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Chapter 1 : Workflow

  • Customizing Defaults 7:47

    Customizing Defaults

    Learn how to manage channel strip behavior, customize instrument and audio track settings when new tracks are created, and create custom plug-in defaults when new plug-ins are instantiated.

  • Multi MIDI Channel + Output Hybrid 7:22

    Multi MIDI Channel + Output Hybrid

    Discover a workflow that reduces clutter in the Tracks Area by combining each multi timbral and multi output part into one track.

  • Hybrid Multi Stacks 6:39

    Hybrid Multi Stacks

    See how to save these hybrid multi timbral/output setups, both with and without sounds pre-loaded, as summing stack patches that can be easily accessed within any project.

  • Stacks and Stems 8:30

    Stacks and Stems

    See how to set up summing stacks as stems. Subgrouping tracks in this way not only allows for easy re-routing out of physical hardware outputs for re-recording into other systems, but also maintains flexibility within Logic for easy re-routing to and from various stems as you build your arrangement.

  • Re-Recording Stack Stems 6:35

    Re-Recording Stack Stems

    Learn how to re-route the output of summing stacks so that they can be recorded back into Logic, creating stem or subgroup mixes.

Chapter 2 : Drummer

  • Stupid Drummer Tricks 5:37

    Stupid Drummer Tricks

    Waste five and a half valuable minutes sneaking in the back door and looking at un-saveable ways of editing the contents of otherwise un-editable Drummer regions.

  • Substitute Drummers 7:06

    Substitute Drummers

    Explore ways of controlling the Drummer presets and kits as the drummers are changed, and the advantages of using alias' to play Drummer regions from a regular instrument track.

  • Drummer Layering 6:04

    Drummer Layering

    See how to layer specific Drummer kit piece elements using third party instruments, while leaving the Drummer regions in their original format.

  • Drummer Kit Piece Replacement 7:14

    Drummer Kit Piece Replacement

    Watch as Drummer regions are converted to MIDI, and learn an efficient workflow to extract individual kit piece parts for replacement on instrument tracks using third party plug-ins.

Chapter 3 : Production Ideas

  • Smart Strings 8:33

    Smart Strings

    Learn how articulations are used to switch between various articulations grouped within individual EXS 24 orchestral instruments, and how to set up Smart Controls for real time switching as parts are being recorded.

  • Exploring Articulation IDs 8:12

    Exploring Articulation IDs

    Watch as articulation IDs are used during real time recording, and then edited afterwards.

  • Faking A Drum Room 9:20

    Faking A Drum Room

    Great sounding drum rooms are not always available. See how some third party Impulse Responses and Space Designer can do the job for you; and explore some creative side chain compression to alter the "rooms" response to the kik drum.

  • Snare GateVerb 7:40

    Snare GateVerb

    Watch as the snare signal is routed for separate processing and used to trigger the side chain first of a compressor in order to duck the reverb, and then of a noise gate for the opposite effect; to let the reverb through.

  • SubKik Effects 7:44

    SubKik Effects

    Explore one conventional and one unconventional way of using the Test Oscillator and Noise gate plug-ins to enhance a kik drum.

  • Vocal Processing 9:40

    Vocal Processing

    Explore some creative routing and processing and hear how it is used to thicken up a lead vocal.

  • Mix Imagination 10:31

    Mix Imagination

    A potpourri of production ideas including combining frequency splitting with short modulated panned delays, sine wave doubling of bass parts with processing, and sidechain compression for rhythmic pumping of sustained chords.

  • Flexible Pitch 11:03

    Flexible Pitch

    See how Flex Pitch is used to thicken vocals and create harmony parts; and how to split the frequencies and stereo image of a stereo synth bass.

Chapter 4 : Mid/Side Processing

  • MS Encoding 10:30

    MS Encoding

    Learn two ways to encode stereo files for mid/side processing directly within Logic. First by creating a matrix of busses and aux sends; and then with the free MSED Plug-In from Voxengo.

  • MS Processing 9:59

    MS Processing

    Explore some creative uses of equalizing and compressing various areas of the side signal in order to either reduce the width of the low end and/or increase the width of the midrange and highs.

  • Decoding MS Back To Stereo 6:46

    Decoding MS Back To Stereo

    Learn to convert mid and side channels back to left and right stereo channels by means of additional aux/bus routing and inverting the polarity of a duplicated instance of the side channel.

Chapter 5 : Working With Video

  • Video Import and Setup 10:21

    Video Import and Setup

    Learn how to import a video, customize the necessary settings, and sync up the movie start time and first on screen image with Logic's ruler.

  • Creating Sound Effects 14:26

    Creating Sound Effects

    Learn how to create and lock smpte based markers, assign useful key commands specific to working with video, layer and blend sounds together to create a custom sound effect, position files at specific smpte locations based on anchor position rather than region start time, and edit an audio files anchor placement.

  • Tempo Operations 11:09

    Tempo Operations

    Learn how to use the Tempo Operations Window to calculate a preceding tempo so that a specific SMPTE hit point can be made to fall on an exact bar and beat location.

  • Multi Tempo Count In 5:18

    Multi Tempo Count In

    Learn how to create a count in for a new tempo and have it play at the new speed before the tempo change occurs.

  • Export Audio To Movie and More 9:35

    Export Audio To Movie and More

    Discover some useful navigation and screen set ideas, how to work with audio imbedded in your movie without bringing it into your project, and how to export your finished mix to the movie.

Product Overview

Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg is back with another grand slam Logic Pro X series, this time featuring his favorite tips and tricks! Get tons of useful tips, techniques and ideas when working with Apple's powerhouse DAW Logic Pro X.

Eli begins with workflow videos covering topics such as Customizing Default Channel Strip behavior, instrument and audio track settings, Multi MIDI Channels, Stacks and Stems and much more. Next, Eli calls up his favorite Drummer, and shows you cool tricks, substitute drummers, layering, and kit piece replacement to name just a few.

Production Ideas are then demonstrated including Smart Strings using Articulations, Creating Drum Room sounds, Gated Snare Verbs, Sub Kick Effects, Vocal Processing, Mix Tricks and other cool things. Mid/Side Processing is then explained, and Eli gives you 3 videos covering different aspects of this useful, but sometimes overlooked technique.

Eli finishes up the series with an in-depth selection of tutorials covering working with video in Logic Pro X. See how to import and setup video, create and lock sound effects to video, Tempo Operations to calculate hit points, Export Audio to Movie and a lot more.

If you're ready to get deeper into the bottomless ocean that is Logic Pro X, here's the perfect spot to dive in... Watch "Logic Pro X Tips & Tricks" today.

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