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Mixing Drums in Logic Pro X

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20 Videos | Length: 1hr 32min 15sec
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  • Introduction 3:35


    A short description about what this series is about.

  • Timing & Phase 4:40

    Timing & Phase

    Watch as the exterior room mic track is time aligned with the rest of the drum kit tracks.

  • Overheads EQ 9:07

    Overheads EQ

    Follow along as I use Logic’s Channel EQ separately on the left and right overhead tracks.

  • Overheads Compression 4:50

    Overheads Compression

    Hear how the Classic VCA compression model is used on the bussed overhead tracks to even out the attack and body of the drum kit.

  • Kick Drum Mics 6:45

    Kick Drum Mics

    See how to EQ, and compress the kick track, and how to “fake” a second kick drum mic positioned closer to the batter head.

  • Creating a Sub Kick 3:19

    Creating a Sub Kick

    Learn how to generate a sub kick sound using the test Oscillator and Noise Gate plug-ins.

  • Snare Drum 4:00

    Snare Drum

    Hear how the attack of the snare drum is enhanced with the Enveloper plug-in and some FET style compression.

  • Snare Parallel Processing 3:04

    Snare Parallel Processing

    Blend over-the-top gating, transient shaping, distortion, and compression with the original snare track.

  • Hi Hat 3:24

    Hi Hat

    Apply filtering and EQ to bring out the hi hat’s upper mids.

  • Small Tom 5:23

    Small Tom

    Explore various ways of dealing with leakage, unwanted resonant ringing, and general sweetening.

  • Floor Tom 3:41

    Floor Tom

    Use noise gating to remove leakage; apply EQ to kill the muddy mid frequencies; and create a tom bus with compression on the two toms.

  • Outer Room Mic 5:02

    Outer Room Mic

    Explore ways of manipulating the sound from a mic placed outside the drum room, so that it adds a stereo ambiance to the drum sound.

  • Hi Hat & Tambourine Sidechaining 2:56

    Hi Hat & Tambourine Sidechaining

    Hear how the feel of the groove is subtly influenced by using a compressor on the tambourine track triggered by the hi hat.

  • Creating a Drum Room Ambiance 4:38

    Creating a Drum Room Ambiance

    Use Space Designer to create a natural sounding drum room ambiance.

  • Drum Reverb 2:47

    Drum Reverb

    Set up a reverb specifically for the snare and toms to place them in the mix with more space than the rest of the drum kit.

  • Secret Sauce 4:57

    Secret Sauce

    See how parallel compression and mid/side EQ can beef up the drum mix.

  • Kik Drum & Bass Sidechain Compression 4:18

    Kik Drum & Bass Sidechain Compression

    Subtly duck the level of the bass every time the kik drum is played, using sidechain compression on the bass track.

  • Folder Stacks & VCA Groups 5:22

    Folder Stacks & VCA Groups

    Explore two ways of managing the overall drum mix, via either Folder Stacks or a VCA group.

  • Drum Mix Summing Stack 5:32

    Drum Mix Summing Stack

    Learn how to save your drum mix setup as a Summing Stack, and then as a patch that can be easily called up in future projects.

  • Bonus Tip & Playback 4:55

    Bonus Tip & Playback

    Learn how to set up and use the Toggle Hide Group key commands to view different components in isolation in a big mix.

Product Overview

Logic Pro X is a powerful tool for mixing. In this tutorial video series, Eli Krantzberg demonstrates how to use Logic Pro X to mix drum tracks and get a polished professional sound.

After a short video describing the series, Eli demonstrates how to time align an exterior room mic with the rest of your drum kit. Then he uses Logic Pro X’s Channel EQ plug-in on each overhead track to blend all the elements of the drum kit together. Then he compresses the overheads using the classic VCA compressor model in Logic Pro X’s Compressor plug-in.

With the overheads taken care of, Eli moves on to the kick drum. He demonstrates how to EQ and compress the kick track, and shows you his trick to fake a second kick drum mic positioned closer to the batter head. Then he teaches you how to generate a sub-kick sound using the Test Oscillator and Noise Gate plug-ins.

Next up, he explains how to process the snare. Eli blends over-the-top gating, transient shaping, distortion, and compression with the original track to add a sharp, saturated attack to the snare. He also demonstrates using the Enveloper plug-in and adding FET-style compression.

Then Eli focuses on the hi-hats and toms. He uses some filtering and EQ to bring out the hi-hat’s upper mids as well as various methods to deal with leakage and unwanted ringing in the toms. He also explores how you can use a distant room mic to enhance and manipulate the ambiance of your drum kit.

Eli closes out the series with videos describing some “secret sauce” style tips and techniques, such as using a hi-hat in the sidechain when compressing the tambourine, a kick drum in the sidechain when compressing the bass, parallel compression and mid/side EQing, creating ambiance with Space Designer, and using Logic Pro X’s Folder and Summing Stacks when mixing drums.

Whether you’ve mixed drums before using Logic Pro X and want some extra tips, or you need to learn from scratch, “Mixing Drums in Logic Pro X” will get you where you need to be!

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