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Mixing Heavy Rock / Metal

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  • Introduction 3:13


    In this tutorial, Kenny goes over what to expect in the following tutorials. Kenny also imports the files into a new session.

  • Track Re-Naming 6:25

    Track Re-Naming

    Watch as Kenny discusses the benefits of re-naming all the files and tracks to make it easier and quicker to navigate around the session.

  • Rough Mix 16:30

    Rough Mix

    Next, Kenny color codes the tracks, re-orders them to streamline the session and we create a quick rough mix.

  • Markers & Tempo 6:50

    Markers & Tempo

    Kenny sets up markers for all the song parts and sets up a session tempo to keep the session in line and allow delay plug-ins to line up perfectly.

  • Re-Ordering & Colors 9:32

    Re-Ordering & Colors

    In this video, Kenny tweaks the colors and the track order and re-visits the track names to speed up work flow and improve efficiency.

  • Track Clean-Up 5:34

    Track Clean-Up

    Next, Kenny cleans up the audio files to remove silence for greater visibility of the song and part arrangement as only the clips playing audio will actually be seen.

  • Sub-Mixes 5:21


    In this tutorial Kenny creates Sub-mixes or VCAs to control tracks as a group to keep an otherwise large and hard to navigate track under control.

  • Clip Gain 3:06

    Clip Gain

    Kenny utilizes Clip Gain to get all the audio clips at a good starting level and at a good visibility waveform default.

  • Master Buss FX 10:29

    Master Buss FX

    In this video, Kenny sets up Master Buss FX utilizing dynamic plug-ins at the beginning of the mix so that we can mix into the FX rather than putting them on at the end at risk losing our mix.

  • Basic Vocal Sound 20:36

    Basic Vocal Sound

    Next, Kenny combines the vocal tracks together and gets a good basic lead vocal sound to build the mix around.

  • Basic Drum Sound 13:07

    Basic Drum Sound

    Kenny creates a basic drum mix that works with the vocal and will allow further tweaking of each drum track with the whole kit.

  • Drum Overheads 8:43

    Drum Overheads

    Now we dig into the Overheads. First to create the spatial sense and overall brightness of the drums. EQ and Compression are used.

  • Drum Room Mics 8:30

    Drum Room Mics

    Next Kenny adds in the Room mics to create distance and ambiance to the kit. Kenny also introduces the use of the Sonnex Trans Mod to reduce transients.

  • Kick Drum 15:46

    Kick Drum

    In this tutorial Kenny pulls up the close mics starting with the Kick mics and mixes them with the ambient mics. Kenny also introduces adding samples to enhance the Kick sound.

  • Snare Drum 11:09

    Snare Drum

    In this video, Kenny focuses on the Snare mics and adds compression, EQ and add in the Sonnex Trans Mod to enhance the transients to create more snap or thwack. Kenny also adds samples to round out the snare.

  • Drum Reverb 4:18

    Drum Reverb

    To increase the size of the kit, Kenny next adds some IR or Impulse Response reverb using samples taken from other great drum rooms.

  • The Toms 7:46

    The Toms

    In this tutorial, Kenny adds in the Toms and decides to cut the tracks in all the moments that are not actually being played.

  • Drum Buss EQ and Parallel Compression 7:36

    Drum Buss EQ and Parallel Compression

    Next, Kenny busses the drum tracks together and adds some buss EQ & compression and also adds parallel compression to really enhance the ambiance of the kit.

  • The Bass Sound 10:40

    The Bass Sound

    Kenny moves on to the Bass tracks and mult the outputs to create a simulated amp track along with a distorted bass track to mix in with the Bass DI and fatten up the overall sound.

  • Bass Synths 6:31

    Bass Synths

    In this video, Kenny adds the Bass Synths that add some sub low end to really bring the track down as deep as possible.

  • Keyboards 16:56


    Next, Kenny introduces the Piano, Keys & Synths to add ethereal and space to the song. EQ and Compression is used.

  • Guitars 19:10


    In this tutorial, Kenny sets up the guitar tracks to make the song growl and be aggressive as we make them as loud as possible without making the track weak.

  • Lead Vocals 14:41

    Lead Vocals

    Kenny pulls up the Lead Vocal again and finalizes the vocal sound to work with all of the other tracks already worked on. Compression and EQ is utilized along with reverb, delay and filtered delay.

  • Bk Vox 7:53

    Bk Vox

    In this tutorial, Kenny blends in the vocal harmonies to thicken up the vocal sound and utilizes a Bk Vox buss and adding Compression and EQ.

  • De-Essing 7:03


    As we get the vocals up, we start to notice that the downside of bright vocals and using EQ is that it enhances the Esses as well. In this video, we manually reduce the Esses using Clip Gain and balancing out the top end of the vocals.

  • Screamo Vocals 9:28

    Screamo Vocals

    Kenny brings up the Screamo vocals to match the female vocals and provide dynamics from section to section.

  • Automation 9:24


    One of the most important parts of the mix is using automation to finesse and create interesting moments from section to section. A static mix can be boring and using automation creates many unique moments that feature or hide certain elements to create aural illusions.

  • Final Mix 5:07

    Final Mix

    Finally, the mix is finished and Kenny bounces it down to 2 tracks to share with the band and the fans and show a track by track visual of what each track is doing.

Product Overview

Multi-Platinum Engineer and Producer Kenny Gioia returns with an all-new mixing series, this time dedicated to mixing Heavy Rock / Metal! Step right up and see how Kenny sculpts an epic song by Days of Samara into a radio ready hit, explaining everything in detail as he goes.

Kenny starts by welcoming you and discusses what you'll learn in the series. He then shows how to import the previously recorded audio tracks into the DAW, rename them and set up markers for all the different parts of the song, creating a navigation map. He also gives you tons of helpful track management tips and tricks along the way.

Then Kenny explains how to clean up the audio tracks for better sound, and ease of part recognition. Sub-Mixing is looked at, as well as initial master buss effects setup. Getting the basic vocal and drum sounds are shown, and then detailed tutorials on the different drum elements and effects are given.

Moving on, Kenny pulls up the bass guitar and bass synth tracks and demonstrates how to make them deep and powerful in the mix. The guitars are next, and this thorough tutorial shows you how to dial them in just right for that big, epic sound. Vocals and all that comes with fitting them in the mix is then revealed, including making the Screaming vocal parts huge and thunderous.

Wrapping it all up, Kenny gives you a great video on using automation to finesse and create interesting moments from section to section, and then one on bouncing down the final mix to a stereo file and more. If you're a producer, engineer or mixer, this series is a must have. Learn to make your Heavy Rock / Metal tracks scream... Watch "Mixing Heavy Rock / Metal" now.

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