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Mix School 101

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Chapter 1 : The Basics

  • Introduction 5:55


    What is mixing? What makes a good mix? How is a mix put together? Find out what goes into making a mix happen and the things that need to be considered.

  • The Shape of a Mix 14:35

    The Shape of a Mix

    Russ deconstructs 3 mixes to show how the shape of a mix can make a big difference to the final result. Watch this and soon you'll be knocking your mixes into shape.

  • The Anatomy of a Mix 17:50

    The Anatomy of a Mix

    Russ unpacks the anatomy of a mix and shows the 5 things to consider when mixing a track. Soon you'll be taking control of level, space, tone, dynamics, and effects to craft amazing mixes.

Chapter 2 : Getting Started

  • Mix House Keeping 8:21

    Mix House Keeping

    Discover how some simple house keeping can help you to mix faster and get great mixes in record time.

  • Using Mix & Edit Groups 20:16

    Using Mix & Edit Groups

    Why only do one thing at a time, when you can do ten - find out how Mix and Edit Groups can help you do the work of 10 people when mixing.

  • Editing 7:36


    If you want to get super tight drums, clean vocals and more, then watch and learn about editing the audio and getting it into shape, ready for mixing.

Chapter 3 : The Vocals

  • Main Vocals 23:14

    Main Vocals

    The core of any song is the vocals. See how to get them sounding just right, by applying EQ, Compression and Tuning. Make your vocals will really sing!

  • Backing Vocals 9:06

    Backing Vocals

    If you want to get that nice big vocal sound, you'll need to know the backing vocal tricks used in top studios. The secrets are revealed in this video and every genre from rock to dance will benefit from these principles.

Chapter 4 : The Instruments

  • Acoustic Guitars 8:12

    Acoustic Guitars

    Find out how to give your acoustic guitars that professional sheen and air that helps them sit just right in the mix.

  • Piano & Keyboards 6:16

    Piano & Keyboards

    Getting a piano to sit in a mix can b e hard to those new to mixing - Russ shows you his 2 step approach to getting the piano to sit just right.

  • Re-Tuning the Piano 2:52

    Re-Tuning the Piano

    Have an out-of-tune piano? Watch Russ take the MIDI piano on this track and replace it with a new one that's in tune!

  • The Bass 6:01

    The Bass

    Driving along under every great song is a solid bass. Find out how to get that solid, thick bass sound heard on so many tracks with tricks he learnt from some top mix engineers.

  • Drums 21:31


    How do you get a basic kit and give it the energy it needs? In this extended video, Russ takes a kit which needs some life and gives it smack and sparkle!

  • Electric Guitars 22:04

    Electric Guitars

    You may not have a stack of vintage amps, but knowing what to put on your electric guitars can make the difference between them sounding thin to being fat and in your face.

  • Beats & Percussion 7:26

    Beats & Percussion

    Often back beats and percussion can be fighting the drums in a track. Find out how filtering can make them complement your drums tracks and be best friends.

Chapter 5 : Finishing Up the Mix

  • Final Tweaks & Automation 17:27

    Final Tweaks & Automation

    If you have ever struggled to get things sitting just right in your mix, then see how automation can be the difference between a mess and a masterpiece. - Russ also throws some "magic dust" on the mix with careful use of reverb.

  • The Final Mix 30:39

    The Final Mix

    Stand back, we have a masterpiece to complete! See how using tape emulation and master bus compression can be the glue that holds the whole mix together.

  • Bouncing to Disk 8:28

    Bouncing to Disk

    So you want to share you mix with the world? In this session find out how to get your mix from Pro Tools out in a file format you can send to a mastering engineer or share with your friends. Russ also shows that when it comes to bouncing the mix, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Chapter 6 : Bonus Video

  • Cleaning Up Live Drums 27:31

    Cleaning Up Live Drums

    As a special bonus Russ does an extended session on cleaning up live drums.

Product Overview

Are you just getting into mixing music? If so, boy are you lucky you found this collection of awesome tutorials by DAW guru Russ Hughes, co founder of Pro-Tools-Expert.com! Russ helps those either new to mixing, or who just don't feel satisfied with their mixes by starting right at the beginning, looking at what mixing is, and what makes a good mix. Then Russ performs a full, in-depth "over the shoulder" mixing session, explaining it all as he goes.

This series, although shown in Pro Tools 10, will help anyone on any DAW craft and hone their mixes into much better, professional sounding tracks that you can be proud of, as the theories presented apply to any DAW.

Russ starts with a detailed introduction to mixing, shows you "shapes" of mixes, the anatomy of a mix and mix "house keeping" to better manage and increase your mixing workflow. Next Russ gets into using groups and editing your tracks to make them mix ready. Russ then focuses on main vocals and background vocals, showing you how to get that "big" vocal sound.

The instruments are next to be mixed, including acoustic guitars, piano and keyboards, bass, drums, electric guitars and more! Russ then dives into important final tweaks, using automation and adding "magic dust" on the master buss. The final mix is then performed and Russ shows you how to bounce it to disc, and or use other means to create your master stereo file to share with the world. Just when you think it's over, Russ has included a bonus video called "Cleaning Up Live Drums" for those who need how to do so.

At over 4 hours long this series is designed to give the viewer the solid basics of mixing. This is great for someone just starting out, or for those who wish to visit the basics again to see if they have missed anything important. Even though this series is shown in Pro Tools 10, you'll be able to use the practices and theories on your own mixes in any DAW. Don't wait any longer, move to the top of the class... Watch "Mix School 101" today.

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