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MPC Renaissance 1.8 Update Explained®

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4 Videos | Length: 30min 19sec
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  • Working with Samples 11:13

    Working with Samples

    There are a bunch of new workflow enhancements and options when chopping and editing samples and in this video Scottie takes a look at new non-destructive chopping, live chopping and more. Audio marker previews can really make working with samples a breeze.

  • Performance & Record Improvements 9:50

    Performance & Record Improvements

    Next let's take a look at how we can use the MPC to record melodic ideas more efficiently. We can assign scales, chords, and progressions to pads and this works great for performances.

  • Live Looper 5:16

    Live Looper

    In this video Scottie shows how to record, overdub and manipulate incoming audio in real time, then export that performance to a pad or the sample pool. Scottie also records through a FX chain and a Vintage mode to capture the effects in our recording.

  • General Workflow Enhancements 4:00

    General Workflow Enhancements

    Finally, we have a grab bag of improvements both on the hardware and software side. Various menus, windows and graphics have been improved and updated to make workflow clearer and less cluttered. There is also a new Expansion file format and an Expansion Builder.

Product Overview

AKAI has now released its v1.8 update for the MPC Renaissance, and studio beatbox expert Scottie Dugan is here to pump you up on this powerful new update!

Scottie dives right in and explains all the new Workflow Options when Working with Samples, including the new Non-Destructive Chopping, Live Chopping, and Audio Marker Preview Options. Editing samples in the MPC has never been easier.

From there, Scottie shows you how you can now Use the MPC to Record Melodic Ideas more efficiently. Being able to Assign Scales, Chords and Progressions to Pads is a major new creative feature, for both in the studio and on stage.

After that, Scottie jumps into the new Live Looper. You'll learn How to Record Dry, Through an Effects Chain, or a Vintage Mode Overdub. Then see How to Manipulate Incoming Live Audio in Real-Time, then Export that Performance to a Pad or your Sample Pool.

Finally, Scottie explores all the General Improvements and Workflow Enhancements in this update, including Improved Graphics, Menus, Windows, Expansion File Format and the Expansion Builder.

Whether you're new to the world of the AKAI MPC Renaissance or updating from a previous version, let Scottie help you build up your MPC muscles... Watch "MPC Renaissance 1.8 Update Explained" today!

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