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Mastering with Ozone 8

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  • Introduction 6:47


    Larry welcomes you and introduces what you'll be doing in the video series and also talks a little about the philosophy of mastering and track evaluation.

  • Tonal Balance Control & Mastering Assistant 11:43

    Tonal Balance Control & Mastering Assistant

    In this video you'll evaluate the tonal balance of the mix using Ozone 8's amazing Tonal Balance Control. Learn all about the different options and views, and how to use mastering assistant to automatically master our track and look at the different parameters for this process.

  • Referencing in Ozone 8 12:43

    Referencing in Ozone 8

    Larry now reveals how to use EQ Matching to extract the EQ curve of a commercially released track, and apply it to your track. Also discover how the Pink and 6db Slopes enhance the tonality of your pre-master. Larry then demonstrates the Referencing Section of Ozone 8, and how you can A/B compare with a reference source. Finally, see how to use Gain Match and Bypass to compare the master to the pre-master, to better hone in on the change of tone created by the mastering process.

  • Codecs & Mono Compatibly 6:29

    Codecs & Mono Compatibly

    In this video Larry demonstrates the codec feature to audition the effect of MP3 conversion on the track. You'll also learn about Mono Compatibility and checking your mixes in Mono.

  • The Spectral Shaper 8:16

    The Spectral Shaper

    See how to salvage a harsh sounding mix using this new feature in Ozone 8, plus how to use it in Mid/Side Mode to repeat the process in the side channel alone.

  • Fixing a Dull & Lifeless Mix 6:16

    Fixing a Dull & Lifeless Mix

    In this video, we put the Mid/Side functionality of Ozone 8 to the test to save a mix that sounds seriously dull and lifeless. The EQ and Exciter modules are also applied to brighten and widen the mix.

  • Controlling Frequency Density 9:56

    Controlling Frequency Density

    Explore using the Dynamic EQ Module to tame and focus unruly areas of the frequency range of the mix dynamically.

  • Using Upward Expansion 5:08

    Using Upward Expansion

    Larry now shows you ow to bring sounds out of the mix using the Dynamic EQ module in Upward Mode to pinpoint certain frequencies and enhance them dynamically. This can be used to bring out sounds which possibly aren't loud enough.

  • Using the Vintage Tools Pt. 1 14:26

    Using the Vintage Tools Pt. 1

    In this video, Larry shows off the Vintage EQ and Compressor in Ozone 8 and how they can be used to add that trademark warmth, height and depth that we associate with vintage processors.

  • Using the Vintage Tools Pt. 2 14:17

    Using the Vintage Tools Pt. 2

    Next up, we look at the Vintage Tape and Vintage Limiter modules and see what these classic processes add to our track.

  • Balancing Using the Dynamics Module 8:14

    Balancing Using the Dynamics Module

    In this video rather than using EQ, we use dynamics progressing to enable us to balance a track's frequency response.

  • Mastering a Disco House Track 14:41

    Mastering a Disco House Track

    See how to master the Disco House production "Get To Know" creating a solid, release ready track.

  • Mastering a Pop Track 19:32

    Mastering a Pop Track

    Larry now gives a Pop banger the ozone treatment, making it radio ready!

  • Mastering a Rock Track 17:14

    Mastering a Rock Track

    We now get down to business and master a track from singer / songwriter James Alexander. See how to use the tools from Ozone 8 to get this track sounding its best.

  • Mastering a Female Singer Songwriter 13:32

    Mastering a Female Singer Songwriter

    We now focus on making a track from London based singer Jarmila Gorna shine, giving it a thorough mastering treatment.

  • Mastering a House Track 20:28

    Mastering a House Track

    We now turn our attention to an underground Tech House track and get it hitting in all the right areas to work perfectly in the club!

Product Overview

Pro music producer and engineer Laurence Holcombe takes you on a journey where you learn how to master with Ozone 8! See and hear how Ozone 8 can be used in numerous different ways to improve your mixes, as well as see it in action, mastering a wide variety of different genres of music. This series guides you with easy to follow tutorials that will help you unlock the potential of mastering tracks with Ozone.

Larry starts by welcoming you and introduces what you’ll be doing in this Ozone 8 tutorial video series, and also talks a little about the philosophy of mastering and track evaluation.

Next, Larry hits the ground running and with tutorials that show you how to evaluate the tonal balance of the mix using Ozone 8’s amazing Tonal Balance Control, and then covers the different options and views found in Ozone 8.

You’ll then explore how to use Ozone Mastering Assistant to automatically master your track and look at the different parameters available for this process, as well as how to setup for Referencing and EQ Matching.

Larry also covers in detail Codecs & Mono Compatibly, the Spectral Shaper, how to fix a dull and lifeless mix, Controlling Frequency Density, the different Vintage Tools, Balancing Using the Dynamics Module and much more.

Wrapping it up, Larry gives you full detailed tutorials on mastering with Ozone for different genres such as Tech House, Disco House, Pop, Rock, and a Singer / Songwriter type track.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you want to really learn mastering with Ozone 8, this series is a no-brainer… Watch “Mastering with Ozone 8” today!

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