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Mike Clark Funk, Blues & Jazz

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17 Videos | Length: 1hr 28min 47sec
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  • Introduction 0:35


    Mike shares his drumming history and what he will be covering in this series. As mike has been a drummer with tons of musicians, throughout this series we'll hear great stories and tips.

  • Funk Influences & Beats Pt. 1 9:36

    Funk Influences & Beats Pt. 1

    Mike plays one of the first funk beats he ever heard and talks about drummers particular styles and how he approached them as a drummer. Mike also discusses ghost notes, fills and grooves.

  • Funk Influences & Beats Pt. 2 10:36

    Funk Influences & Beats Pt. 2

    Mike discusses 'off beats' and how he would add them to his grooves and continues to tap into signature styles of drumming heroes from the past and how he's shaped them into his own style.

  • Shuffles 3:35


    Mike talks a bit about the different shuffles and how he approaches them, including classics like the 'Big Beat Shuffle' and the 'Texas Shuffle'.

  • Swing 5:31


    Mike brings us back to the history of swing and imitates some great swing grooves, focusing on the ride cymbal and the signature accents that make up that classic swing sound.

  • Slow Blues 2:35

    Slow Blues

    We slow things down a bit for this video as we dive into the essential slow blues techniques, working the ride cymbal and snare into that classic sound.

  • Phrasing & Form 14:05

    Phrasing & Form

    In this video, Mike covers what Jazz-Funk is and how he plays it before discussing phrasing, which helps bring us to soloing and how to keep everything together with the band during the performance.

  • Influences & Styles 5:03

    Influences & Styles

    Mike gives some heart felt advice for drummers of all different styles and how to learn from your favorite drummers and make your own statement through drumming. Mike ends this video on a great history lesson about the best Jazz and funk drummers of all time.

  • Past Lives 5:38

    Past Lives

    Mike explains the track titled 'Past Lives' that brings together funk and swing styles. He also demonstrates this live with his band so you can really see the fusion between the multiple styles.

  • Loft Funk 9:50

    Loft Funk

    Mike talks about the Jazz he would play in New York lofts in the late 70's. Watch as Mike and the band takes us up to the loft and lays down that NY Jazz.

  • Slow Blues (Performance) 4:05

    Slow Blues (Performance)

    Mike tips his hat to the great blues drummer Ray Torres and plays a slow blues tribute with the band.

  • Blues Shuffle 2:41

    Blues Shuffle

    Your feet will be tapping from this video as Mike and the band plays an organ blues shuffle that was inspired by great blues drummers from his early days.

  • Medium Swing 3:08

    Medium Swing

    In this video, Mike explores both 'Medium Swing' and the 'Ride Beat'.

  • Bright Swing 1:03

    Bright Swing

    This quick video featuring the whole band shows us what 'Bright Swing' is and how they use it in the groove.

  • Funk 2:14


    Best known for his Oakland style and 16th note funk style, Mike and the band take us for a ride to that funky era.

  • More Funk 5:16

    More Funk

    Here's another take on the Oakland Funk style. The whole band is with us again and really hits the groove with this live demonstration.

  • Final Remarks & Credits 3:16

    Final Remarks & Credits

    Mike shows us a quick ending for that classic last note on the song before listing off the drummers that were essential to his career.

Product Overview

In this in-depth Hal Leonard video series, legendary drummer Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock, Headhunters, Eddie Henderson, Brand X) explains and demonstrates the Blues, Funk and Jazz roots behind his unique and highly influential drumming approach.

Step-by-step, Mr. Clark takes you through the evolution of Funk, Slow Blues, Shuffles and Swing, showing with concise illustrations how he shaped his signature "Oakland Ghost-Note" style, into the pioneering grooves he displayed with Herbie Hancock's world renowned Headhunters group.

There's also Bonus live performances of the Mike Clark Trio Featuring Jerry Z on Organ and Jed Levy on Tenor Saxophone, who together show the range, power and passion that have made Mike Clark into one of the most in-demand, genre-crossing drummers in contemporary music.

If you're a drummer, you have to appreciate and respect Mike Clark. His groove and feel are unbelievable, as well as his musicianship... Checkout "Mike Clark - Funk, Blues & Straight-Ahead Jazz" today.

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