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Logic Pro X Know-How: Amp Designer

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10 Videos | Length: 59min 14sec
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  • Overview 4:12


    The elements of Amp Designer’s interface are explained.

  • Setup & Record 3:09

    Setup & Record

    This video shows instantiating the Amp Designer plug-in and talks about record settings and monitoring.

  • Amps & Mics 4:08

    Amps & Mics

    The sources for the amp and mic models are covered.

  • Gain & Tone 9:18

    Gain & Tone

    Modifying the signal gain from audio input to amp master output is discussed. Tone controls are also explored.

  • Reverb, Tremelo, & Vibrato 6:51

    Reverb, Tremelo, & Vibrato

    This movie explores the different reverbs and demonstrates tremolo and vibrato.

  • Speaker Cabinets 5:40

    Speaker Cabinets

    The different type of speaker cabinets are auditioned.

  • Microphones 3:46


    The microphone XY pad is demonstrated using various microphones.

  • Amp Designer Examples 9:45

    Amp Designer Examples

    Two songs are used to demonstrate distorted and clean lead and rhythm tracks.

  • Creative Uses 5:38

    Creative Uses

    Use multiple amps, a speaker cabinet from a different plug-in, apply to keyboards and MIDI loops.

  • Automation & Smart Controls 6:47

    Automation & Smart Controls

    Take a look at using Automation and Smart Controls to edit the Amp Designer parameters.

Product Overview

Logic Pro X master Doug Zangar shows you how to rock Logic’s Amp Designer and squeeze every bit of delicious tone juice from the numerous amp models and FX available!

Doug starts out with a comprehensive overview of amp Designer and what it can do, followed by setup and record tutorials for getting the best monitoring performance while tracking.

Gain and Tone are now explored, and you’ll learn how to dial in your perfect sound, as well as discover all the great effects available in Amp Designer.

Doug then covers Amp Designer’s speaker cabinets and microphones in detail, and even gives examples of what’s possible tone wise for distorted and clean lead tones and rhythm tracks.

Wrapping it all up, Doug reveals creative uses for non-guitar sources and ways to use Automation and Smart Controls for even more sonic possibilities.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you need to process guitars in Logic, this series is a must see. Discover the endless tone possibilities that await… Watch “Logic Pro X Know-How: Amp Designer” today!

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