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Chapter 1 : Logic Remote Explained

  • Set Up 6:30

    Set Up

    OS and hardware requirements and how download and connect Logic Remote to Logic Pro X are covered, as well as a quick overview of the interface.

  • Overview 2:41


    The Control Bar is introduced and each feature is briefly explained.

  • The Control Bar 7:06

    The Control Bar

    This video goes into detail on the Control Bar transport, record, display, cycle, metronome, settings and info.

  • The Mixer Pt. 1 5:12

    The Mixer Pt. 1

    Navigation in the mixer is shown with the volume view enabled. Mute, solo, record and automation buttons are explained. Setting channel strip volume is also covered.

  • The Mixer Pt. 2 6:39

    The Mixer Pt. 2

    This video looks at pan, audio and MIDI FX, sends, software instruments and audio output routing.

  • The Library 2:56

    The Library

    The contextual feature of the library is shown along with selecting patches and settings.

  • Touch Instruments Pt. 1 7:47

    Touch Instruments Pt. 1

    Take a detailed look in the view window on how to change the default touch instrument and explore the keyboard features. Chords strips are covered as well.

  • Touch Instruments Pt. 2 8:49

    Touch Instruments Pt. 2

    Guitar, Bass, Smart Strings and Drums are all covered in this video.

  • Key Commands 5:01

    Key Commands

    Learn how to use, create, modify and back up.

  • Smart Help 2:05

    Smart Help

    Nice feature to know -Logic Remote contextually displaying Logic Pro's help documentation.

  • GarageBand Tips 2:36

    GarageBand Tips

    This video goes over some of the differences you'll encounter using GarageBand.

  • MainStage Tips 3:04

    MainStage Tips

    This video goes over some of the differences you'll encounter using MainStage.

Chapter 2 : 1.2.2 Update

  • Alchemy Update 8:31

    Alchemy Update

    This video covers the Logic Remote 1.2.2 update features including the Alchemy Smart Control interface.

Chapter 3 : 1.3 Update

  • Tech Specs & Using the iPhone 3:13

    Tech Specs & Using the iPhone

    You can now use your iPhone or iPod Touch. See what features are available on these devices.

  • New Features & iPad Pro 2:19

    New Features & iPad Pro

    Check out the update’s new features and how Logic Remote now looks on the iPad Pro.

  • Using Two iOS Devices 1:04

    Using Two iOS Devices

    It’s very easy to connect multiple iOS devices. This video shows a basic work flow with the iPhone and the iPad.

  • Bluetooth Connection 1:41

    Bluetooth Connection

    This tutorial shows how to connect your computer and iOS device via Bluetooth.

Product Overview

Apple's Logic Remote for iOS is the perfect companion for Logic Pro, and Logic expert Doug Zangar shows you all about Logic Remote and how you can use it more efficiently, so you can control Logic Pro quickly and easily.

Doug starts with the basics, showing you how to download the app to your iPad and connect it to Logic Pro running on your Mac. From there, Doug describes the various sections and features of Logic Remote, starting with the Control Bar.

The next tutorials are devoted to the Mixer, where you'll likely spend the majority of your time when using the Logic Remote. Doug then digs deep into the Contextual Features of the Library, along with Selecting Patches and Settings.

Moving on, Doug explores one of the most unique features of Logic Remote, the Touch Instruments, which help you not just control Logic Pro Software Instruments, but make music more intuitively. Doug finishes up with two more extremely helpful elements of Logic Remote, Key Commands and Smart Help.

Logic Remote Explained now includes a new video on the Logic Remote 1.2.2 update, which features extensive support for Alchemy 2, the powerful new synthesizer included in Logic Pro X 10.2... See all about it!

The Logic Remote 1.3 update added a bunch of useful features, such as the ability to use Logic Remote on your iPhone and iPad Pro, the ability to connect multiple devices at the same time, and the ability to re-arrange keyboard shortcut tiles. Doug Zangar has produced four new videos to cover these features and more!

If you're looking for a way to control Logic Pro using your iOS device, or if you've been using Logic Remote for a while and want to go deeper, don't miss "Logic Remote Explained!"

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