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Logic Remote Tutorial

Logic Remote Explained®

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31 Videos | Length: 2hr 29min 49sec
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Chapter 1 : Logic Remote Explained

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    View Logic Remote in the App Store, go over tech specs and connect with your computer and Logic.

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    Overview & Settings Menu

    Get a detailed tour of Logic Remote's interface. Then jump into the Settings Menu features, which include Undo/Redo, creating tracks and much more.

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    Navigation, Playback & Record

    This video details the functions of the Control Bar to record and get around your project. Learn to use your fingers to navigate and discover the display's hidden menus.

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    The Mixer Pt. 1

    See the ways to navigate to different tracks in Volume View. Next, track header buttons automation, mute, solo are covered.

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    The Mixer Pt. 2

    The rest of the mixer views are covered, as well as how to work with faders and pan knobs, audio routing and both audio and MIDI effects.

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    The Library

    See how to use the Library for loading patches and changing settings in instruments and effects. Additionally it can be used with both Smart Controls and Touch Instruments.

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    Touch Instruments Pt. 1

    The keyboard interface parameters are covered as well as the associated chord strips.

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    Touch Instruments Pt. 2

    The fretboard interface parameters are covered as well as the associated chord strips.

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    Touch Instruments Pt. 3

    The Smart Strings interface parameters are covered as well as the associated chord strips. Learn cool bowing and vibrato techniques as well.

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    Touch Instruments Pt. 4

    The Drums interface is covered. There are two looks, one for electronic drums, the other for acoustic. Both the common and different features are explored.

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    Live Loops Pt. 1

    Take the overview tour of the Live Loops interface in Logic Remote.

  • image description 6:18

    Live Loops Pt. 2

    The grid quantization start values are covered, and start, stop, queue and dequeue are demonstrated.

  • image description 5:05

    Live Loops Pt. 3

    The Playback and Cell Settings are explained as well as how to edit a selection or all cells in a project.

  • image description 2:39

    Live Loops Pt. 4

    The rest of the cell edit items are covered including copy/paste, name, move, add cells and quantize.

  • image description 3:14

    Live Loops Pt. 5

    This video covers the editing parameters of the scenes.

  • image description 3:03

    Live Loops Pt. 6

    See how to search for loops in the Loop browser and and add them to cells in your project.

  • image description 3:52

    Live Loops Pt. 7

    This video covers the cell recording settings and shows how to set the defaults in Logic.

  • image description 5:24

    Live Loops Pt. 8

    Learn the steps to record into both empty and non-empty cells. Merge and Takes modes are also demonstrated.

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    Live Loops Pt. 9

    See how easy it is to record a Live Loops performance to Logic's tracks area.

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    Remix FX

    Take a tour of the Remix FX interface and see how to control it with Logic Remote.

  • image description 5:06

    Key Commands

    This videos shows you how to use, edit and create key commands.

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    Smart Help

    See how to have your Logic Help open in Logic Remote. The window no longer covers Logic's work area and appears in the Smart Help view instead.

  • image description 1:57

    Working with GarageBand

    Get a few tips on the differences in working with GarageBand versus Logic Remote.

Chapter 2 : 1.5 Update

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    Take a tour of the new Step Sequencer layout, Page Overviews, Step Grid, Row Headers, Rows and Subrows, Pattern Settings, Preview Button and Edit Mode Selector.

  • image description 6:51

    Pattern Settings

    Explore the changes made to Pattern Length, Step Rate, Playback Mode, Swing Value, Key, Scale Quantize and Reset options.

  • image description 4:23

    Row Settings

    See the new Subrows, Row Assignments, Step Rate, Playback Mode, MIDI Channel, Randomize, Clear Row, Clear Step On/Off, Delete and Add Row options and how they are used.

  • image description 7:13

    Edit Modes Pt. 1

    This first video on Edit Modes covers Step On/Off, Velocity/Value, Gate, Tie, Note and Octave and how to use them in your Logic Project.

