Modular Synthesis
Modular Synthesis Tutorial

Modular Synthesis: Beginner's Guide

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10 Videos | Length: 1hr 33min 53sec
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  • Introduction 1:53


    Sami Rabia welcomes you and outlines who this course is aimed at and what you can expect from it.

  • Ins & Outs 5:39

    Ins & Outs

    See how to set up VCV Rack as well as setting up the controller inputs and audio outputs.

  • Navigation 5:18


    Learn how to efficiently navigate the VCV Rack and software, as managing a big patch will involve serious navigation. Sami also gives you helpful keyboard shortcuts to make things easier.

  • Gates & VCAs 11:13

    Gates & VCAs

    For a newcomer, learning how to get a sound out of modular synths is the first step. In this video Sami breaks down Gates and how to use them with VCA's to produce a controlled signal.

  • Intro to CV 5:50

    Intro to CV

    Control Voltage is a fundamental part of all modular and semi-modular gear. Sami goes over the different types of CV control typically used in synthesis.

  • Oscillator Shapes, Phase, & Sync 12:41

    Oscillator Shapes, Phase, & Sync

    Ready to start creating sounds? Sami shows you how to start with the oscillators, as well as goes through the different wave shapes, phase behavior and Synchronization options.

  • Oscillator Frequency Modulation 12:50

    Oscillator Frequency Modulation

    Now it's time to go more in-depth with Frequency Modulation! Sami gives you an overview of the basic FM structure, from wild noise to musically harmonic results.

  • Oscillator Cross Modulation 10:15

    Oscillator Cross Modulation

    In this video, Sami teaches you how Frequency Modulation, Cross Modulation and Sync can all be combined to create a huge variety of tones.

  • Filters 11:15


    Filters have important roles to play, and Sami demonstrates the power, sound and waveshaping capability of VCV's filter.

  • Sequencing 16:59


    In this video, Sami explains how to set up a sequencer in VCV, which works much the same way in hardware. He then shows you how to chain sequencers to get more than the default 8 steps, how to use quantizers, and how to create polyphonic sequences.

Product Overview

Synth expert Sami Rabia presents a comprehensive modular synth video tutorial guide designed for beginners! If you want to learn the important basics of modular synthesis these video tutorials cover all of the core components needed for a modular synth setup. In the videos Sami uses the free VCV Rack software that emulates a modular synth setup, but all of the info applies 100% to their hardware equivalents. These videos are for those who are brand new to modular synthesis.

Sami welcomes you and goes over what the course will cover and what you should expect to learn throughout the videos. He then starts with a lesson on how to set up VCV Rack as well as configure your controller inputs and audio outputs so you can play your modular synth. Then you'll see how to efficiently navigate the VCV Rack software, plus get helpful keyboard shortcuts to make navigation even easier.

For a newcomer, learning how to get sound out of modular synth is step one, so Sami explains how to first utilize Gates, and then with VCA’s to produce a controlled signal. Control Voltage, a fundamental part of all modular and semi-modular gear is then explained and explored, including the different types of CV control typically used in synthesis.

Throughout the rest of the videos you'll learn all about Oscillator Shapes, Phase, and Sync for making a diverse range of sounds, and the basics of Oscillator Frequency Modulation so you can create sounds ranging from wild noise to pleasingly musically harmonic. Sami then reveals how to utilize Cross Modulation to generate an even larger variety of tones, plus the amazing power you can get from using a filter to further shape a sound. Rounding out the course you'll watch how to set up a sequencer, use quantizers, polyphonic sequences and more!

For a complete list of what these in-depth modular synthesizer video tutorials show you and how they'll give you the needed basics to start using them, see the individual modular synth tutorial descriptions on this page. Start your journey into the endless exploration of sound today... Watch "Modular Synthesis: Beginner's Guide" now.

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