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Mixing Tutorial

Mixing with Pro Tools

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16 Videos | Length: 2hr 14min 36sec
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  • Introduction 7:37


    In this video, Kenny introduces the track he's going to be mixing. He also sets up Pro Tools for mixing, imports and re-orders the tracks, and adds color and set the song tempo.

  • Rough Mix 9:53

    Rough Mix

    Next, Kenny takes us through creating a rough mix. He Adjust faders, pans and uses clip gain to normalize the audio levels for proper mixing.

  • Stereo Buss FX & Markers 8:08

    Stereo Buss FX & Markers

    In this video, Kenny sets up the stereo buss and the master fader. He adds some light compression and limiting levels before he starts mixing. Song markers are also added.

  • Basic Vocal Sound 12:08

    Basic Vocal Sound

    Next, Kenny creates a basic vocal sound for the mix. Starting with vocals makes more sense for a more vocal based productions where everything has to serve the vocal sound. EQ, compression, reverb and delay are all used.

  • Drums: Kick 7:26

    Drums: Kick

    In this video, Kenny starts working on the drums. Mainly the kick drum, but he also sets up the entire kit. Gate, compression and EQ are all used.

  • Drums: Snare, Hi-Hat & Toms 11:57

    Drums: Snare, Hi-Hat & Toms

    Next, Kenny moves on to the snare, hi-hat and toms. Gate, compression and EQ are all used.

  • Drums: Overheads, Room, Drumverb & Crush Buss 11:25

    Drums: Overheads, Room, Drumverb & Crush Buss

    Kenny finishes off the drums by bringing in the overheads, room mics, and he also creates a crush buss. Compression, EQ and reverb are all used.

  • Bass Guitar 6:05

    Bass Guitar

    Next, Kenny moves on to the bass guitar tracks; Dealing with the DI and the amp tracks. He discusses phase & polarity, and adds compression and EQ.

  • Acoustic Guitar 4:50

    Acoustic Guitar

    In this video, Kenny brings in the acoustic guitar which is a focal point of the production. He creates a more stereo effect and adds a bit of EQ.

  • Piano 4:43


    Next, Kenny moves on to the piano track. While this track is also recorded in mono, He creates a slight stereo effect to make it wider. He also adds compression and EQ.

  • Electric Guitar & Mellotron 6:39

    Electric Guitar & Mellotron

    In this video, Kenny brings in the electric guitar and the Mellotron which play lesser roles in the mix, but are also treated with compression, EQ and reverb.

  • Slide Guitar & Eighth Note Guitar 6:44

    Slide Guitar & Eighth Note Guitar

    Next, Kenny moves on to the slide guitar and the eighth note guitar, which is featured more in the second verse to give the track a lift in rhythm. Compression, EQ, reverb and delay are all used.

  • Background Vocals 12:06

    Background Vocals

    In this video, Kenny re-addresses the vocal to get a more finished sound. He uses clip gain to maintain a constant level into the compressor and puts the final touches on the effects; Including delay throws in the choruses.

  • VCA Groups 5:13

    VCA Groups

    Next, Kenny sets up VCA groups to make working with automation easier, and creates the ability to trim the fader rides he makes.

  • Automation Pt. 1 9:54

    Automation Pt. 1

    In this video, Kenny gets down to actually riding the faders. Up until this point, he created a static mix, but in this video, he creates moments in the mix. Where things pop out or sit back to fully engage the listener.

  • Automation Pt. 2 9:48

    Automation Pt. 2

    Kenny continues working on the automation. And finally, he runs down a final mix of the song from beginning to end for a reference and so we can finally hear the finished product.

Product Overview

Kenny Gioia brings you a collection of mixing with Pro Tools tutorials! Learn how to mix music using Pro Tools 2019 and get a professional sound. These Pro Tools 2019 mixing videos are designed for the person who knows their way around Pro Tools, but wants to see and hear how to use Pro Tools to mix a song and get that "radio ready sound". You also get the Wav files so you can follow along and mix on your DAW!

Kenny welcomes you and introduces the track you’re going to be mixing, "Scars" by Lybrandt. He then shows how to set up Pro Tools 2019 for mixing, import and re-order the tracks, add color to them, and set the song tempo. Next, Kenny takes you through creating a rough mix by adjusting faders, pans, and using clip gain to normalize your audio levels for proper mixing.

Moving on, you'll learn how to setup Stereo Buss FX & Markers, dial in the vocal sound for the song, make the drums sound great, how to mix the Bass DI and Amp tracks together with proper phase, create great guitar tones, craft the different keyboards to fit in the mix, use VCA Groups and Automation to make things pop out and fully engage the listener, and much more!

To see what each mixing tutorial shows you and how it can help you mix music in Pro Tools 2019, see the individual Pro Tools tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're new to mixing in Pro Tools, or just want to see another engineer's approach, this series of Pro Tools 2019 mixing videos will help you mix music like an expert... See how to make great mixes with Pro Tools, watch “Mixing in Pro Tools 2019” today.

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