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Logic Pro X Know-How: MIDI Transform Window

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  • Overview 5:02


    Learn how to open the MIDI Transform window and take a tour of its features.

  • Selection Conditions Area 7:12

    Selection Conditions Area

    The parameters and menu items are explained and demonstrated.

  • Operations Area Pt. 1 6:30

    Operations Area Pt. 1

    The items Thru through Flip in the operation definition menu are covered.

  • Operations Area Pt. 2 8:20

    Operations Area Pt. 2

    The menu items Multiply through +- Random are covered in the operation definition menu.

  • Operations Area Pt. 3 7:45

    Operations Area Pt. 3

    The menu items Reverse through Relative Crescendo are covered in the operation definition menu.

  • Operations Area Pt. 4 2:54

    Operations Area Pt. 4

    The Status menu items are explained and demonstrated.

  • Exchange Parameter Values 5:49

    Exchange Parameter Values

    Learn how to route up to three event parameters for complex operations.

  • Map Pt. 1 3:29

    Map Pt. 1

    This covers the edit parameters of the Universal Map.

  • Map Pt. 2 3:33

    Map Pt. 2

    Using the map for selecting conditions and operations is demonstrated.

  • Modes Menu 3:44

    Modes Menu

    The four modes are demonstrated.

  • Create & Import User Sets 5:34

    Create & Import User Sets

    Learn the steps for creating and naming your user sets and import them from another project.

  • Standard MIDI File Cleanup 3:23

    Standard MIDI File Cleanup

    Quickly remove Control and Program changes from a .mid file. Use the Humanize preset to loosen the quantized performance.

  • Limit Velocity 1:29

    Limit Velocity

    Control articulations by limiting note velocity.

  • Edit Keyswitching 3:12

    Edit Keyswitching

    Edit articulations in multiple regions. This example uses a Track Stack.

  • MIDI Guitar Cleanup 3:37

    MIDI Guitar Cleanup

    Delete the notes that are false triggers by using pitch and length conditions.

  • Creating Tuplets 5:24

    Creating Tuplets

    Create spot-on tuplets by using the Double Time preset.

Product Overview

Logic guru Doug Zangar reveals the power and glory of Apple Logic Pro X’s MIDI Transform Window, in this Know-How video tutorial series… Make your MIDI work for you!

Doug digs deep into LPX’s powerful MIDI transform Window where you can edit, mutate and well, transform your MIDI data ‘till the cows come home. See how to select, apply operations, exchange parameters, map data, use different modes, create and import user sets, and much, much more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you record and edit MIDI in Logic Pro X, you need to know about what this window can do!

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