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Logic Pro X 3rd Party Plug-in Mapping with Smart Controls

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  • Introduction 5:14


    Doug welcomes you and goes over the topics in the series that will be discussed, and then introduces you to Logic Pro X's Smart Controls and Auto Assign features.

  • Smart Controls Interface 8:29

    Smart Controls Interface

    Doug explains the Smart Control's interface layout, and then explains Mapping in-detail.

  • Working with Kontakt 5 8:14

    Working with Kontakt 5

    Learn how to map your Logic Pro X Smart Controls to one or more instruments in the Kontakt 5 player.

  • Working with Amplitube 8:15

    Working with Amplitube

    See how to map Amplitube's parameters within its plug-in, and then map those to Smart Controls for exhaustive control!

  • Working with Vienna Ensemble Pro 8:10

    Working with Vienna Ensemble Pro

    Discover how to map any plug-in's parameters to VEP's Automation mapping, and then map those to Logic's Smart Controls.

  • Working with Omnisphere 6:48

    Working with Omnisphere

    Omnisphere requires you to enable Host Automation on parameters you'd like to map to Smart Controls. Learn and explore this, as well more tips for creative inspiration.

  • MIDI Controller Parameters & Set Up 6:24

    MIDI Controller Parameters & Set Up

    Doug reveals the interaction between the Controller Assignments window and mapping an external controller to Smart Controls, for deep control.

  • Consistency in Mapping 6:15

    Consistency in Mapping

    This video looks at keeping the same external controller knob mapped to a common plug-in parameter shared by multiple tracks, for quick, ease of use.

  • Manual Mapping 8:20

    Manual Mapping

    See how to remap Auto Assign mapping and create custom mapping for unparalleled control and performance. The Controller Assignment window layout changes are also explained throughout.

  • Learn Mode 5:49

    Learn Mode

    Doug reveals yet another way to map an external controller to Smart Controls, via the Controller Assignments link button. Easy View is also explained and explored.

  • Automation 4:08


    See how easy it is to record your Smart Control manipulations with Logic's powerful automation features.

  • Expression Pedal 3:25

    Expression Pedal

    Last but not least, see how to record audio and Smart Control automation simultaneously on a guitar track with a Wah Pedal. Also, the Capture Recording feature is shown with Smart Controls automation.

Product Overview

Logic Pro X guru Doug Zangar shows you how to map and control your 3rd Party plug-ins in Logic Pro X! Sometimes 3rd party plug-ins don’t behave when trying to map and control them in Logic Pro X, so Doug shows you all the tricks and work arounds, enabling complete control over all of your cool AU plug-ins and virtual instruments!

Doug begins by welcoming you and lays out what you’ll be learning and accomplishing together in the series, followed by an overview of Logic Pro X’s Smart Controls and Auto Assign features.

Next, Doug jumps right in and shows you how to map and control 3rd Party plug-ins KONTAKT, Amplitube, Vienna Ensemble Pro, and Omnisphere, and how each poses a specific issue when trying to automate them. You’ll then be able to map and control virtually ANY 3rd Party AU plug-in in LPX.

Moving on, you’ll then explore MIDI Controller Parameters and Set Up, how to be consistent when Mapping for quick and easy use, manual mapping for unparalleled control and performance, mapping external controllers to Smart Controls, automating, using Expression Pedals and more!

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’ve been frustrated when tying to map and control your non-logic plug-ins and virtual instruments, this series will open up a whole new world of creativeness when working Logic Pro X… Get “Logic Pro X 3rd Party Plug-in Mapping with Smart Controls” today!

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