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Logic Pro X 10.4.2 Update Explained®

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11 Videos | Length: 54min 43sec
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  • Sends on Faders & Independent Pan 6:53

    Sends on Faders & Independent Pan

    See how these new features are used to pan sends independently from their channel strip panning.

  • Setting Up a Headphone Mix Using Copy Fader to Sends 3:58

    Setting Up a Headphone Mix Using Copy Fader to Sends

    See how the new Copy Fader to Send, Independent Pan, & Copy Pan to Send functions are used to quickly set up and edit headphone mixes.

  • Managing Logic Pro Content 4:54

    Managing Logic Pro Content

    Learn how to use the new Relocate Sound Library function to manage and store your Logic content on non system drives or partitions.

  • Automatic Slurs 4:35

    Automatic Slurs

    These new slur symbols follow transposition and copy/move actions. See how they are implemented into Logic?s Score Editor GUI.

  • Miscellaneous Enhancements 7:31

    Miscellaneous Enhancements

    Explore a potpourri of small but useful new features and improvements available in this update.

  • Smart Tempo for Multitrack Audio 7:15

    Smart Tempo for Multitrack Audio

    Learn how to work with the new Smart Tempo multitrack sets, and how the new Export Tempo Resolution settings work.

  • The Smart Tempo Editor 2:44

    The Smart Tempo Editor

    Learn about the changes in the newly renamed Smart Tempo Editor, including how it deals with multi track audio.

  • Smart Tempo & MIDI 7:01

    Smart Tempo & MIDI

    See how MIDI recordings are now analyzed by Smart Tempo either using Adapt mode, or in the Smart Tempo Editor when using Keep mode.

  • Smart Tempo & Flex 4:40

    Smart Tempo & Flex

    See how the Flex and Follow features can work in conjunction with Smart Tempo when working with audio and MIDI together.

  • Multi Track Audio Recording Groups 2:46

    Multi Track Audio Recording Groups

    When multi track recording audio, a new audio file multi track set is automatically created in the Project Audio Browser.

  • Multitrack Sets & Flex 2:26

    Multitrack Sets & Flex

    When excluding tracks from contributing to analysis within a smart tempo multitrack set and then engaging flex, a small work around is necessary in order for all files to remain in sync with each other. In the smart tempo editor, it is necessary to edit one of the markers in the smart tempo downmix file in order to force the tempo information to be written to the excluded tracks.

Product Overview

Eli Krantzberg brings you in-depth video tutorials all about the Logic Pro X 10.4.2 update and how to use its new features and functions! Stay up to date and get the most out of your Logic Pro X DAW with these videos.

Eli welcomes you and goes right into the first new features covered, Sends on Faders and Independent Pan, which are used to pan sends independently from their channel strip panning for more creative soundscape options. Next, you'll see how to quickly and easily set up and edit headphone mixes using the new Copy Fader to Sends feature.

Another big request from LPX users was the ability to move the vast Logic Pro X sound library to another drive for better performance. Eli shows you how with this new feature! You'll then see a bunch of other new miscellaneous enhancements made in 10.4.2 and how to utilize them.

Wrapping it up, Eli covers all the changes made to the impressive Smart Tempo feature in Logic Pro X, including using it on multitrack audio and the Smart Tempo Editor to get MIDI recorded without any musical tempo reference in sync with your session and more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. Explore all of the new features and functions in this latest release from Apple for Logic Pro X, and keep up to date on what your DAW powerhouse can do... Watch

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