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Mixing Electronic Music with UAD Plug-Ins

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16 Videos | Length: 1hr 52min 48sec
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  • Preparing for a Mixdown 3:01

    Preparing for a Mixdown

    Fabio welcomes you and shows how to organize and prepare the project for a mix using custom colors, naming and ordering of sounds.

  • Processing the Kick 5:41

    Processing the Kick

    See and hear how to use the UAD SSL Channel Strip to EQ the Kick so it occupies a solid space and can be built on by the other musical elements.

  • Processing the Drums Pt. 1 9:36

    Processing the Drums Pt. 1

    Using a combination of a stock EQ and the UAD SSL Channel Strip, Fabio begins to balance the drum tracks.

  • Processing the Drums Pt. 2 5:42

    Processing the Drums Pt. 2

    Fabio continues to process the drums with the UAD Channel Strip and makes good use of the onboard filters and compressor. He also explains the difference between the Black and Brown setting for the Low Frequency section of the SSL Channel strip.

  • Processing the Drum Bus 6:24

    Processing the Drum Bus

    Learn how to route the drums to a bus and process them with the UAD 1176, API 560 and Tape Saturation plug-ins for glue and character.

  • Using Parallel Compression 3:56

    Using Parallel Compression

    See how to set up a parallel chain for the drums with the Rev A 1176 to add more harmonics and sustain to the sound.

  • Mixing the Bass 6:25

    Mixing the Bass

    Fabio now shows how to balance the bass with the UAD Neve 88RS channel strip, Fairchild 670, Oxide Tape and stock compression for sidechain duties.

  • Processing the Synths Pt. 1 10:22

    Processing the Synths Pt. 1

    The synths are next, and Fabio demonstrates moving between various EQ?s and channel strips for different character when shaping the Synths.

  • Processing the Synths Pt. 2 12:50

    Processing the Synths Pt. 2

    Continuing on, Fabio finishes up the Synths, adding further different EQ?s and return reverbs for even more character building.

  • Fine Tuning & Mixing  Vocals 11:15

    Fine Tuning & Mixing Vocals

    See how to use the Multiband Compressor to deal with tricky and badly recorded vocals, followed by shaping the rest with the UAD SSL Channel Strip, 1176, EMT 140 Reverb and Copper Time Cube Delay.

  • Processing the FX 2:38

    Processing the FX

    Fabio now keeps it simple with the FX by lightly using the UAD Neve 1073 and balancing the rest.

  • Sculpting & Listening 12:31

    Sculpting & Listening

    The final tweaks are now made and a run through prior to mastering the track is made. Fabio rebalances a few things and adds new FX to glue it all together.

  • Mastering: EQ 5:04

    Mastering: EQ

    Fabio shows you how to use a stock Linear Phase EQ plug-in to shape the master, as well as a stock EQ plug-in to remove unwanted side signal info to help solidify low end and add width to the highs.

  • Mastering: Compression 8:01

    Mastering: Compression

    Now see and hear how to use the UAD SSL G Bus Comp in tandem with a Multiband Compressor to control the dynamics and add energy to the mix.

  • Mastering: Finishing EQ 3:51

    Mastering: Finishing EQ

    Discover how to use the UAD Pultec EQ and Dangerous EQ plug-ins to polish off the track before limiting.

  • Limiting & Levels 5:31

    Limiting & Levels

    Wrapping up the series, Fabio shows you how to reach a satisfactory desired level using 2 limiters for playback on regular sound or hi-fi systems.

Product Overview

In this Groove3 video tutorial series, mixer pro Fabio Lendrum shows you how to mix an electronic music production using UAD Plug-Ins! See it come together from scratch using a few stock DAW plug-ins and a collection of amazing UAD plug-ins to create a killer mix. The session files for the track are also included so you can follow along and make your own mix.

Fabio starts by welcoming you and goes over some groundwork before you start to mix the track, followed by important preparation based tasks to get your mix ready to be mixed. Then it's off to perhaps the most important instrument in electronic music, the kick drum, where you'll see how to sculpt it just right for the mix.

Next, drum processing is shown using a combination of a stock EQ and the UAD SSL Channel Strip, and Fabio explains the difference between the Black and Brown setting for the Low Frequency section of the SSL Channel strip ,so you know which to use and why.

Parallel compression is then set up using the UAD Rev A 1176 to add more harmonics and sustain to the sound, and then the Bass is crafted into a big bottom using the UAD Neve 88RS channel strip, Fairchild 670, Oxide Tape and a stock DAW compression plug-in for sidechain duties.

Throughout the rest of the series you'll see and hear how to mix the other elements including synths, vocals and effects to perfection, using numerous UAD plug-ins like the API 560, EMT 140 Reverb, Copper Time Cube Delay, Tape Saturation and more.

Wrapping it up, Fabio gives you videos on mastering the mix using stock DAW plug-ins and UAD plug-ins like the SSL G Bus Comp, Pulteq EQ and Dangerous EQ, as well as how to use a limiter to get the mix up to level standards.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you're new to mixing electronic music or UAD plug-ins, this series will illuminate some of the finer points of mixing electronica, as well as help you get around the UAD plug-ins... Watch "Mixing Electronic Music with UAD Plug-Ins" today.

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