  • image description 6:56

    Edit Modes Pt. 2

    This second video on Edit Modes covers the new Loop Start/End, Chance, Start Offset, Step Rate and Skip features.

  • image description 4:26

    Automation Rows

    Doug now shows you how to create an Automation Row and how to use Sub Rows for value editing. Automation parameters Latch and Slide are also explained and demonstrated.

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    Bluetooth Keyboard

    With the 1.5 update it’s now possible to use a Smart or Bluetooth keyboard with Logic Remote. See how to set up a Bluetooth keyboard and which key commands work with Logic Remote.

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    1.5 Update - MainStage

    Logic Remote looks a little different in MainStage. Covered are changes to the Mixer, using the Library to change patches, using the Patch List button for navigation and differences in the Settings menu. Also shown is saving key commands, applicable to Logic and GarageBand as well.

Product Overview

Logic Pro X wiz Doug Zangar brings you in-depth Logic Remote video tutorials! Learn everything you need to know to use the free iOS Logic Remote app to control your Logic Pro X projects, including the new Live Loops, Remix FX, Touch Instruments and more. These videos are designed for both new and experienced Logic Remote users.

NOTE: This video series replaces the old Logic Remote Explained® series which is now called Logic Remote Explained® (Legacy). The legacy version is for those using Logic Pro X 10.4 or earlier, and can be found here.

Doug welcomes you and gets right to it, showing how to access the Logic Remote app and configure it with your iOS device and Mac computer, followed by a detailed tour of the Logic Remote user interface and how to create tracks, navigate the app, and use it to playback and record.

Then you'll see Logic Remote in action when using it for mixing tasks, loading instrument patches and changing parameters including Smart Controls for instant hands on tweaking. You'll then fully explore all of the Touch Instruments and see how they can be used to realistically control different instruments and sounds, allowing you t come up with parts you may have never played!

Moving on, Doug gives you 9 videos dedicated to the amazing control you have over Logic Pro X's new Live Loops feature, as well as how you can use Logic Control to manipulate the new Remix FX function with your iOS device. But wait there's more... See how to use, edit and create key command via Logic Remote, as well as have your Smart Help info only appear on your Logic Remote device so it's easy to learn Logic Pro X. Doug even gives you a video on using Logic Remote with GarageBand too.

To see what these comprehensive Logic Remote video tutorials show you, and how they'll get you up and running with this free, incredibly powerful iOS app fast, see the individual Logic Remote tutorial descriptions on this page. See why Logic Remote is a must-have for anyone using Logic Pro X... Watch "Logic Remote Explained®" today.

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Logic Remote Explained® is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 5 .
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from good deep dive great tips on using Logic remote.. Learned a few things!!!
Date published: 2021-01-26
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Good Overview. Good overview, learned a lot, very useful.
Date published: 2020-10-13
Rated 3.5 out of 5 by from A good summary As far as I can see all features are addressed. The presentation is without big emotions. Very sober. Everything is processed. That's OK. There are trick, a tipp or two... ;-) What I would like is someone who is familiar with Ableton Live. Someone who can show how far you can really go with Logic's live loops. Someone who shows the LIVE use. As I have seen, Laurence Holcombe - he does another tutorial on groove 3 - just plays "scenes" in his tutorial as well. That makes no difference to the usual linear use of logic. Someone should show the use in action. And Eli Krantzberg - he does the tutorial about the logic update 10.5. - does not have an iPad or another device you need to control live loops. Besides of that I think Eli Krantzberg does a great job!
Date published: 2020-08-01
Rated 4.0 out of 5 by from No Title Well explained but a little hard to follow the iPad footage without seeing the hand...
Date published: 2020-07-28
Rated 4.5 out of 5 by from In depth look at logic remote Covers all the areas of using the app. In-depth and we’ll organized.
Date published: 2020-07-23
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