MASCHINE MK3: Getting Started

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11 Videos | Length: 1hr 44min 46sec
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  • Introduction 2:57


    Sami takes you through the basic layout of MASCHINE's software user interface, highlighting its main features and functions.

  • Preferences 14:37


    Get an in-depth look at all the options and configurations found in MASCHINE's Preferences menu.

  • The Browser Pt. 1 9:22

    The Browser Pt. 1

    Learn all about one of the most integral parts of MASCHINE, that allows you to look for and save sounds and presets. Sami explains its layout and all of its abilities inside and out.

  • The Browser Pt. 2 4:41

    The Browser Pt. 2

    Many users have their own library of sounds that they've collected over the years, and Sami explains how to properly import and integrate these into MASCHINE's architecture.

  • Loading Plug-Ins 8:29

    Loading Plug-Ins

    Learn to load and manage plug-ins in MASCHINE's software, as well as the differences between NKS formatted plug-ins and regular plug-ins.

  • Channels & Audio 8:01

    Channels & Audio

    There are a number of details to consider when running plug-ins in MASCHINE. Here Sami details audio and MIDI routing settings, as well as how to set up effects sends.

  • The Pattern Editor 12:32

    The Pattern Editor

    This is where you'll spend most of your time with MASCHINE, laying down patterns and ideas. Sami demonstrates and explains all the features you need to know about to get started editing.

  • The Controller Overview Pt. 1 12:45

    The Controller Overview Pt. 1

    Sami explains the layout and function of the MK3 hardware controller, including how to browse, load and edit sounds and plug-ins.

  • The Controller Overview Pt. 2 14:33

    The Controller Overview Pt. 2

    Continuing on from part 1, Sami now explains the transport controls as well as all the buttons surrounding the pads.

  • Keyboard & Chords Mode 5:38

    Keyboard & Chords Mode

    Essential for musical performance and controlling instruments, the Keyboard Mode has some powerful tools to make music composition on MASCHINE fun and inspiring. Watch and see how.

  • Step Edit & Touch Strip 11:11

    Step Edit & Touch Strip

    Saving the best for last, Sami details his favorite recording mode, Step edit, as well as the new Performance Strip and what it can do.

Product Overview

Get started with MASCHINE MK3 now! MASCHINE wiz Sami Rabia takes you from newbie to power user in no time, covering everything you need to know to get started using MASCHINE MK3 and make beats and productions.

Sami welcomes you and then goes over the basic layout of MASCHINE’s software user interface, highlighting its main features and functions, then walks you through setting up configuring its Preferences and Options.

MASCHINE’s powerful Browser is then looked at in-detail, allowing you to look for and save sounds and presets, as well as how to import your own personal samples and use them inside of MASCHINE, giving you a truly endless world of sound to use in your songs and beats.

Plug-ins are next, and you’ll see how to load and manage them inside of MASCHINE, including both NKS formatted plug-ins and regular plug-ins, as well as routing them and your audio and effects.

MASCHINE’s powerful Pattern Editor is then revealed and explained, allowing you start making cool sequences and laying down ideas right away. Then it’s on to MASCHINE’s hardware controller, and after watching, you’ll know how to browse, load and edit sounds all from the hardware, as well as use the transport control for playback and record, and other functions.

Last but not least, Sami teaches you all about the Keyboard and Chords modes, and the Step Edit function and Touch Strip, which are great compositional tools, making programming parts fun and inspirational.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you’re ready to get going with your new Native Instrument MASCHINE MK3, this is the place to start… Watch “MASCHINE MK3: Getting Started” today!

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