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Logic Pro Tutorial

Logic Pro X: Producing Electronic Music

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14 Videos | Length: 2hr 5min 0sec
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  • image description 3:16

    Introduction & Vocal Playthrough

    Larry welcomes you and gives an introduction to the series and an overview of the content that will be covered, as well as a play-through of the vocal, so you know what the track will be based around.

  • image description 8:27

    Channel Strip Settings to Process the Vocals

    See how to take a vocal channel strip preset from Logic Pro X and adjust it so you have a solid vocal sound to start from. Also see how the Bounce Tracks In Place feature is used to print these effects while maintaining your track structure.

  • image description 6:18

    The Kick

    Next up, Larry designs a kick drum in the brand new Logic Pro X Drum Synth. Discover how to tweak the tone, saturation, sweep and decay parameters, tailoring the kick drum sound to the track. He then demonstrates how to create a basic EQ curve to focus the kick better sonically.

  • image description 10:22

    Sequencing the Groove

    In this video, dive into Logic's new Sequencer, starting with an electronic drum kit preset, creating a pattern, and then replacing some of the sounds to tailor them to the track. Larry then shows you how to alter some of the pattern attributes, making the groove more interesting, including adding a snare roll using the note repeat option.

  • image description 5:56

    90's Organ Patch Sound Design

    Watch as a 90s style organ patch is created with Logic's ES2 using a perfect fifth tuning, and layering oscillators and saturation effects. A drop melody is then recorded, to use later in the track's development.

  • image description 13:21

    Quick Sampling the Organ Patch

    Discover how to create old school vibes by sampling the organ patch and playing it with the brand new Quick Sampler virtual instrument in Logic Pro X. The ES2 organ patch is resampled and replayed using the melody from the previous video. This sound is then processed through the Channel EQ, Bitcrusher and Overdrive. Finally, rhythmic reverb is added with Chromaverb.

  • image description 10:14

    Adding Chords to the Track

    It's now time to add chords to the arrangement, which is achieved by using a combination of the Chord Trigger and Transposer from Logic's MIDI FX, which control a basic piano patch from the Sampler. Finally, Larry re-samples one chord from the lick and again triggers this through the Quick Sampler.

  • image description 7:46

    Adding Bass to the Track

    See how a bassline is added to the track using the Sequencer's Learn option, which adds a baseline using Logic channel strip bass presets.

  • image description 7:23

    Adding a Vintage Break

    In this video, Larry takes an amazing vintage break Apple Loop and chops it up using the Quick Sampler?s optimized option. This allows you to make a drum edit alternative and also shorten the envelope to create a choppy variation.

  • image description 7:59

    Live Loops Pt. 1

    The brand new Live Loops workflow is demonstrated, and Larry populates the Live Loops view with sounds he already created in Tracks view, which are ready for scene generation and your Live Loops jam.

  • image description 10:21

    Live Loops Pt. 2

    Discover how to move cells around, record directly into a cell, and also add Apple Loops. Larry also tweaks some cell settings on the vocal parts to make sure they loop correctly.

  • image description 11:40

    Live Loops Pt. 3

    In this video, Larry demonstrates how to move and duplicate scenes, and generally tweak your Live Loops configuration to be ready to jam out a live arrangement.

  • image description 7:09

    Live Loops Pt. 4

    Larry performs a live arrangement jam with Live Loops, triggering scenes to create an outline which will then appear back in tracks view, so you can further tweak things and add arrangement FX.

  • image description 14:48

    Final Arrangement Tweaks

    Wrapping it up, Larry adds some arrangement FX presets from Logic?s library, to better punctuate the track and arrange the vocals. He also adds some basic effects to the vocals to give them more space.

Product Overview

Logic Pro X wiz Larry Holcombe presents in-depth Logic Pro X 10.5 production video tutorials! Watch how to produce an entire electronic music track from scratch using Logic Pro X 10.5, and its newly added features. These videos are for those who already know Logic Pro X 10.5, but want to see it in use when making an electronic music production. The extra samples used in the videos are also included via the course extras link.

To start Larry welcomes you and gives an introduction to the series, as well as an overview of the content that will be covered. He then does a play-through of the vocal track, so you know what the production will be based around, and gets the vocal sounding great by utilizing Logic's built-in Channel Strip feature.

Next up is the all-important kick sound, and Larry designs it with the brand new Logic Pro X Drum Synth, showing you how to tweak the tone, apply saturation, tweak sweep and decay parameters, tailoring the kick drum sound perfectly to the track.

Throughout the rest of the videos you'll see how to sequence the groove, create a cool '90s organ patch using the ES2 and new Quick Sampler instrument, add chords by using a combination of the Chord Trigger and Transposer from Logic’s MIDI FX, add a fat bassline, create a cool vintage break Apple Loop, go deep with the new Live Loops, make final arrangement tweaks and much more.

To see what these detailed Logic Pro X 10.5 production video tutorials show you, and how they'll help you make a whole new electronic track from scratch using new Logic features, see the individual Logic Pro X 10.5 production tutorial descriptions on this page. See how to make a killer electronic music track from scratch with Logic Pro X today... Watch "Logic Pro X: Producing Electronic Music" now.

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Logic Pro X: Producing Electronic Music is rated 3.7 out of 5 by 4 .
Rated 4.5 out of 5 by from Good instrument music like
Date published: 2021-05-14
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from Really enjoyable course This course is great fun and covers so many of Logic's features. You will be using the Step Sequencer, Quick Sampler, Live Loops, Voice Patches, MIDI FX, lesser used Software Instruments and more. It does require a slightly more than basic familiarity with the software though, so if you really are a complete beginner to Logic, you may find it too overwhelming. Larry goes at a good pace and the momentum doesn't let up - in a good way. The course doesn't drag. if I had one constructive comment, it would be that he can be a little inconsistent in explaining how he does things. For example, he selects all notes in the Piano Roll at one point and then re-sizes them to the same length, but doesn't actually say what key command he used to do this; he flex-times the vocals, but it's not clear how/where this has been done. Overall, the course is great fun, very informative, and eye-opening in how it brings together Logic's various tools and shows how they can be pooled together to create something cohesive-sounding.
Date published: 2021-01-11
Rated 0.5 out of 5 by from Really terrible The first two videos it seemed like the instructor had no real intention and was mumbling to himself while he clicked around Logic’s interface. He used preset channel strips without explaining his choices or what they were accomplishing.
Date published: 2020-12-29
Rated 5.0 out of 5 by from VERY HELPFUL Helped me so much
Date published: 2020-09-25
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