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Logic Pro X 10.3.2 Update Explained®

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9 Videos | Length: 52min 13sec
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  • Drummer Interface Changes 5:14

    Drummer Interface Changes

    Learn to navigate the new layout of Drummer elements. Character and drum kit info are now handled exclusively in the Library, while preset and performance parameters remain in the Drummer Editor.

  • Meet the New Percussionists 5:46

    Meet the New Percussionists

    Explore the three new Percussionist/Drummer characters and their accompanying EXS 24 instrument architecture.

  • Percussionists & Performance Instruments 7:27

    Percussionists & Performance Instruments

    Learn how to use the new percussion and performance patches and instruments on software instrument tracks to record your own parts, and explore a fun unintended use of the new percussion performance patches.

  • Loop Browser Refresh & Yellow Apple Loops 4:55

    Loop Browser Refresh & Yellow Apple Loops

    See the new Loop Browser facelift, and learn how to work with the new Yellow Drummer based Apple Loops.

  • Audio Region Transpose & Fine Tune 3:26

    Audio Region Transpose & Fine Tune

    Hear how the new region transpose & fine tune parameters are used in a variety of contexts.

  • New Mixer Features 4:25

    New Mixer Features

    Learn how to restrict auto assignment of busses created in patches and channel strips to a specific range of the available unused busses, how to control audio hardware device parameters on stereo tracks, and how to link controls on dual mono plug-ins.

  • Graphic Enhancements 3:09

    Graphic Enhancements

    See some of the various ways the graphic and redraw performance has been enhanced. Learn about the new location of the cycle button in the Control Bar, and the enhanced display of meta events in the Event List.

  • Touch Bar & Touché 12:44

    Touch Bar & Touché

    Explore System and Logic Pro X touch bar functions and assignments available either with the current MacBook Pro Touch Bar, or with the free Touché software download.

  • Miscellaneous Improvements 5:07

    Miscellaneous Improvements

    Explore some workflow enhancements, both big and small; including adjustable step length in the arpeggiator, capture recording of Smart Controls, clearing multiple MIDI monitors at once, new key commands, a new bounce option, and enhanced import functions.

Product Overview

Eli Krantzberg reveals the new additions to Apple’s flagship DAW, Logic Pro X 10.3.2! See, hear and learn all about the amazing new features and functions in-depth, and how to use them in your songs and productions.

Eli begins with the newly added Drummers and Percussionists and their features, followed by coverage of the new Yellow Apple Loops, Audio Region Transpose feature, Fine Tuning function, Mixer and Bus enhancements, and cool graphic changes.

He then goes over Touch Bar support and ways to add Touch Bar support to any Mac with the free Touché app! Eli finishes up the series with a video on a bunch of miscellaneous improvements that will speed up your productivity and spark creativity.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you use Logic Pro X, this series is a must see. Master LPX and make better tracks and songs now. Watch “Logic Pro X 10.3.2 Update Explained” today!

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