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Mixing Electronic Music with Native Instruments

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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 59min 31sec
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  • Prep & Balance 12:35

    Prep & Balance

    Prior to mixing, take a look at how the session is organized so you can easily navigate around the project, as well as get a feel for the piece of music before diving in.

  • Drums 12:40


    Fabio takes apart the drums and starts applying broad strokes using the Solid Series as your main tool. Deciphering what is the driving part of the rhythm section is a useful way of getting the track to feel punchy and dominant.

  • Vocals 11:19


    As this is a vocal track, the lead singer will take center stage. Have a look at how to achieve that using multiple VC compressors alongside the vintage modeled EQ?s.

  • Bass 8:22


    The 808 bass provides us with a modern touch, and we work out how to get it to sit accordingly with the kick drum, while still ensuring that it is audible on smaller systems. We also take a first look here at the Vari Comp for some much needed character.

  • Guitars 11:30


    Using the Solid Series and some stock reverb, we work out how to push the guitars further back into the mix while retaining their strength, but allowing space for the vocals.

  • Keys 11:18


    The keys play an important part in the emotional role of this track, so we look to minimize the clinical EQ?ing effect by using the Passive EQ for the first time in this tutorial.

  • Pads 5:25


    The pads are great for sustain but mask the vocal ever so slightly. Again, using the Passive EQ we find the appropriate cut to allow the vocals to retain center stage.

  • Plucks 7:19


    Using the VC160 for the first time, we use this compressor in an unorthodox manner to increase movement while controlling the dynamics.

  • Synths 15:51


    The synths all group together in the breakdown in order to evoke the much needed tension, and we control the sounds with the VC2A alongside some clever automation, to enhance the push and release into the final chorus.

  • FX 11:50


    The groups of white noise, foley sounds and riser are now balanced in a subtle way to help the transitions of each section. We also take a look at widening these sounds with the M/S mode on the Passive EQ.

  • Mastering & Outro 11:22

    Mastering & Outro

    Wrapping it up, take a first look at the Bus Comp and the mastering chain for some final control on the entire mix. Some basic cuts alongside some character driven FX allow for a more complete sounding mix. We also take a final listen to the track from start to finish.

Product Overview

Studio expert Fabio Lendrum delivers an in-depth Mixing Electronic Music with Native Instruments plug-ins video tutorial series! Watch how to mix a electronic music track from start to finish using NI plug-ins. These videos are designed for beginner / intermediate producers and mixers looking for insight when mixing this genre with NI plug-ins. Also included are the individual tracks used in the videos so you can follow along on your DAW.

Starting it all off Fabio welcomes you and discusses what you’ll be learning regarding using the Native Instruments Premium Tube, Solid and VC Series plug-ins for mixing the brilliant track by Sixth Floor Memories, "Love is No Game”. You'll then start with preparing and balancing the tracks, as well as organize them so you can easily navigate around the project. Fabio then plays the track so you can get a feel for the piece of music before starting the mix.

Next, Fabio starts with the drums, applying broad strokes with the Solid Series plug-ins, including deciphering what is the driving part of the rhythm section, and how to make it feel punchy and dominant. Then it's over to the vocals and you'll explore how to make them take center stage using multiple VC compressors alongside the vintage modeled EQ’s.

Throughout the rest of the videos you'll learn how to sculpt and hone the Bass, Guitars, Keys, Pads, Plucks, Synth tracks and FX so they fit perfectly with each other, creating a cohesive, modern mix perfect for Electronic Music. Wrapping it up, Fabio also reveals how to use the Bus Comp and a mastering chain for final control on the entire mix and more!

To see what these comprehensive Electronic Music mixing tutorials show you, and how you can mix your Electronic Music tracks using the powerful plug-ins from Native Instruments, see the individual Electronic Music mixing video tutorial descriptions on this page. Step up your EM mixes now... Watch "Mixing Electronic Music with Native Instruments" today!

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