveals how to create motion out of MIDI programming using the Logic Transform Window and Autofliter plug-in.

  • Autofilter Pt. 2 6:58

    Autofilter Pt. 2

    Now see the steps to apply Autofilter's LFO feature for creating interesting articulations from your MIDI programming.

  • Clever Gates Pt. 1 14:14

    Clever Gates Pt. 1

    In this video, Chris lays the groundwork for some advanced gating tricks, but first he talks about the basic stems and their interactions with each other. He then shows how to use a Noise Gate to chop loops and create expression and emotion from simple loops.

  • Clever Gates Pt. 2 8:35

    Clever Gates Pt. 2

    See how to create ghost gate triggers that allow signal to pass through and manipulate your gate for incredibly detailed gated grooves.

  • Clever Gates Pt. 3 3:10

    Clever Gates Pt. 3

    Discover how to gate a pad with a ghost trigger, and make choppy rhythmic grooves.

  • Transition FX Pt. 1 4:54

    Transition FX Pt. 1

    Learn to build a Riser or Transitional Effect from scratch, starting with only White Noise.

  • Transition FX Pt. 2 6:31

    Transition FX Pt. 2

    Chris shows you how to add Pitch Bend to the White Noise using the Modulation Matrix for even more sonic coolness.

  • Transition FX Pt. 3 7:27

    Transition FX Pt. 3

    Explore assigning the Mod-Wheel to synth parameters to create a combo of Pitch Bend and LFO Shaping goodness.

  • Insane Arps Pt. 1 5:13

    Insane Arps Pt. 1

    Chris breaks down what an Arpeggiation is, and how it can be used effectively in a track and production.

  • Insane Arps Pt. 2 6:46

    Insane Arps Pt. 2

    See how to get more articulation from the Arp Tool, and make simple synth lines shine with motion and emotion.

  • Insane Arps Pt. 3 1:46

    Insane Arps Pt. 3

    Chris now demonstrated how the Arp Tool can make multiple tracks jump with rhythmic action.

  • Insane Arps Pt. 4 8:05

    Insane Arps Pt. 4

    Explore how adding Bus Sends to Arps can develop and evolve them into more interesting and impactful parts for your song.

  • Insane Arps Pt. 5 4:37

    Insane Arps Pt. 5

    Chris wraps up the series by showing you how to make your parts shine, by implementing advanced processing treatments, while keeping the elements simple and pure.

Product Overview

Pro DJ / EDM Producer Chris Herrera returns with a follow up to his smash hit “EDM Insider Secrets”. Learn tons of awesome tips and tricks that can be applied to any style of Electronic Music, and make better, more interesting tracks and productions today!

Chris starts with cool videos on using Logic’s Autofilter plug-in, to manipulate and enhance your tracks. Even if you don’t have Logic, Chris’s ideas and techniques can be applied to any DAW.

Next, see clever ways to utilize Noise Gates in your tracks, including very unconventional ways of using them to enhance sounds and parts.

Transition FX are up next, and Chris goes deep into making them from scratch, so you can really see what they’re all about and how they function in a track.

Feeling crazy? Chris reveals his methods of mayhem when building Arpeggiators that add both rhythmic and atmospheric pleasure to synth parts in your productions, making them jump out and groove hard.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for detailed info. If you’re ready for more cool ways to fortify your electronic music tracks, this series is a must see. Check out “More EDM Insider Secrets” by Chris Herrera today!

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