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  • Introduction 6:03


    Larry welcomes you and introduces the series and then outlines the user interface of the MASSIVE X synth.

  • The Routing Tab 8:41

    The Routing Tab

    Learn all about the semi-modular architect of MASSIVE X, and see how its routing enables you to create cool experimental sounds. Starting out with an empty patch, you'll see how to design your signal flow using the Routing Tab's connections.

  • Oscillators 8:56


    In this video, discover the wavetable oscillators and the parameters that are shared across them both. The different pitch modes are explained , as well as how wavetable synthesis works, including MASSIVE X's wavetable options.

  • Wavetable Modes Pt. 1 7:31

    Wavetable Modes Pt. 1

    Explore the numerous Wavetable modes which determine the behavior and therefore sound of the Wavetables, including how they all manipulate the harmonics in different ways to create a wider range of sonics.

  • Wavetable Modes Pt. 2 10:36

    Wavetable Modes Pt. 2

    Go deeper into the available Wavetable Modes and how they're used to create new sounds.

  • Phase Modulation 6:21

    Phase Modulation

    In this video, learn about the 2 phase modulators that can be used to modulate the phase of your main wavetables to create FM Synthesis style effects. Plus, see how you can use the advanced routing of the AUX bus to create even more complex Phase Modulation.

  • Voice Tab Pt. 1 7:43

    Voice Tab Pt. 1

    Discover at the Global Tune tab and the Glide, Polyphony, Engine Setup and Oscillator sections of the Voice Tab.

  • Voice Tab Pt. 2 6:49

    Voice Tab Pt. 2

    Now explore the parameters of the Noise and Unison features and how they have huge creative potential when using harmonization and Chords modes to create interesting harmonic movement.

  • Modulation 7:41


    In this video, watch how to apply modulation in MASSIVE X using the drag and drop approach, modulating both positively and negatively, and using Sidechain Modulation to control the Filter Cutoff with an LFO via an Envelope.

  • The Noise Section 5:04

    The Noise Section

    Learn all about the highly versatile Noise Section in MASSIVE X including the categories and parameters of Noise that are available.

  • The Amp Section 3:52

    The Amp Section

    The parameters of the Amp Section are now revealed including the hardwired Amp Envelope and Auto-Pan features.

  • The Filter Section 14:10

    The Filter Section

    Larry now goes over the powerful Filter Section in detail, covering the different modes and their parameters, including how to add the Filter to the Routing tab for even more sonic creativeness.

  • Insert Effects Pt. 1 11:06

    Insert Effects Pt. 1

    In this video, Larry demonstrates the routing options for the Insert Effects and then starts working through the list of effect options. You'll then see how to use the Utility effect to recreate the series filter routing of MASSIVE 1, as well as utilizing the Utility VCA as a "via" control to make your modulation more interesting.

  • Insert Effects Pt. 2 9:11

    Insert Effects Pt. 2

    Continue looking at the Inserts including how to use distortion and frequency shifting effects for weird and wonderful sound design possibilities!

  • Insert Effects Pt. 3 5:27

    Insert Effects Pt. 3

    In this video, see how the Track Delay combined with Feedback will obliterate a waveform and create some mad dubby vibes.

  • Insert Effect Oscillators 9:56

    Insert Effect Oscillators

    Now take a look at the Insert Effect Oscillators that essential make MASSIVE X a five oscillator synth with the additional 3 located in the Insert Effects. Discover routing tips to get these Oscillators correctly setup, then see how to make chordal stabs, and also fixed to pitch settings to create interesting "modal harmonies.. Lastly, see how to use one of these oscillators as a Mod source for even more sonic goodness.

  • The Phase Modulation Oscillator 7:42

    The Phase Modulation Oscillator

    Watch how the Pulse Modulation Oscillator located in the Insert Effects section is set up to modulate and increase harmonics, as well as how to route the PMO as an aux modulation source for your main wavetables and create more FM synthesis options!

  • Stereo Effects 11:29

    Stereo Effects

    In this video explore the configuration options of the Stereo Effects and the different types of effects available, including 2 new types of Dimension Expander effects!

  • Envelopes 9:30


    Larry now explains all the parameters found in the Amp and Modulation envelope sections, including how to process the loop feature to create cyclical modulation, as well as the "note off onset" on the envelopes to create unusual volume contours.

