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Mixing with the Waves CLA MixHub

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  • Introduction 2:00


    In this first video, Kenny goes thru a quick introduction of what the Waves CLA MixHub plug-in does and how it will help you to mix faster and more efficiently, by using it on every track and source in your production.

  • The Rough Mix & Plug-In Overview 12:26

    The Rough Mix & Plug-In Overview

    Before diving into the mix, we go thru the rough mix that was already created without any processing and what we?re working from. We continue on to a complete and thorough overview of everything this plug-in does and can do.

  • Setting Up the Plug-In - Buckets 6:23

    Setting Up the Plug-In - Buckets

    Next, Kenny shows you how to set up all of the buckets that you?ll need to group each of our tracks to, and make the mixing process much more streamlined.

  • Drums - Kick In 10:57

    Drums - Kick In

    In this video, we get going on getting sounds for our individual tracks and source instruments. Starting with our "Kick In" track and utilizing the Mic Pre, Line Input, Gate, Compression and EQ.

  • Drums - Kick Out 8:56

    Drums - Kick Out

    Next we move on to our "Kick Out" track and we start to take advantage of the ability to work with multiple tracks at the same time, using the buckets feature.

  • Drums - Snares 10:16

    Drums - Snares

    Now we move on to our ?Snare" tracks as we continue to work with the drums as a group, or bucket, getting the right gate, compression and EQ for each.

  • Drums - Hi-Hats, Toms, & Overheads 10:17

    Drums - Hi-Hats, Toms, & Overheads

    In this video, we work thru the rest of the main drum tracks getting them to glue together with one another, as well as how to use the output faders to blend them into a finished output mix.

  • Drums - Rooms & Crush Buss 6:29

    Drums - Rooms & Crush Buss

    Finally, we wrap up the drum section by working on and compressing the multiple drum rooms along with the Crush Buss, which is a parallel blend of all the original drum tracks compressed as much as possible. Or crushed.

  • Bass - Bass DI, Amp, & Fuzz 10:10

    Bass - Bass DI, Amp, & Fuzz

    In this video, we get busy on the Bass tracks, including the direct Bass DI, the amped up Bass Amp track and the Bass Fuzz track that adds just that tiny bit of grit. All of these tracks get their own dedicated bucket making it easier and more useful to work with.

  • Guitars Pt. 1 10:04

    Guitars Pt. 1

    Now we move on to our Guitar tracks, including the ?Main Gut?, which runs thru the entire song and the extra guitars, slide and solo things that appear in just certain sections.

  • Guitars Pt. 2 9:09

    Guitars Pt. 2

    In Part II of the Guitars, we start to address a separate bucket dedicated to the Power Guitars (all 6 of them) that beef up the second half of the song.

  • Vocals 8:09


    In this video, we dig in and get the Vocals going. From the main Lead Vocal to all of the basic harmony vocals that all share the same bucket and similar treatment copied from module to module.

  • Gospel Vocals 10:52

    Gospel Vocals

    We now move on to the Background Vocals or the Gospel Vocals which are a group of 3 part harmonies that go throughout the whole song. While they can be treated and copied and pasted to get started, each one gets their very own personal treatment. And finally we have the final or ?static? mix that comprises of a complete blend of every track we created in this series. While it doesn?t create automation moves, we can very easily hear how the tracks work together and how quickly you can jump from section to section and tweaking the Waves CLA MixHub.

Product Overview

Pro producer and mixer Kenny Gioia brings you an in-depth video tutorial series on mixing with the Waves CLA MixHub plug-in! See how to use this powerful mixing tool to better work and control your mixes, and produce a professional sounding product every time. The stems used in this series are also included so you can follow along on your DAW.

Kenny welcomes you and then gives you an introduction to the plug-in and what it does exactly for you and your mixing tasks. Next, see and hear the mix before instantiating MixHub and then how to set up for using the MixHub in your session.

The Drums are then examined, and you'll see how to dial them in using this plug-in, getting amazing results. The bass and guitars are then gone over one by one using the MixHub and you'll see how efficient the workflow is and how it differs from "regular mixing".

Wrapping it all up, Kenny goes over all the different vocal tracks, showing how you can tailor each one using MixHub, but still keeping a fast pace, while not sacrificing anything during the process. Last but not least, Kenny gives you a play through of the static mix you've created together.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you want more info about this powerful mixing plug-in, or just want to know exactly how to use it on your tracks, this series is for you… Watch "Mixing with the Waves CLA MixHub" today.

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