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Chapter 1 : Getting Started

  • Introduction 1:05


    Mitchell welcomes you to the series and explains what you’ll learn in the videos to come.

  • Downloading & Launching 2:01

    Downloading & Launching

    his video guides you through downloading MainStage 3 and it’s additional content, as well as launching the application for the first time.

  • Setup 5:09


    Setup for MIDI devices and Audio devices are explained. After that, we’ll explore setup for both MIDI and Audio devices. Firewire vs USB is also explored here.

  • Keyboard Templates 2:32

    Keyboard Templates

    The keyboard templates are explored here, with an overview of some of the presets.

  • Guitar, Drums & Vocals Templates 1:47

    Guitar, Drums & Vocals Templates

    The remaining four templates are explored and explained.

Chapter 2 : Interface

  • Menu Items Pt. 1 5:59

    Menu Items Pt. 1

    The contents of the main menu items 'MainStage' and 'File' are explained.

  • Menu Items Pt. 2 5:18

    Menu Items Pt. 2

    The contents of the main menu items 'Edit', 'Action', 'View', 'Window' and 'Help' are explained.

  • The MainStage UI 2:56

    The MainStage UI

    The Toolbar, Activity Monitor, Workspace, and Channel Strips are explained here.

  • MainStage Modes 1:33

    MainStage Modes

    MainStage’s three modes, layout, edit, and perform, are discussed in brief here.

Chapter 3 : Layout Menu

  • Layout Menu Pt. 1 5:54

    Layout Menu Pt. 1

    This is one of two videos which will cover the Layout menu. We’ll talk about the items in this view including panel controls, shelf controls, and grouped controls.

  • Layout Menu Pt. 2 7:10

    Layout Menu Pt. 2

    This video looks at how to set up the layout menu GUI to represent your physical hardware controller. The screen control inspector is also explored here.

Chapter 4 : Patch Creation

  • Patch Creation Pt. 1 4:35

    Patch Creation Pt. 1

    This video will look at the different “levels” of patch creation in MainStage 3, including the concert, set, and patch level. We’ll also learn how to create a single layer patch, how to name it, and how to rearrange patches. We also take a look at the patch inspector window.

  • Patch Creation Pt. 2 6:36

    Patch Creation Pt. 2

    This video will explain the channel strips in relationship to the patch level, and complexity of the patch. We’ll discuss all the feature of the channel strip layout including EQ, Audio FX, Input, Pan, Level, and Labeling.

  • Patch Creation Pt. 3 7:03

    Patch Creation Pt. 3

    This video will demonstrate how to make a multilayered patch with splits, including floating split points. We take a look at the instrument channel strip editor and discuss the channel strip library, attributes, layer editor, and MIDI input panels.

  • Patch Creation Pt. 4 5:52

    Patch Creation Pt. 4

    This video explains the assignment, screen control, and mapping column as it applies to the concert, set, and patch levels. We’ll also explain how to edit and delete assignments.

  • Patch Creation Pt. 5 6:17

    Patch Creation Pt. 5

    This video takes an in depth look at the screen control inspector window when using assignments and mappings. An explanation of some of the most important mappings are discussed here.

Chapter 5 : Advanced Patch Creation & Actions

  • Click Tracks 4:23

    Click Tracks

    This video shows how to set the time signature for a concert and individual patches, as well as how to send a click to a dedicated output.

  • Playback Plug-In 4:46

    Playback Plug-In

    This video demonstrates how to integrate the playback plug-in inside of your concert and get set up for backing tracks.

Chapter 6 : Performance & Wrap Up

  • Putting it All Together 8:42

    Putting it All Together

    We begin building a concert using a fictitious set list and incorporate everything we’ve learned so far in the edit menu.

  • Troubleshooting 3:04


    This video goes through a handful of troubleshooting tips including loss of sound and inconsistencies with MainStage performance.

Product Overview

Apple's MainStage 3 turns your Mac into a complete live rig, and expert MainStage performer Mitchell Alpaugh will show you how to bring all your studio tools onstage, in any configuration you can dream up, and make a truly complete live performance package!

Mitchell starts out with the basics, downloading MainStage and setting up your Audio and MIDI Devices. Then, he jumps right into the Factory Templates for Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, Vocals, and so on, designed to get you up and running immediately.

From there, Mitchell dives into the real creative potential of MainStage. Starting with an explanation of the menu items, over a series of five videos, Mitchell offers you a thorough guide to creating Concerts, Sets, and Patches from scratch, covering everything from the basics, to advanced patch creation features and techniques.

Mitchell also makes sure you're ready for the band, exploring playing backing tracks and setting up Click Tracks and Multiple Mixes. Finally, Mitchell ends with some Troubleshooting Tips to help insure that the show can go on. Whether you're new to MainStage 3 or an experienced user looking to get more out of it, "MainStage 3 Explained" can help you get your rig ready for the gig!

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