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McDSP 6050 Explained®

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  • Introduction 1:53


    Michael explains the two plugins that preceded the 6050 to give you some background.

  • Interface & Selections 3:34

    Interface & Selections

    We begin with a tour around the interface and the basic controls for getting modules in and out of the bays.

  • iX Expander 7:56

    iX Expander

    The first of the new modules, the iX is a versatile downwards expander.

  • FRG-X Expander 6:52

    FRG-X Expander

    The latest member of the “frog” family, the FRG-X is amazingly versatile providing both downwards and upwards expansion. Explore all facets of the module in this movie.

  • EZ G Gate 4:07

    EZ G Gate

    Inspired by some classic DBX units, the EZ G is an excellent performing gate module with a sound all of its own.

  • Saturation Modules 6:30

    Saturation Modules

    Explore another three new modules to the 6050, all different flavors of saturation.

  • MEF 1 & E404 5:42

    MEF 1 & E404

    Learn how these two new filter modules compliment each other.

  • Sidechain & Keying Pt. 1 5:43

    Sidechain & Keying Pt. 1

    In this first video on keying, see Michael take a click track and use it to trigger compression on a synth pad.

  • Sidechain & Keying Pt. 2 7:02

    Sidechain & Keying Pt. 2

    This time we use a duplicate of the existing track to tune the compression on that track.

  • Sidechain & Keying Pt. 3 1:59

    Sidechain & Keying Pt. 3

    Michael explains one final facet of the keying system.

  • S671 Saturator as a Preamp Model 5:39

    S671 Saturator as a Preamp Model

    Learn how using just a small amount of saturation can sub tly elevate a track from good to great.

  • EZ G Sidechain x 2 6:53

    EZ G Sidechain x 2

    See two different methods of isolating the snare drum from within a full drum loop.ore concluding.

Product Overview

McDSP 6050 is the ultimate channel strip containing over 25 custom configurable modules that will transform the way you mix and process your audio, making your mixes sound great. Let studio guru Michael Costa explain and explore this great studio tool before your very eyes!

Michael begins by showing you how McDSP’s previous plug-ins lead to the McDSP 6050 and demystifies the new 6050 interface and basic controls of the various modular plug-ins.

With the basics covered, Michael dives in with the iX Expander, a versatile downward expander, then demonstrates the FRG-X Expander, which offers both downward and upward expansion. That leads into a description of the three saturation modules, followed by explanations and demonstrations of the MEF 1 and E404 filter modules, which compliment each other in great ways.

With the modules covered, Michael now explores Sidechaining and Keying and reveals how to get creative with the McDSP 6050, using Sidechaning to trigger and tune these processors and make some sonic special sauce!

Whether you’re new to the McDSP 6050 or you’re an existing user ready to learn more ways to use it, watch “McDSP 6050 Explained” today!

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