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Mastering the Electric Bass Vol 1

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    Introduction & Tuning

    This tutorial starts with an intro jam by David C. Gross and his band as well as tuning with the viewer.

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    The Modes of the E Major Scale

    The major scale (the basis for most western music) is introduced in E.

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    F# Dorian Mode

    Here we go over the mode created by the 2nd note of the E major scale, the F# Dorian mode.

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    G# Phrygian Mode

    Now we look at the mode created by the 3rd note of the major scale, the Phrygian mode.

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    A Lydian Mode

    We move on to the 4th note of the major scale creating the Lydian mode.

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    B Mixolydian Mode

    In this video, David goes over the 5th note of the E major scale creating the B Mixolydian mode which is used heavily in blues, jazz, and rock music.

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    E Blues

    David goes over the mechanics of the blues.

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    C# Aeolian Mode

    The 6th note of the major scale creates the Aeolian mode, a minor scale.

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    D# Locrian Mode

    The last of the modes, the Locrian mode, is covered.

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    Blues Variations & Outro Jam

    In this final video, David goes over several blues variations, gives us his final thoughts, and jams a tune with his band.

Product Overview

In this Homespun video series, bass extraordinaire David Gross takes you through scales and modes in every position, adding octave patterns, arpeggios, rhythm grooves and other devices to expand your musical vocabulary.

Learn to transpose, hear rhythmic changes and understand intervals, chord substitutions and voicings. David also shows you dozens of practice patterns and exercises.

Power up your bass playing and check out “Mastering The Electric Bass Vol 1” today!

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David C Gross has spent over 20 years making records, writing instructional music books, (Music Sales Corp, Warner Bros Publishing and Hal Leonard Corp.) writing articles for Downbeat, Bassics and Bass Frontiers magazines, instructional videos (Homespun Tapes) and traveling around the world as a bass player. He also owns 144 Music and Arts Inc. an outsourced Arts education company that creates Music, Dance, Theater and Visual Arts programs. 144 Music and Arts brings professional Musicians, Artists, Dancers, and Theater people into the classrooms to conduct hands-on workshops giving students an opportunity to interact with Professionals and learn from Performers they otherwise most likely would not have a chance to meet. David currently writes www.talkinaboutmygeneration.com which revolves around music, fashion, art and growing up in New York City in the 1960’s. And he is happy to report that he is performing again with his band The School of Hard Knocks.

Products by David

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    tutorial video

    Mastering the Electric Bass Vol 1

    In this Homespun video series, bass extraordinaire David Gross takes you through scales and modes in every position, adding octave patterns, arpeggios, rhythm grooves and other devices to expand your musical vocabulary.

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