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Mick Fleetwood - It's Not Just Technique

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13 Videos | Length: 1hr 20min 3sec
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  • Stand-Up for Your Rights 5:56

    Stand-Up for Your Rights

    In this first video, Mick Fleetwood welcomes you to the course and lets you know what to expect in the course. He starts with talking about the importance the time spent setting up your kit.

  • Drum-Kit Set-Up 9:30

    Drum-Kit Set-Up

    Mick discusses his drum-kit and its setup.

  • The Show Must Go On! 2:13

    The Show Must Go On!

    The show stops when you stop! Mick talks about the importance of spares.

  • Drum Sticks & Brushes 11:24

    Drum Sticks & Brushes

    In this video, Mick discusses how he prepares his sticks, mallets, brushes, etc.

  • The Origin of Tusk 5:58

    The Origin of Tusk

    Mick talks about where the idea for the drums of the song "Tusk" came from.

  • Saving Sara 5:47

    Saving Sara

    Mick discusses another song from the "Tusk album, "Saving Sara".

  • Complementing the Frontline 4:31

    Complementing the Frontline

    Learn Mick's thoughts on Tom fills.

  • Love That Burns 6:38

    Love That Burns

    In this video, Mick dives into the song, "Love That Burns".

  • Less is More 9:17

    Less is More

    Mick explains how simple can be more fitting in a song.

  • African Talking Drum 5:03

    African Talking Drum

    See Mick in Hawaii with his African talking drum.

  • Shuffle 5:07


    In this video, Mick talks about playing a shuffle.

  • The Cocktail Drum Kit 5:51

    The Cocktail Drum Kit

    Mick demonstrates a cocktail drum kit.

  • Conclusion 2:48


    In this final video, Mick wraps up the course.

Product Overview

Here is a unique chance to learn from a master. Mick Fleetwood himself demonstrates his distinctive drum style, playing key segments of Fleetwood Mac's classic hit songs. From discussing his drum setup and sticks to offering up tips on using brushes and his approach to playing a shuffle, Mick presents a comprehensive tutorial.

He also provides his personal advice on playing in a band, gigging and much more. This indispensable video series presents an insightful and fascinating look into the approach and style of one of today's most influential rock drummers.

Mick Fleetwood, co-founder of one of the most wildly successful bands of all time – the one and only Fleetwood Mac – has also enjoyed a long-running solo career which continues today in the form of the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band.

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