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Logic Pro X Jump Start (Legacy)

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14 Videos | Length: 1hr 3min 57sec
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  • Introduction 1:23


    Welcome to Logic! The goal of these videos is to focus on the basics, and get you up and running with Logic quickly and easily. Be sure to download the accompanying support files. Use the projects that accompany each video to experiment and practice on your own.

  • Main Window Overview 7:22

    Main Window Overview

    Get a bird's eye view of how Logic is laid out as you learn about the different areas of the main workspace, how to access them, and what they are used for.

  • Controlling Playback 5:15

    Controlling Playback

    Learn how to position the playhead, start and stop playback, and loop an area over and over repeatedly.

  • Starting a Project 4:28

    Starting a Project

    Learn how to use the Project Chooser to start a new project based either on a template or an empty project, and how to set the project's tempo, time signature, key, and basic audio routing.

  • Recording MIDI 3:33

    Recording MIDI

    Watch as the metronome and countoff are enabled and a MIDI region is recorded using Logic's Musical Typing feature that allows the computer's own keyboard to be used to enter notes.

  • The Piano Roll Editor 6:49

    The Piano Roll Editor

    Watch as the Piano Roll Editor is used to correct the timing of the performance, as well as create, move, copy, resize, and transpose MIDI notes.

  • The Drummer 4:08

    The Drummer

    See how Logic's Drummer Track is used to automatically generate a drum part, and how to control the part's complexity and intensity.

  • Smart Controls 3:22

    Smart Controls

    Discover how easy, and fun, it is to tweak the sound of a track using the Smart Controls panel while the project is playing.

  • Audio Recording 5:04

    Audio Recording

    Learn to create and set up a new track to record live audio.

  • The Audio Track Editor 4:56

    The Audio Track Editor

    See how the Audio Track Editor is used to audition, trim, split, and join audio regions, and how to get started using Flex Editing to edit the audio's timing.

  • Using Apple Loops 3:24

    Using Apple Loops

    Learn how to search, sort, audition, and add Apple Loops to your project.

  • Building an Arrangement 5:09

    Building an Arrangement

    Discover various ways of selecting, copying, looping, splitting, and muting regions in the Tracks Areas.

  • Mixing the Project 6:05

    Mixing the Project

    Learn how to balance the volume and pan positions between the various channel strips in your projects, how to mute, change, and add effects processing plug-ins to alter the sound of your tracks, and how to boost the level of your entire mix with one plug-in.

  • Sharing Your Music 2:59

    Sharing Your Music

    Learn how to render your tracks down to a single file that can be accessed and shared with your other devices via iTunes.

Product Overview

Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg is back and this time his Logic motor is revving! Eli takes you from never using Logic Pro X, to recording tracks, all the way to mixing and sharing your first song in 60 minutes. This is great for those who want the "crash course" in Logic Pro X or have other DAW knowledge and just want to see how it's done in Logic Pro X.

Eli begins with an introduction and then dives right into window overviews, controlling playback, starting your first project, recording MIDI, and using the Piano Roll Editor. Moving on, he calls up "The Drummer" to lay down a groove, and then shows you how to get smart with Logic Pro X's "Smart Controls".

Next, Eli shows you how to record audio into LPX, edit it, use Apple Loops, build up the arrangement, do a quick mix and then finally share your masterpiece by rendering out your song for iTunes and other devices. But wait, that's not all... Eli has included the Logic Pro X project files so you can load the session on your computer and follow along!

If you're new to Logic Pro X and want to jump right in and get going making music, this is the series for you. Eli shows you everything you need to know to make your first song in Logic Pro X in 60 minutes, so you can get those tunes out fast! Watch "Logic Pro X Jump Start" today.

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