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Logic Pro X 10.2.1 Update Explained®

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  • Multithreading for Live Tracks 5:10

    Multithreading for Live Tracks

    See how Logic’s new Playback and Live Tracks multithreading mode is used to distribute the load of multiple record enabled audio or software instrument tracks across multiple cores.

  • Bounce & Export Enhancements 5:32

    Bounce & Export Enhancements

    Learn how to bounce multiple tracks in place in one pass, how to bounce and preserve individual tracks within a track stack, or consolidate the entire stack to one bounced file.

  • Tool Enhancements 3:59

    Tool Enhancements

    Discover two important changes to Logic’s tool functionality. New alphabetical tool assignments are now consistent throughout all the editor windows. Also, the new tool latch mode enables temporarily toggling alternate tools for the duration their key assignment is held on the keyboard.

  • Flex Pitch & Display Improvements 3:14

    Flex Pitch & Display Improvements

    The full Flex Pitch feature set is now available directly in the Tracks area, and display colors are now unique and static for stretched, compressed, and extremely compressed flex regions.

  • New Metronome & Click Settings 4:29

    New Metronome & Click Settings

    See how the new Group field in the metronome settings is used to create accents in compound time signatures based on the grouping values set up in the time signature window.

  • New Beat Mapping Algorithm 3:37

    New Beat Mapping Algorithm

    The new and improved beat mapping algorithm responds to “hints” as a means of more accurately mapping transients.

  • New Automatic Lane Set in the Step Editor 3:11

    New Automatic Lane Set in the Step Editor

    This new Step Editor feature is used to generate new unique lane sets that automatically display all note and controller information contained in each selected region.

  • Piano Roll Editor Tweaks 5:47

    Piano Roll Editor Tweaks

    Learn how to incorporate the many small changes in the Piano Roll editor into your workflow.

  • Catch & Go 3:39

    Catch & Go

    Explore the uses of the new “de-catch” behavior available in individual editors.

  • New Drum Machine Designer Behavior 4:45

    New Drum Machine Designer Behavior

    This video demonstrates how multiple samples can be dragged into both existing Drum Machine Designer instruments, and the new Empty Kit instrument.

  • New Plug-In Manager Features 2:57

    New Plug-In Manager Features

    Discover the enhancements to creating custom long and short plug-in names, custom plug-in categories, category folders.

  • Score Editor Tweaks 3:09

    Score Editor Tweaks

    Learn about new display settings, new entry methods in the Staff Styles & Score Set Windows, and updated link mode behavior when working with region folders.

  • Plug-In Updates 5:04

    Plug-In Updates

    Delays & Distortions - Learn which controls have been updated in the new interfaces of many of the delay and distortion plug-ins.

  • Plug-In Updates Pt. 2 4:31

    Plug-In Updates Pt. 2

    Metering & More - Explore the changes in some of the metering, dynamics, and filtering plug-ins.

  • Alchemy Updates 5:03

    Alchemy Updates

    This video dives into the many updates to Alchemy.

  • GUI Goodies 5:28

    GUI Goodies

    Discover some of the minor hidden gems in Logic’s various windows that were introduced with this update.

Product Overview

Logic Pro X 10.2.1 includes far more changes than its humble number increase implies, and Eli Krantzberg returns to take you through all of its enhancements and changes as well as creative ways to use them!

Eli begins with a video showing how to access one of the major enhancements of this update, the new multithreading functionality for live tracks. This allows you to distribute the CPU load of Logic tracks more efficiently than ever before,

After that, Eli demonstrates the new bounce and export features, and the new tool enhancements, followed by how to access the full Flex Pitch feature set right in the tracks area.

Eli then reveals how to use the new Metronome and Click settings along with the new beat mapping algorithm, and how to use the Automatic Lane Set in the Step Editor, which will generate unique note and controller lanes on the fly as they are used in a region making MIDI editing faster than ever.

After that, Eli moves onto the tweaks to the Piano Roll editor and Catch behavior, then demonstrates the new Drum Machine Designer behavior. Next, he delves into enhancements to the Plug-In Manager and the various little tweaks to make using the Score Editor a more pleasant experience, thanks to new display settings and entry methods.

The next three videos all focus on plug-in updates. The new GUI and controls for many of the delay and distortion plug-ins are covered, and in the following video, the new GUI and controls for the metering, dynamics, and filter plug-ins. Finally, the changes to Alchemy get their own video. The series ends with a grab bag of minor changes to the GUI in general.

If you want to know what's new in Logic Pro X 10.2.1 or you're an experienced user looking for more tips about the update, watch "Logic Pro X 10.2.1 Update Explained" today!

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