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Mixing in Reel Time

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36 Videos | Length: 7hr 59min 50sec
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  • Introduction 3:25


    Kenny Gioia introduces this series of videos where he will go through the process of mixing a song from beginning to end.

  • Importing & Creating a Rough Mix Pt. 1 14:50

    Importing & Creating a Rough Mix Pt. 1

    The series starts with Kenny importing tracks into his session and start organizing with naming tracks and starting a rough mix.

  • Importing & Creating a Rough Mix Pt. 2 17:54

    Importing & Creating a Rough Mix Pt. 2

    Kenny continues his rough mix and his ‘riding the fader’ technique to get things started.

  • Importing & Creating a Rough Mix Pt. 3 14:22

    Importing & Creating a Rough Mix Pt. 3

    In this video, the drums get reordered, renamed, and rough levels are set.

  • Importing & Creating a Rough Mix Pt. 4 21:58

    Importing & Creating a Rough Mix Pt. 4

    Kenny finishes up the rough mix of the drums and starts to organize and set faders for the vocals.

  • Organizing & Trimming 16:53

    Organizing & Trimming

    Now it’s time to move on to arrangement and organization including trimming dead space from each track.

  • Adding Color to the Tracks 5:21

    Adding Color to the Tracks

    Once the tracks are arranged and rough levels are set, Kenny starts color coding the tracks.

  • Master Buss Processing 19:17

    Master Buss Processing

    Now Kenny moves on to adding effects to the master bus.

  • Kick Drums 9:28

    Kick Drums

    Now it’s time to start working on individual tracks and because of how this song is starting to sound, Kenny decides to start with the kick drum.

  • Snare Drums 8:35

    Snare Drums

    Moving on to the snare, Kenny works to not only make it sound it’s best but also to blend well with the kick.

  • Percussion 17:26


    In this video, Kenny starts working on the remaining percussion tracks.

  • Bass Tracks 10:44

    Bass Tracks

    Moving on, the bass is worked on next.

  • Basic Vocal Sound 11:41

    Basic Vocal Sound

    For this next video, Kenny works on a basic vocal sound so he can get a nice rough blend with the other instruments.

  • Acoustic Guitars 11:18

    Acoustic Guitars

    Back to the instruments, Kenny starts to work on the acoustic guitars.

  • Electric Guitars 21:21

    Electric Guitars

    Here, Kenny moves on to the electric guitars.

  • Guitar Solo 10:30

    Guitar Solo

    Kenny starts making the guitar solo and the reverse guitar fit into the evolving mix.

  • Keyboards 21:40


    Kenny notices a difference in sound for the kick during the solo so he works on that, then moves on to making the keyboard tracks blend with the song.

  • Vocal Effects 10:15

    Vocal Effects

    Time to work on vocal effects tracks.

  • Markers or Regions 9:24

    Markers or Regions

    Now is a good time to add markers to make it easier to jump to various parts of the song.

  • Background Vocals Pt. 1 7:57

    Background Vocals Pt. 1

    Kenny starts working on background vocals.

  • Background Vocals Pt. 2 13:19

    Background Vocals Pt. 2

    Here Kenny moves on to the higher pitch background vocals.

  • Verse Lead Vocals Pt. 1 12:13

    Verse Lead Vocals Pt. 1

    Kenny’s goal here is to make the lead vocals sound good in a static mix.

  • Verse Lead Vocals Pt. 2 13:42

    Verse Lead Vocals Pt. 2

    Continuing with the lead vocal, Kenny moves on to the second verse.

  • Chorus Lead Vocals 15:30

    Chorus Lead Vocals

    Next, Kenny starts the chorus lead vocals.

  • Double Vocals & Throws 9:50

    Double Vocals & Throws

    Once the verse and chorus leads start sounding right, it’s time to work on the double vocal and vocal throws.

  • Ad Lib Vocals 19:24

    Ad Lib Vocals

    Time for Kenny to work on the ad libs.

  • Misc. Changes 6:57

    Misc. Changes

    Kenny makes a few changes here and there to the vocals before moving on to the final mix.

  • Broad EQ Adjustments 13:44

    Broad EQ Adjustments

    Before getting deep into mixing, Kenny likes to apply what he calls ‘Broad stroke EQ’.

  • FX Sweeps 9:51

    FX Sweeps

    Time to start making instruments pop by using automation with FX sweeps.

  • Lead Vocal Automation 18:57

    Lead Vocal Automation

    Now Kenny will ride the lead vocals for maximum effect.

  • Background Vocals & Throws Automation 15:15

    Background Vocals & Throws Automation

    The main vocals are done for the most part so here Kenny puts the final tweaks on the Background vocals.

  • Chopped Vocal & Guitar Solo 15:31

    Chopped Vocal & Guitar Solo

    Kenny automates the chop vocal and guitar solo to really make them stand out in the mix.

  • Guitar Rides 20:09

    Guitar Rides

    Now it’s time for Kenny to ride the automation for the guitars and make them sound great in the mix.

  • Keyboard Rides 14:10

    Keyboard Rides

    Here Kenny uses automation on the keyboards to help them find their own space in the almost completed mix.

  • Final 2 Busses & Fade Tweaks 13:42

    Final 2 Busses & Fade Tweaks

    Almost done with the mix, Kenny tweaks the sounds for the final 2 bus and fades.

  • Final Mix Playthrough 3:17

    Final Mix Playthrough

    Listen to Kenny’s final mix uninterrupted.

Product Overview

Platinum producer / engineer Kenny Gioia returns with his most in-depth video series yet. Follow along with Kenny as he mixes a complete song from beginning to end, leaving NOTHING out. At over 8 hours long, you’ll hear and see Kenny’s every move, including the mistakes, thought processes, and ultimately all his secrets for getting a pro mix!

Even better, Kenny has included the all the raw audio files to import into your own DAW. Now you can do what Kenny is doing in real-time, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of the professional mix process. You can then apply your new knowledge to your own songs and productions, and get better sounding tracks fast.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you want to know what it takes to craft a professional mix, including all the pitfalls and solutions, this is the series to watch. Checkout “Mixing in Reel Time” now!

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