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MASSIVE X: Sound Design Vol 1

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14 Videos | Length: 1hr 58min 12sec
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Chapter 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction 0:34


    In this video, Thomas introduces the course and what will be covered throughout the videos.

Chapter 2 : Pads & Chords

  • Juno Synth Stab 10:43

    Juno Synth Stab

    Learn how to re-create classic Roland Juno style synth sounds using the advanced modulation features within Massive X.

  • Glass Keys 9:36

    Glass Keys

    This video shows you how to make glassy synthetic keyboard style sounds using a verity of ambient effects.

  • Film Score Super Saws 10:23

    Film Score Super Saws

    Learn how to make a patch inspired by the sounds of the legendary Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer and the music of blade runner.

Chapter 3 : Bass

  • Growl Bass 8:59

    Growl Bass

    In this video, Thomas shows how to create complicated modulated baselines using the performance envelopes, wavetable modulation, and distortion.

  • Nuro Dnb Bass 9:36

    Nuro Dnb Bass

    This video shows how to create an aggressive modulated Nurofunk bass.

  • 808 Kick 9:15

    808 Kick

    Watch how to synthesize a custom 808 kick drum sound and how to adjust it to fit the track you are making.

  • Stab Bass 8:12

    Stab Bass

    This sound design video shows how to create a distorted baseline by splitting the audio signals of the synth and using a band-pass filter in parallel.

Chapter 4 : Lead

  • 8-Bit Lead 7:05

    8-Bit Lead

    Learn how to create an arpeggiated 8-bit retro style lead synth patch.

  • Sync Lead 8:41

    Sync Lead

    This video shows how to create a distorted lead sound by using multiple frequency shifters to create a distorted phasing effect.

  • Single Note Chord Lead 8:02

    Single Note Chord Lead

    In this video, Thomas demonstrates how to create an Indi electronic style lead synth patch that uses the chord unison mode to fill out and thicken the sound.

  • Ambient Arp Pad 8:19

    Ambient Arp Pad

    This video shows how to create an arpeggiated pad that can be used as an ambient backing element for your projects.

  • Sci-fi Bass Pad 8:27

    Sci-fi Bass Pad

    Learn how to make an ambient bass stab that can be used for film score type tracks.

  • Space Chords 10:20

    Space Chords

    In the last video, Thomas explains how to create a cool polyphonic chord patch with a layered white noise effect.

Product Overview

Thomas Cochran brings you sound design videos using Native Instruments MASSIVE X! Learn to create basic EM workhorse sounds as well as more intricate, evolving patches perfect for film and soundtrack work. These MASSIVE X tutorials are great for those just starting out sound designing with MASSIVE X, as well as intermediate MASSIVE X programmers.

Thomas welcomes you and then gives an overview of what will be covered in the video tutorials, and then jumps right in, showing you how to craft a classic Juno Synth Stab sound using the advanced modulation features found within Massive X. Next, you'll see and hear how to make synthetic keyboard sounds, including a patch that sounds like the legendary Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer found in the music of the classic Blade Runner movie soundtrack.

Moving on, you'll discover how to create popular Bass patches like Growl Bass, Nuro DnB Bass, and Stab Basses. You'll even see how to make a killer 808 Kick Drum patch from scratch! Lead sounds are next, and Thomas reveals how to create a cool 8-Bit Lead sound, Sync Lead, and a powerful Chord Lead sound that utilizes Chord Unison Mode to fill out and thicken the patch.

Wrapping it up, you'll explore making interesting Ambience and FX patches such as an Ambient Arp Pad perfect for backing duties, a Sci-Fi Bass Pad that evolves by incorporating the powerful MASSIVE X arpeggiator feature, and a powerful Space Chords preset that is a polyphonic chord patch with a layered white noise effect.

To see what these MASSIVE X tutorials teach you and how they'll help you to learn sound design with MASSIVE X, see the individual MASSIVE X tutorial descriptions on this page. If you're ready to learn sound design with MASSIVE X, or just get new ideas for your existing sound design skills, this collection of MASSIVE X videos are just what you need. Start making your own patches from scratch with MASSIVE X today... watch “MASSIVE X: Sound Design Vol 1" now.

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