MASCHINE Know-How: The Basics

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  • Software GUI Overview 2:42

    Software GUI Overview

    Our introduction to MASCHINE begins with its Software GUI, approached in an easy-to-understand way. After watching, MASCHINE becomes immediately accessible.

  • Browser & Project Structure 10:41

    Browser & Project Structure

    In this video Sami breaks down the structure of projects in MASCHINE and navigates the software browser.

  • Importing & Integrating Samples 3:08

    Importing & Integrating Samples

    Learn how to import and integrate your own sample library into MASCHINE. Sami explains tagging, helping you keep your user sounds as organized as the factory content.

  • Pattern Editor 14:00

    Pattern Editor

    See how to program patterns via the software editor and lay the groundwork for programming with MASCHINE’s hardware later.

  • Browsing & Loading Kits 6:18

    Browsing & Loading Kits

    Now we begin our navigation of MASCHINE’s Hardware starting with how to browse and load kits, as well as how to change master volume, tempo & swing, as well as edit the grid settings.

  • Recording & Erasing Patterns 4:41

    Recording & Erasing Patterns

    Using the MASCHINE hardware to lay down patterns is as simple as it is gratifying. In this video Sami explains the basic process to record and erase patters on the fly, including using Note Repeat.

  • Mutes, Solo & Select 8:29

    Mutes, Solo & Select

    Moving on to the Pads section of MASCHINE, Sami explores using Mutes and Solos on the fly for performance and how to select sounds for editing without triggering them when performing live, as well as how to nudge events to change the groove of a pattern.

  • Duplicate & Navigate 5:40

    Duplicate & Navigate

    Learn how to easily copy sound and events from one pad to another and quickly navigate to and control any of MASCHINE’s sound manipulation parameters.

  • Chromatic & Velocity Modes 6:29

    Chromatic & Velocity Modes

    Crucial to making any kind of melody is the Chromatic or Keyboard mode. Sami shows you how to get to keyboard mode and explains its sub-features such as scales and chord modes. Also explained here are the fixed velocity and 16 Velocity modes.

  • Pattern & Scenes 6:06

    Pattern & Scenes

    In this Video Sami provides a basic overview of creating, copying and deleting patterns as well as inserting patterns into scenes. He explains pattern arranging as the basis for making a full song.

  • Step Recording 5:59

    Step Recording

    This is the classic way of recording drum patterns with hardware. and it’s more fun than ever with MASCHINE’s dynamic pads displaying all the info you need. Sami goes over the features and sub-features of step recording mode so you can easily use it in your own productions.

Product Overview

Studio guru Sami Rabia is your guide into the world of Native Instruments MASCHINE, with in-depth video tutorials designed to get you going right with this industry standard music making platform!

Sami covers all the important foundational topics such as the GUI, browsers and project structure, importing and using samples, loading and using kits, recording and editing patterns, keyboard modes, and much much more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you are new to MASCHINE, or just want a solid foundation, this is the video series for you. Watch “MASCHINE Know-How: The Basics” today!

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