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Mixing with FREE Plug-Ins

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9 Videos | Length: 1hr 11min 25sec
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  • Introduction 3:35


    Russ welcomes you and talks about how it's possible to mix a track with just FREE plug-ins. He then shows you around the track and talks about the mix and how sometimes the problem is not a lack of money, but simply a lack of imagination.

  • Drums & Percussion 20:51

    Drums & Percussion

    See how to make super low kicks and sizzling top end using some very nice free EQ and comps and getting the kit, percussion and loops sounding great.

  • Bass Guitar 3:36

    Bass Guitar

    Learn how to dial in a warm, rich bottom end that sits under the bed of a song with just 2 plug-ins and some cool tricks!

  • Piano 5:59


    Discover how to make a piano sit right in the centre of a mix without losing any of its clarity or tone.

  • Acoustic Guitar 7:33

    Acoustic Guitar

    Have you ever wondered how to get acoustic guitars that push the track along without appearing too high in the mix? All it needs is one free compressor, one free EQ and a little bit of tape saturation.

  • Synths & Echo 4:15

    Synths & Echo

    A solid synth line can help keep a pop track moving. Russ explains how to use a powerful delay unit to give it some extra interest and space in the mix.

  • Electric Guitars 8:11

    Electric Guitars

    Russ describes the common problems associated with recording guitars through modeling amps and how to give your guitars some real bite and character in the mix.

  • The Vocals 11:41

    The Vocals

    Russ shows how to sit a main vocal in a mix and then bring in a nice big set of backing vocals that add texture and space. He also explores a couple of low cost reverbs that you may want to consider for your mixes, but also shows you how to give the vocal some space without spending any money.

  • The Final Mix 5:44

    The Final Mix

    Watch Russ take a couple of plug-ins and glue the whole mix together. Then, he challenges you to go out and mix some great tracks of your own. With free plug-ins and this training there's really nothing to stop you!

Product Overview

Mixing music with plug-ins has become the norm these days, but is it possible to create a great sounding mix with plug-ins that offered for free? Well, DAW expert Russ Hughes says "YES" and shows you some great plug-ins that are available for free and how to use them on a mix. Russ even includes the audio file stems from the tutorials so you can practice mixing along!

Russ starts of with an introduction video explaining the series and what it will accomplish, as well as playing the song you'll be mixing together. Next, he tackles the drums and percussion, showing you how to get super lows on the kicks and a nice top end using a collection of free EQ plug-ins. Bass guitar and piano are then looked at, and Russ explains how to get them to sit in the mix just right.

Acoustic guitar and synths are focused on and Russ demonstrates how to use a free delay plug-in to enhance the parts. Electric guitars and vocals are next up and Russ introduces amp simulations and reverbs to do the job. Lastly, Russ concentrates on the final mix, revealing how to "glue" the whole thing together.

If you're mixing on a budget, or just want some more insight on mixing in general, this series is a must see! Join Russ and watch how to get the best bang without spending any money on plug-ins... Watch "Mixing with FREE Plug-Ins" today.

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