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MPC Renaissance 1.7 Update Explained®

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5 Videos | Length: 37min 51sec
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  • Introduction 8:53


    The 1.7 update is a big one! In this first video, you learn all about the background updates that make the MPC software easier to work within your setup. Some of the overhauls include the browser, plugin scanner, and Hybrid 3.

  • Mixer Section 8:07

    Mixer Section

    The mixer has been completely redone in the 1.7 update. Inserting and using effects is now intuitive and fluid, and the mixer offers the great feedback you need while crafting a project. There are also a number of small enhancements that make life a whole lot easier. Scotty covers all of these for software and also shows how they interface with hardware.

  • GUI Workflow 7:01

    GUI Workflow

    What’s worse than too little information? Too much information! You can now hide unnecessary elements with ease by moving inserts around and exploring new samples within a sequence. Scotty also goes over some really nice export additions for when you’re done creating you're tracks.

  • Hardware Workflow 6:18

    Hardware Workflow

    Adding ideas to your sequence just got a whole lot easier. Scotty covers a number of new ways to speed up editing and programming that can help you get the most out of the Akai MPC 1.7 update.

  • Automation 7:32


    It’s way quicker and easier to capture automation on the fly in the new update, and you’ll learn about some new parameters that can be automated and how one simple button can make writing and reading automation a breeze. You’ll also get more out of the software side of things and take a look at editing enhancements for greater control.

Product Overview

AKAI has released its v1.7 update for the MPC Renaissance production studio, but are you ready to take advantage of all of the new changes and enhancements? If not, don't fear, studio expert Scottie Dugan is here to show you all you need to know to harness the full power of the latest v1.7 Update!

Helping both beginners and experienced users, Scottie provides detailed information about the Background Updates that have led up to the latest v1.7 Update, including Changes to the Browser, Plugin Scanner, and Hybrid 3, giving you a solid foothold on the current state of the AKAI MPC OS.

From there, Scottie takes you on a tour of the Mixer Section, an area you'll likely be spending a lot of time in when producing tracks. You'll see all of the Latest Enhancements made to the Mixer, including small changes and major overhauls, all designed to make your mixing workflow more efficient and intuitive.

Next up, Scottie reveals the Latest Changes in the GUI, showing you How to Streamline Processes by Hiding Unnecessary Elements, keeping you focused on Creating Music. You'll also get an inside look at How to Move Inserts Around with ease, and How to Explore New Samples Within a Sequence, as well as How to Effectively Export them once you're done with a track.

Hardware is a major part of the MPC experience, and the new v1.7 update supplies you with a number of new ways to Speed Up Editing and Programming. Scottie demonstrates these new Enhancements that make going between your Software and Hardware easy breezy.

Finally, you'll learn how the v1.7 update has made the Automation Process intuitive, as Scottie demonstrates How to Capture Automation on the Fly, How Various Parameters can be Manipulated in the Automation Process, and How a Single Button can now make Writing and Reading Automation easier than ever. Finally, Scottie shows you the new Edit Enhancements for Greater Control Over Your Audio.

The AKAI MPC is a true icon across the history and landscape of modern music, and with the new v1.7 Update, it's poised to continue its legacy of greatness. Whether you're just starting out with the MPC Renaissance or you want to get an in-depth look at all of the new features included in the latest v1.7 Update, Scottie Dugan is your guide... Watch "MPC Renaissance 1.7 Update Explained" today!

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