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FabFilter Tutorial

Mastering with FabFilter Plug-Ins Explained®

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14 Videos | Length: 2hr 35min 8sec
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  • image description 14:33

    Musical Balancing with Pro-Q3

    In this first video, we take a country track and use a combination of high and low cut and tilt shelving to improve the balance of the track.

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    Dynamic EQ

    Next up we'll employ a technique known as feathering which involves creating little boosts and cuts to again enhance the balance of the frequency spectrum. We then continue on to fix balance problems using the dynamic EQ feature of Pro-Q3.

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    Match EQ, Mid/Side & L/R Split

    Here we cover the Mid/Side and L/R split functionality which allows you to address a variety of mix issues in mastering. You'll also explore the Match EQ function to impart another track's frequency spectrum onto your pre-master.

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    Saturation for Balancing the Frequency Spectrum

    In this video, see how to use the amazing Saturn 2 to re-balance an electronic track and even out its mix and maximize the track's impact.

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    Advanced Saturation Techniques

    Next up watch how to utilize Saturn 2 in Mid/Side mode to hype up the stereo width of our electronic track.

  • image description 13:41

    Groove Compression with Pro-C2

    Now explore how to add extra groove and front to back perspective with Pro-C2. First we'll calculate our BPM and then use the app Music Math to give us beat divisions in milliseconds, which then allows us to enter in musical release times.

  • image description 13:43

    Advanced Compression Concepts with Pro-C2

    Next up we apply peak limiting and low level smoothing compression to a pre-master to investigate how these techniques affect our track sonically.

  • image description 9:55

    Parallel Compression for Hype

    In this video, we'll hype up the high frequencies with Saturn 2, Pro-C2 and Pro Q3 in parallel, so we can leave our original sound unaffected, whilst enhancing the high frequencies.

  • image description 8:10

    Multiband Compression & Expansion with Pro-MB

    Next up, watch how to use Multi Band Compression and Expansion in Pro-MB to salvage a pre-master with problems in the low and mid range frequencies.

  • image description 9:50

    Limiting with Pro-L2

    In this video, see how to use the amazing Pro-L2 to safely bring the pre-master up to the required volume level. We explain using different styles, lookahead settings, and release envelopes to balance transparency vs aggression.

  • image description 13:42

    Mastering the Electronic Track Pt. 1

    To first start on the electronic track we'll add a balancing EQ curve, saturation and compression to balance and hype up the track, getting it ready for the final limiting which we'll apply next.

  • image description 7:12

    Mastering the Electronic Track Pt. 2

    Next up we'll add some parallel compression to make the track a bit fatter, and then employ 2 limiters in tandem to maximize the loudness potential of the track.

  • image description 10:42

    Mastering the Country Track

    Watch how to master the country track from start to finish.

  • image description 13:38

    Mastering the Pop Track

    In this final video, we complete a full mastering of our pop track using the FabFilter suite and all that you've learned throughout the videos!

Product Overview

Studio wiz Larry Holcombe presents comprehensive FabFilter mastering video tutorials! See and hear how to master tracks in 3 different genres (Electronic, Pop and Country) with only FabFilter plug-ins, from start to finish. You also get the pre-mastered audio track files and reference track files used for Match EQ, so you can import them into your DAW session and follow along with Larry as he shows you how to master using FabFilter's powerful tools. These video tutorials are designed for those who are new to mastering with FabFilter plug-ins.

Larry welcomes you and starts the mastering session out with the country track, showing you how to use a combination of high and low cut and tilt shelving to improve the balance of the mix. Then Larry reveals a technique known as "feathering" which involves creating little boosts and cuts to again enhance the balance of the mix's frequency spectrum, and then continues on to fix balance problems using the Dynamic EQ feature of Pro-Q3.

Throughout the rest of the videos you'll learn tons of techniques, tips and tricks when using Fabfiler plug-ins to master your tracks, including using Match EQ, Mid/Side & L/R Split, Saturation for Balancing the Frequency Spectrum, Advanced Saturation Techniques, Groove Compression and Advanced Compression techniques with Pro-C2, utilizing Parallel Compression for High Frequency Hype, Multiband Compression & Expansion with Pro-MB, Limiting with Pro-L2 and much more!

Last but not least you'll watch and experience 3 mastering sessions from start to finish using different FabFilter plug-ins, first on an electronic track, then a country track, and then the pop track. You'll then have what you need to tackle your mastering projects.

To read exactly what these detailed FabFilter mastering tutorials show you and how they'll get you mastering your tracks with professional, radio-ready results, check out the individual FabFilter mastering video tutorial descriptions on this page. Start mastering tracks now... Watch “Mastering with FabFilter Explained®” today!

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Waiting Out My Time In Richmond - Dave Keats
When You Think About Me - Karen Kiley
Get To Know - Gateau
Intoxication - Soulbox

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Date published: 2021-06-18
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