  • Exciter Envelope 6:47

    Exciter Envelope

    Moving on, Larry shows you the ultra tight, fast exciter envelope which allows you to use physical modeling style effects with the comb filter, to add tight punch transients to sounds. Larry then also routes it to the filter to create an interesting resonant punch.

  • Switcher LFO 8:37

    Switcher LFO

    Learn all about the features of the Switcher LFO and its options relating to Rate, Shape and Amp. Larry demonstrates this by routing the LFO to the filter cutoff in order to hear the modulation taking place.

  • Random LFO 5:59

    Random LFO

    In this video, Larry reveals the random LFO function that introduces randomized amp and rate modulation to create a humanness to the LFO modulation. Then, you'll see how to route both the Switcher and Random LFO to operate as Mod sources allowing you to use it to create wild filter frequency modulation.

  • Trackers 7:13


    Discover the "Trackers" which allow you to create modulation values depending on pitch, and also velocity. This allows you to design complex modulations mapped to note values or note pitches, for very creative sound design.

  • Voice Randomization 1:23

    Voice Randomization

    See how to create subtle differences in pitch and filter cutoff level using the Voice Randomization modulation source.

  • The Performers Pt. 1 10:27

    The Performers Pt. 1

    In this video, take a look at the Performers, which use the painting tools and time divisions to create truly complex modulation. The Performer is routed to both filter cutoff and pitch, to show how by using snapper vertical divisions, can create melodic passages while also varying your filter cutoff rhythmically.

  • The Performers Pt. 2 5:04

    The Performers Pt. 2

    Learn the options available for using the MASSIVE X grid to make even more complex modulation patterns that push your rhythms further, by using the Grid Overlays and pattern compression and stretching tools.

  • Remote Octave 4:36

    Remote Octave

    See how to use the Remote Octave to control and select your Performer Patterns in real-time, which is an amazing way of jamming out cool grooves on the fly!

  • Macros & MIDI Control 7:26

    Macros & MIDI Control

    In this video, discover how to use MIDI controllers such as Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel and Aftertouch, as well as 16 Macro controls to control MASSIVE X's parameters. Learn how to make 1:1 assignments which allow you to take over the control of a parameter and also have Macros affect multiple parameters simultaneously.

  • Huge Pad Sound 8:03

    Huge Pad Sound

    In this video, see how to bring together some concepts learned from the video series to create a mammoth, dark cinematic pad using 4 oscillators, delays, chorus and reverb!

  • MASSIVE X 1.1 Update 0:35

    MASSIVE X 1.1 Update

    Larry discusses the 1.1 update to MASSIVE X which includes new presets and skins.

Product Overview

Synth master Larry Holcombe brings you comprehensive Native Instruments MASSIVE X video tutorials! Learn this beast of a synth part by part, section by section, with Groove3's in-depth video manual, perfect for beginner or intermediate MASSIVE X users!

Larry welcomes you and then starts with an overview of the MASSIVE X user interface, followed by how routing works inside this powerful VI. Then, Larry dives deep into explaining how the Oscillators and the numerous Wavetables are used to create the foundation of your synth patch.

Next, the Modulation, Voice options, Noise, Amp and Filter sections are all explored and explained, so you know exactly how they work and are used to craft endless sounds. Larry then goes into MASSIVE X's killer Insert Effects, Envelopes, Switcher & Random LFO features, including Trackers, which allow you to design complex modulations mapped to note values or note pitches, for very creative and inspiring sound design results.

Moving on you'll learn all about the benefits of Voice Randomization and how to use Performers which allow you to create modulation values dependent on pitch and velocity, resulting in very cool, wild sonic effects. Then you'll see how to use MIDI controllers such as Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel and Aftertouch, as well as 16 Macro controls to control MASSIVE X’s parameters, including how to make 1:1 assignments which allow you to take over the control of a parameter and also have Macros affect multiple parameters simultaneously.

Using everything you've learned, Larry now shows you how to create from scratch, a huge, dark cinematic pad that utilizes 4 oscillators, delays, chorus and reverb effects! Wrapping it all up, Larry goes over some specific v1.1 update additions which includes new presets and skins.

To see what these in-depth MASSIVE X tutorials show you, and how they'll help you to get going and really understand what MASSIVE X can do, see the individual MASSIVE X video tutorial descriptions on this page. Learn MASSIVE X and start making incredible synth tracks for your songs and productions now... Watch "MASSIVE X Explained®" today!

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