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Logic Pro X 10.2 Update Explained®

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  • Using Gobbler 6:31

    Using Gobbler

    Learn how to set up and use Gobbler’s cloud based storage, from the Finder or from within Logic, to either backup or share your projects or mixes.

  • New Record Mode Settings 3:34

    New Record Mode Settings

    See how the new recording options allow for separate settings for MIDI and audio when cycle mode is either enabled or disabled.

  • Piano Roll Improvements 6:40

    Piano Roll Improvements

    Discover some useful changes to snap and note creation behavior, as well as improvements to non note MIDI event handling when working with Time Handles and Brush patterns.

  • Custom Icons 2:57

    Custom Icons

    Learn how to import, manage, and remove custom icons in Logic Pro X 10.2.

  • Drum Machine Designer Improvements 2:35

    Drum Machine Designer Improvements

    Explore two new real time methods of replacing individual kit pieces.

  • Region Inspector & Take Folder Changes 3:45

    Region Inspector & Take Folder Changes

    Hear the new real time reverse and playback speed settings in the Region Inspector in action. See how region parameters from the MIDI Thru Inspector now work on newly created empty regions, how single MIDI takes can now be deleted from within a take folder, how region gain values are retained when regions are packed into a take folder, and how region gain works on take regions within a phase locked group of audio tracks.

  • New Main Window Functions 4:07

    New Main Window Functions

    Discover a potpourri of small but useful new Main Window functions including: new Marker Set functions, new Track Header behavior, New tracks Window improvements, Goto Position time code format, color picker default button, and new automation lane improvements.

  • New Key Commands 3:27

    New Key Commands

    Discover some really useful new key commands including: Setting nudge and division values to various musical subdivisions, clear/recall Solo, setting locators and enabling cycle mode simultaneously, and increasing/decreasing the last clicked parameter value by increments of either 1 or 10.

  • Markers, MIDI Clock, Mixer & Movies 5:20

    Markers, MIDI Clock, Mixer & Movies

    Learn about some nice enhancements to marker, mixer, sync, and movie functions.

  • Other Windows & Misc Fixes 3:32

    Other Windows & Misc Fixes

    Explore some small changes in the two Audio Editor widows, the Transform Window, and the Environment Window; and learn about some minor bug fixes, Apple Music Connect, and newly implemented Force Touch gestures.

  • Alchemy Flyover 6:23

    Alchemy Flyover

    Take a birds eye view tour of Alchemy, Logic’s new flagship synthesizer. See how the interface is laid out, how the signal flow is structured, get started using the browser, and hear a sample of some of Alchemy’s filtering and source based arpeggiation effects.

Product Overview

Now that Logic Pro X 10.2 is released, let Logic expert Eli Krantzberg guide you through all the new features and functions, as well as how to use them!

Eli begins with explaining all the new Features, Settings, and Improvements in 10.2, such as how to use the cloud-based storage and collaboration service Gobbler within Logic, the new Record Mode settings and new the Piano Roll improvements.

You'll then learn how to use Custom Icons, explore the Drum Machine Designer improvements, Region Inspector and Take Folder changes, as well as new Main Windows functions, new Key Commands, enhancements to Markers, and MIDI Clock functions.

Wrapping up your 10.2 journey, Eli reveals the new Mixer features, working with Movies, and other Fixes and Enhancements. Finally, Eli ends the series with a first look at Logic Pro X 10.2's exceptionally high quality, powerful new flagship synthesizer, Alchemy.

If you're curious about what's new in Logic Pro X 10.2 or an experienced Logic Pro Xuser who wants to make sure you haven't missed any new features, watch "Logic Pro X 10.2 Update Explained" today!

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